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About Me

Hello. I'm not really good at writing things about myself, but I suppose I'll give it a try. I have medium brown, straight hair. I have crystal blue eyes and a round face. I love to read, I've been reading since I was very little. I like to write in my free time, mostly poems or fanfictions. Sometimes it's a combination of both. My favorite drink is Coca-Cola and I could practically live off ramen. I have an odd sense of style. I tend to dress according to my mood. I love the Gothic Lolita style. I wear Converse with pretty much everything, including dresses {: My taste in music is just as diverse. I'll listen to everything BUT rap. I hate it. I love foreign things. I read a lot of manga, and I love to study German history. I want to go to Amsterdam one day to see Anne's Secret Annex, and I want to go see Auschwitz concentration camp. Well, that's pretty much me (:

Stuff I like


Reading, Writing



It depends on the book, but my current obsession is the Hunger Games.


Everything but rap.


School(s) I'd like to attend:
Hollins for English
William and Mary for English