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What's your ninja IQ? 3000
Do You Know Your Aliens? 3000
Are YOU Harry Potter? The Warm-Up Round 7500

About Me

I am a teenage ninja, not kidding , just american. I have done parkour, gymnastics, sword play of different kinds, and multiple martial arts,and I am terrible with girl, I can be very awkward, especially as I hide my talents. Oh and I, mostly when threatened, kinda space out and instincts kick in, and i do insane stuff to protect me or my friends. Oh and i'm slightly insane, just a little.

Stuff I like


I like the things I have listed above, and Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Avatar the Last Airbender, and much more. Also Drawing, I love it.


almost anything.


Percy Jackson, Hero's of Olympus, Harry Potter, Ranger's Apprentice.


almost anything.