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"I love this website, i really, really do. But it's gone a little too political for me. I have debates all day at school. I'm tired of it, tired..." More

from We Support Obama's Stance on Gay Marriage

"Really sweet! One of the better ones against bullying, as it's neither cheesy, nor violently against. Simple and true. Me likee! And the music ..." More

from Freak: An Anti-Bullying Video

"In reply to Medea, um.... technically... contraception shouldn't be affecting nuns either... unless they've stopped being Catholic ones. Lol..." More

from A Sparkler Sums Up Current Events!

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About Me

I am originally from France, and now live here, in the U.S! I am homeschooled (have been since 4th grade) pro-life, and Catholic! :D Books are my passion, and writing books is pretty much my life.

Stuff I like


Reading, Writing, making people laugh


How to Train Your Dragon


Artemis Fowl


Celtic Thunder


School: Homeschooled, '12