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"Nailed it. Personally, I'm sick of being treated like dirt for believing what I believe. Besides that, though, this is supposed to be the home ..." More

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"Yes. That's actually what I thought it was. And I had to read it a few times for it to register that that was the name of the tablet, not a ran..." More

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About Me

Non-denominational Christian, dancer, writer, editor, artist. I love being people's sprinkles. I love my God, because He has kept me safe and alive all these long years. <3 "Stay the course, Light a star, Change the world wherev'r you are"

Stuff I like


Music, Saxophone,Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Painting, Interior decorating, Smiling, Sprinkles


Stardust, Brothers Grimm, Tron 1&2, Across the Universe


Princess Academy, Just Listen, Divergent


Indie, Regina Spektor, Irish Folk


School: High School of Classy Unicorns, '15
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Classy Unicorns College for Choreography/Horn Polishing 101