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2018 is a year when you have to learn to let go of yourself, to give in to the other, to know how to put others first when the situation demands it. You also need to learn to cooperate, collaborate, build with others, leaving aside the leadership that you prefer in any situation. If you manage to do these things, the results will amaze you. Also, in 2018 it is good to give yourself more time, stay with yourself, pamper your body and enjoy your soul. You are surrounded by the world and plaques without any effort to do so. It is possible to fall in love, but it depends a lot on what attitude you will have for things to develop in the direction of a serious relationship.

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In love, in 2018 you are going through a period of change. If you have a stable relationship, you are still enjoying beautiful moments with your loved one. You manage to communicate with this better than before, you understand it in depth, discover it and, at the same time, you discover it. So you can draw some conclusions, you realize how you sit, what you want, what you need. If you are alone, you will go to all kinds of meetings because you do not miss the admirers. You really like this situation because you have more experiences that have fun. However, it is not excluded that you fall in love with someone at the beginning of summer. From a simple idyll, you wake up caught in the nets of love and want a serious relationship. But if your relationship lacks, tensions accumulate. A first moment of crisis occurs at the end of spring, but it continues in the summer of 2018. During this time, partner breaks are possible. You are no longer willing to close your eyes, and your life partner can be as categorical. Towards the end of the year, love life is improving. For single natives, however, an affective involvement in a new relationship is not recommended This year, your combative spirit is felt more than usual. You are determined to do everything possible to see your plans accomplished in professional activity. It's a very good thing, as long as you relate to competition. But if this aggression and the desire to drive is also manifested in the relationship with your peers, then it is necessary to temper yourself. Do not go in the wind after a diplomatic approach to working situations, but it is imperative. The beginning of the year is a quieter period in which there will be no need for anyone who knows what efforts. Since spring, things are beginning to take off. You are asked to do more things or get bigger responsibilities. On the one hand, you realize the things you wanted for a long time. On the other hand, you have a harder job. You're still open to a major change if you want it. Since summer, you're more active than ever. It's hard for others to keep up with you. You succeeded after success, you are motivated and you work in an applied way. Summer 2011 represents the period with the most important achievements. Since the fall, things are getting better. All you can do by the end of the year is to lay the foundation for new projects or personal plans. You have plenty of time to prepare yourself, paying attention to every detail.