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How Well Do You Know Your Pre-Twilight Vampires? 1152
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About Me

I'm an American human being and I doodle on notes a lot and my iPod nano is my best friend and im quirky and i don't like cheese and I don't sleep as often as I'd like to. Also, I am a self proclaimed Nerdfighter! Woot woot. Be Awesome. Decrease World-Suck! And I love drawing and music. Art is my life.

Stuff I like


Music, music, art, skateboarding, music, anime, music, manga, cracking my knuckles and toes and back and elbows and neck and ankles (does anyone know a licensed chiropractor?), watching TV, reading for fun, video games, and music. As far as people go: Matthew Gray Gubler, Nyjah Huston, Kurt Cobain, Rafael Nadal, Ellie Goulding, Andy Samberg, and Bo Burnham aka that super species of fast-tongued alien with the mind of Shakespeare himself. Errrr.... I haven't run out of space yet? Gesundheit. You're welcome.


Fight Club, Scott Pilgrim, Interview With A Vampire, Troy.


Anything by John Green, Edgar Allen Poe short stories, various mangas


Dance techno/dubstep, screamo, Pierce the Veil, Go Periscope, etc...


I'm currently going to: ADMHS, '14
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Rhode Island School of Design for Studio Arts, Illustration, and Animation
Virginia Commonwealth University Art School (VCU Arts) for Studio Arts, Illustration, and Animation (and joining their Quidditch team)