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"When I saw the Mituna paper child I was so excited xD Gosh all of them are so adorable!!..." More

from Ridiculously Adorable Art Called "Paper Children"

"Yep pretty much xD Where are Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Paul? Lady Gaga is not even a feminist icon to begin with. I'm not gonna start on Mart..." More

from Quiz: Who's Your Feminist Icon?

"He wouldn't! But people are jealous and want to keep all the love for themselves, so they pick groups they think don't deserve it (read: groups..." More

from Auntie SparkNotes: Should I Embrace My Homosexuality?

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Hi everyone! I was on this site for about six months before I made an account. I speak French and have been to Europe and NZ a couple of times. I have won a Phi Beta Dagger award and gotten two accepted playlists. Also an article about the weather :) I love reading/litterature and art. Yay for creativity! Umm... guess that's all I have to say. See ya around! :)

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