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"ERMHGERDDDDDD *SECRET HIGH FIVE* You do know what this means, don't you? We have sealed ourselves into mutual #1 fanhood with the five-fingere..." More

from Your Friday Dose of Pretty: Emma Stone Is Perfect in Prada!

"I love Emma Stone almost as much as I love Chelsea Dagger... CHELSEA DAGGER, I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FANNNNNN..." More

from Your Friday Dose of Pretty: Emma Stone Is Perfect in Prada!

"ACK younger siblings require attention ... must leave adieu until next time, lovelies..." More

from Open Thread for April 23rd

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About Me

Just a book nerd who yearns to be a teacher. Struggling through classes and the horrible profs who teach them so I can go back to school and slave away teaching people who may or may not remember me. Changing the world one book recommendation at a time.

Stuff I like


Writing, Reading (I AM a sparkler after all), tweeting, shopping (alas, it is usually things I don't need), dreaming.


Animated, romantic, historical; unpredictablity is key.


Honestly, it would be way too long.


Michael Buble, The Wanted, Coldplay, Adele, various Arab artists.


High School: BC Muslim School, '07
High School: Richmond Secondary School, '11
I'm currently going to: University of British Columbia, '16