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Are YOU Harry Potter? The Warm-Up Round 7407
Of Mice and Men 1500
QUIZINATOR: Umbridge is a Playa-Hater (aka HP Part 6) 10453
What Do You Know about Snow? 3000
Are You a Board Game Guru? 2400
The Great Gatsby 1488
The Great Gatsby 1500

About Me

I AM A COMPUTER GEEK AND PROUD OF IT! I don't get out enough though and I am emotional during sad parts in movies, games, etc. I am also a band geek, and have taught myself over 90 pokemon songs by ear. I can also play 3 mario tracks and 3 Legend of Zelda tracks. Unbelievable: I'm a workaholic unpopular Asian Geek (and proud of it), yet I'm over 70% datable. Huh. Who would have thought? My Alias is either Suicune or Snivy. GO POKEMON RANGERS! PROTECT THE POKEMON! BOO POKEMON TRAINERS! STOP FORCING YOUR POKEMON TO FIGHT! *anime style shining eyes* Pokemon Coordinators! Ah, the Pokemon are Tough, Cool, Smart, Cute, and of course, Beautiful...

Stuff I like


Pokemon, Reading, Programming, Dungeons and Dragons, Chess, Fringe, CSI series, Criminal Minds, Quotes, Nerf Guns, Laser Tag, Airsoft Battles, Writing, Learning Songs by Ear, Transposing songs, Sparring, Archery, Inventing, Exploring, Hiking, Fishing, RolePlaying, MMOs, TEAM PLASMA AND PRINCE N


AVATAR , Pkmn Zoroark, Arceus, Darkrai, Celebi, Jirachi, Latios+Latias


The Hunger Games OR Eragon


Go Inchinose, The Pokemon Company, Nintendo Orchestra


School: Pokemon Academy of Viridian Grove, '98
Concentration: Using Viridian Grove's gift
School: Pokemon Academy of Kanto, '99
Concentration: Berry Uses/ Wilderness Survival
School: Pokemon Academy of Orre, '00
Concentration: Pokemon SoulBonding
School: Pokemon Life Academy of Johto, '01
Concentration: Pokemon Nursing and Care
School: Pokemon Academy of Isshu, '02
Concentration: Advanced Battle Techniques
School: Ranger's Academy, Alima, '03
Concentration: Pokemon Ranger
School: Ranger's Academy Orre, '04
Concentration: Advanced Ranging and Rescue Tactics
School: Pokemon Academy of Kanto, '05
Concentration: Studies of Pokemon DNA
School: Pokemon Coordinator Academy of Hoenn, '06
Concentration: Pokemon Coordination
School: Pokemon Coordinator Advanced Academy of Sinnoh, '07
Concentration: Advanced Coordination
School: Pokemon Academy of Hoenn, '08
Concentration: Pokemon Breeding
School: Pokemon Professor's Academy, '09
Concentration: Pokemon Professor
School: Gym Leader's Academy, '10
Concentration: Gym Leader Position
School: Pokemon Academy of Isshu, '11
Concentration: Pokemon Sommelier
School: Pearl River High, '12
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Lehigh University for Computer Sciences