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QUIZINATOR: Sparkler Series—Part 1! 300
Do You Know Your Body Language? 2954
Do You Know Summer? 3000
Before They Were Superstars 1095
How Well Do You Know Your Utopias? 842
What's Your SparkLife IQ? 2870
What's your ninja IQ? 783

About Me

I'm Lizzy. I'm obsessed with SL. I love school, music, and video games. I'm a huge nerd. Get to know me? :D

Stuff I like


Baseball, football, skateboarding, volleyball, track, cross country, shopping, Mexican food, Italian food, cooking, baking, scrapbooking, animals, activism, reading, college, children, music, poetry, Where the Wild Things Are, PHOTOGRAPHY, animal training, friends, family, and geneology.


Where The Wild Things Are, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Space Balls


oh so many


don't even get me started


I'm currently going to: Ponder High School, '15
Concentration: All?
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Angelo State University for Basics
University of Texas at Austin for double major in Business and Mechanics