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About Me

Hi, I'm Maddie and I'm a high-school, froshy, self-proclaimed nerd. (Though just on the internet and with my friends... other people give me weird looks when I give random video game references in conversations.) I am a nerdfighter (DFTBA) and am addicted to tumblr. I laugh easily and love all kinds of jokes. I am a tomboy who wears mascara. I laugh at pop-culture references as long as I know where there from. I'm honest (or am I?).

Stuff I like


*cracks knuckles* Let's see... I like Doctor Who, Glee, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Also I am a HUGE fan of Starkid Productions. I am into dance and theatre. I can sing, but you may not want me to. I play Portal (played the original first) and TF2 and I buy games on Steam if they are free. I has no Steam moneys. Youtube is also lots of fun.


... mostly Audrey Hepburn films...


Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Realistic and Historical Fiction


THE MOUNTAIN GOATS, Billy Joel, Queen, Starkid,Adele, SHOWTUNES