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Do You Know Your Aliens? 1186
Do You Know Your Body Language? 1117
What's your ninja IQ? 773
To Kill a Mockingbird 1500

About Me

elllo:) im audrey:) im realy random and funny:P my fav colors are black blue and purple. i like to have fun, laugh alot:D, and i like to read and watch movies. and i'm a very creative person. i love panadas, werewolfs, wolfs and giraffes. and i can never forget about volleyball the most awesomest sport ever:)i also love watching manga and anime. if you look at my pics. youll see vampireknight. i am totally in love with vampire knight and ZERO. zero will always be mine<3<3. i love vampires and werewolfs, so if you told me to chose between them i really couldnt. im easy to get along with and if you talk to me on sparknotes or i talk to you in person we're automaticlly freinds^_^. im a really nice person (sometimes) hahaha but i am nice.FRESHMAN ROCK!!<3<3<3<3 add me as a friend:) i <3 God and God <3s us^__^

Stuff I like


books, tv, music, laughing, friends, and hanging out, singing volleyball writing, i also love chocolate:)


i have too many:D


13reasonswhy vampireacademy blueblods TKM peeps nightruner thirst


niki minja, one republic, secondhand sernade, isles&glaciers, BOTD


School: bloomington christian, '15
Concentration: i am sill a student. junior
School: chafey college, '15