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About Me

YO. i'm Kailah. Yea i have no clue what my parents were thinking. i'm 17, beautiful, ex-vegan, mexican, full time friend part time lover ;] i love a lot of things; makeup, hair products, old music, old films, Tonio, Bri, shoes, HEELS,my nova, Vinny Guadagnino, big cities, dancing. I get along with everyone... except when you cross me, thn i'm the worst thing to happen to you. I don't put up with BS or childish games. I plan on going into cosmetology and dermatology. Then i might go to New york to be with someone... who knows. famila is important to me. Don't judge me for this but i'm going Hindu. Don't be afraid to add me, but please message me first. Gimme your email cause i dont get on here much... QUESTIONS??? good, ask.

Stuff I like


vintage, writing, shopping, make up, photography, swimming, modeling, dancing, and more


edward sissorhands,harry potter,up,pretty in pink,la bamaba


dont have a certain favrotite


Stereo skyline! bby :]