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"When I read that I was like o.O for a while. JKR, you have forever altered my way of thought...." More

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"Slytherins UNITE! Everyone knows that Slytherin is the best house out there...." More

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About Me

Well, where to begin? I'm not your average teenage guy. I am a big Harry Potter fan on the borderline of obsessed. I'm homeschooled, even though I hate every minute of it. I have one friend, and several Pottermore freinds. I'm not really social, more to myself, don't tell anyone! I want to be a cardiologist, or Medical Examiner when I finish college. I also might consider being a criminal profiler.

Stuff I like


I love Harry Potter! (If you didn't already see that above I'm telling you agian) I am really interested in the human body and how it functions. (that's not weird at all right?)I find myself often studying crazy murderers. (once again, that's not crazy... I hope)


All the Harry Potter movies Anything by Tim Burton or with Johnny Depp


Harry Potter. I Am Not A Serial Killer. The Hunger Games


Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Three Days Grace. Relient K, Tobymac.


School: Homeschool, '13