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"Macs forever! Coke, duh... I am a blonde, so brunette Marvel....although I do love batman..." More

from Ask Dean

"Alrighty Dean, I've got questions for you....hopefully you have the answers. PC or MAC? Coke or Pepsi? Blondes or Brunettes? DC or Marvel?..." More

from Ask Dean

"FInally some WHO fans! Thanks so much for posting this, I am going crazy without the Doctor, and don't even get me started on Sherlock! Is it j..." More

from 5 Series To Stream While Waiting for Doctor Who to Return

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The Christmas Quiz 784
QUIZINATOR: Sparkler Series—Part 3, aka Doctor Who For The Win! 5100
Literary Romantics, Heartbreakers, and Scoundrels 1682
Villains, Scoundrels, and Creeps 2283
Boy Band-o-rama 2976

About Me

If I could only tell you one thing about myself, I would want you to know I am a child of Christ.

Stuff I like


Books, Movies, People, Dr. Who, Shakespeare, Fashion, Cosmetics, and probably everything nerdy you can think of!


BBC all the way!


I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens.


Chameleon Circuit, NickleBack, Beatles, 1D and +


School: Homeschooled, '13