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About Me

I am a reader. A book junkie. In love with literature. (You get the idea.) Currently I'm trying to read as many books in the Sparknotes database as I can. Also NBK and proud of it! (In response to TanTan's awesome post) Right now I'm reading Kristin Lavransdatter, Katharine of Aragon, The Glass Menagerie, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, and The Once and Future King. Shoutout to Revolutionary Artillery!

Stuff I like


Reading books and watching old movies. You'll probably know who I am because I tend to walk into things while reading. I am addicted to candy, esp. weird holiday candy like candy corn and jelly beans! My favorite TV shows are Sherlock, The Big Bang Theory, and Frasier. I love taking photos wherever I go and I have a phobia of buttons and bees. I also love rain and cold weather and I really hate tomato soup.


The King's Speech, The Help, The Young Victoria, Tangled, Anastasia


Harry Potter, The Hunger Games #1, LOTR, The Other Boleyn Girl


OK GO, The Ting Tings, Florence + the Machine, Dirt Poor Robins


I'm currently going to: XCP, '13
School: Sparknotes Academy, '13
Concentration: Sic semper fi id est expecto patronum
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Mount St. Mary's, Hillsdale, or NAU for English, History, or Business