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"Sometimes I feel the urge to just get out the scissors and cut my hair off. But a) my father would be furious and b) I no longer have hair sci..." More

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"Uh . . . what, Lily? XD..." More

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"I missed it too, Radha. And thank you, Wes...." More

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About Me

Hello. I am seventeen years old. The rest of my personality cannot easily be encapsulated in a few words. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are experiencing such difficulty with uploading .gifs, please upload the .gif as you would a normal photo, and then proceed to follow the steps outlined in the following screenshot:

Stuff I like


Physics, comic books, math, comp sci, science, languages, politics, etc.



Harry Potter, The Elric Sagas, The Vampire Chronicles, et cetera.



School(s) I'd like to attend:
University of Notre Dame for Anthropology