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"I mean I commend you all for trying to find an equitable way to resolve the situation but I'm just worried that it might not work out as easily..." More

from Open Thread for March 10!

"No, I added her back earlier... but she's pretty much told everyone to go to go screw themselves. for lack of a better phrase...." More

from Open Thread for March 10!

"Yes, exactly. Everyone needs to have a say...." More

from Open Thread for March 10!

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About Me

Well, I guess that you could call me a nerd. But, I think that I'm in between a nerd and a geek. Too geeky (semi-normal) to be a nerd and to nerdy to be a geek. Junior year... Love my kick-butt 96' F-150. Straight six and stick shift!!!! Woot!!!! FORD FTW

Stuff I like


Yes, I know,...I'm a crazy fellow. (See above content) Well, lets see... Books, really good food, science, history, books, 70's-80's rock, books.



I have too many to choose!


Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lenny Kravitz, Led Zepplin, Journey, and GREEN DAY &l


I'm currently going to: Northshore High, '14