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Age: 23
Birthday: January 1, 1995

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What's your ninja IQ? 3000
Do You Know Summer? 599
One of These Things Doesn't Belong 622
The Christmas Quiz 1002
Find the Fake Band Name 542
Ohio Driver’s Test 3230

About Me

yo Sparkies, Im Jada And Im 16 my swaggerific awesomeness started May 18 1995.Im Prob The coolest Nerd Ever.friend me and tell me something i dont know.PEACE :)

Stuff I like


watching Tv,Driveing my friends crazy, Watching ALOT of anime with my kid bro.makeing the worlds greatest ramen noodle recipe.And work on fufilling my dream of being a successful supermodel :)


I like..Godfather,Starwars,Finding Nemo,And Little manhattan :)


Hunger Games...I dont read much but ill update when i do :)


Lady Gaga,Drake,Michael Jackson, TSwift,Coldplay,Hikaru Utada,BoA,:)