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"Grand Princess Sibyl Wood of Bexley....I must say, im not so sure about Sibyl..." More

from What's Your English Gentry Name?

"At first I felt I little guilty for laughing... I got past it, though...ha, brilliant!..." More

from Hunger Games Spoof

"aww...that really bites! but, at least you didn´t waste too much time on him......" More

from Even Nice Guys Can Be Jerks

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Do You Know Your Body Language? 3000
Are YOU Harry Potter? The Warm-Up Round 7500

About Me

Im an avid reader...seriously Ill read anything anywhere... I also have an extreme coffee addiction (reading causes lack of sleep) My goal in life is to be more open...I can be incredibly stubborn, and I have trouble meeting new people. In my humble opinion, life is too short to be Im ok with being slightly insane. :)

Stuff I like


A very potter musical! of course!


Green Fried Tomatoes and Dead Poets Society


so very, very many! right now- hunger games and mortal instruments


The Killers Mumford and Sons Ok Go Owl City The Beatles The Script