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"And they make you cry for no reason, AROUND OTHER PEOPLE!..." More

from Open Thread for March 31

"And BOTH of my best friends are currently in church services, so I can't complain to either of them...." More

from Open Thread for March 31

"Emotions are pretty much the worst things ever, especially when they have no reason to show up and mess with your mind...." More

from Open Thread for March 31

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About Me

I'm a homeschooled Christian, who lives out in the sticks, with my parents and seven siblings. Can you say hectic? I'm pretty sure I'm originally from the Shire. In my opinion, the best lunches are made by frying bacon, and then cooking scrambled eggs in the grease. Of course, you mix milk and salt and pepper into the eggs before cooking.

Stuff I like


Cooking, Sewing, Swing dancing, Waltzing, Contra dancing, Listening to country music, Reading, Costumes, and Daydreaming. A lot of that last one.


Inception, LOTR, A Beautiful Mind, Pride and Prejudice, Robin Hood


Bible, LOTR, Anne of Green Gables series, Northanger Abbey, Dracula,


Shenandoah, George Jones, Josh Turner, Mark Wills, Matchbox 20


I'm currently going to: Homeschool, '15
Concentration: Everything
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Appalachian State University for Secondary Education, Literature, specifically