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About Me

The story starts thusly: a child enchanted by books. The spell was cast- to read for all eternity. A lebanese shopaholic was born with an imagination more enticing than life. But you need a degree to become a teacher, something she yearns to do. ...Years of dreams just can't be wrong... Time is no longer relative. Our tomorrows have bitten our yesterday's in their derrieres.

Stuff I like


Writing, Reading (I AM a sparkler after all), tweeting, shopping (alas, it is usually things I don't need), dreaming.


Animated, romantic, historical; unpredictablity is key.


Honestly, it would be way too long.


Michael Buble, The Wanted, Coldplay, Adele, various Arab artists.


High School: BC Muslim School, '07
High School: Richmond Secondary School, '11
I'm currently going to: Kwantlen Polytechnic University, '15
School(s) I'd like to attend:
University of British Columbia for English Major, French Minor