*tucks into bed* Gnight!

aw. want a massage?

*glances over from hammock and tosses a fruity carbonated beverage* Sup? its too cloudy over here irl to see them. but hey SL starts are cool too

Please do. *sits back in hammock* I am ready.

oh that was yesterday. oh well


im not gonna get mixed up in politics. it ends up with everyone hating me

im playing assassins creed Brotherhood

im alive. i doubt any others are



thank you kindly

http://askfirestarterspitfire.tumblr.com/post/119876706826/gif-collection-from-spitfires-day-off-1-3-5 all but the dog, plz make Sparknotes compatable.

how do i fix a gif..... wasnt someone here good at making them work if so i will get you a link

let me guess. my GIF isnt working. go figure


ive been sitting in mcondalds parkinglot on thier wifi for...... three hours in my car tho now im connected to happy moose bar and grille cause mconalds stopped working. i really should go home. but hteres no wifi there. ive been downloading so much shit..... its not even funny.

poor showing tonight




oh my god the nostaglia of this song..... oh god my eyes..... holy shit.....

welcome back

aaawww yeah, time to party!

my god the bass in these headphones is off the charts. *head implodes*

you know im amazed i dont hafe a ton of messages in my inbox.

*swings in breeze humming a tune* you gonna join me soccer? or anyone else? this thing's big enough for everyone.

easy peazy. i scan four hundred packages an hour, and load them into a wall in semi trailers floor to ceiling.

mmmhhh.....eeeeeeehhhh..... ill think about it, but oyud have to work my job. which means moving about 25,000lbs in the span of three to four hours

can i ride the rides

*opens cooler* anybody want anything? I got.... Budweiser Black Crown Budweiser Smirnoff raspberry Sprite Milk Moonshine Maple Crown Royal (whiskey) Yuengling for starters... i have most anything else i just have to dig for it.....

*doffs bottle of beverage from hammock* Greetings

*slips into hammock*

actually goodmorning

eh.... gnight. i should go.


NEIN. im gonna stay up..... for no reason. and hate that i did, when i dont get up till two or three in the afternoon.

i sent the message to those i could about the problem. im going to sleep in an hour tops, and awake later this afternoon to see what hatemail i will have recieved over it.

bloody hell..... o, sunrise and bird songs

I try. dammit I do try. theres a group of girls id like to hang out with. yes, i like the one but thats not the point. i want to make good friends with the opposite sex, its courteous and chivalrous to not be all macho and only menfriends. not that i can make many of those either. i dont share that many interests with the average guy. one could say im more in touch with my feminine side because i spent two straight years on here, with virtually no friends before that in my life and therefore was exposed to mostly girls. i dont get invited to hang out with ANY of the groups that happen at my class. im forgotten, or ignored and it sucks. even if i do shed the extra weights i have right now, i dont forsee a change at this point. i've always had difficulty making it with the averae crowd because im not quite the same as them but i try. oh hell i try, and thats why i try to be with them is so i can learn to be myself, yet appealing to people. you all say what you say like its hwat i want to be and do but its not. its just f#king not....... why do i have to be an introverted extrovert. and more importantly why do i have to have tear ducts.


sounds like the type of friends i once had.... lost, and now am wishing for. maybe now you understand why im so angsty about htis situation.?

the hell. shopping for a month, is like $100. a weekend? $20 should suffice if theres food in the house, and you decide to get pizza one night.

its hard to ignore the past when it shows up here, in real life, all around you. making people hate me. is just one of my many skills.

my past continues to haunt me.... goddamn it why. f#cking why.

im writing something up to try and settle this problem with accurate facts, but also grace. i cant get through how this is for me, i dont have the words. maybe im just tired. theyre good people and they deserve good. maybe im not a good person, if waht you say is true, even going by my poorly constructed paragraphs and ill-fit phraseology. maybe i should just go....

its not always my intent to change someone, its usually something that does happen in the course of time however and i notice or they say so. i know the one guy looks up to me hes said so a few times. and hes freaking five years older than me. i befriended them because i knew how they felt. they didn't have friends because they were different. i wanted to bring them something they didnt have. i still do, because i know nobody else can stomach them for long, because people have weak stomachs for difference, and they deserve some degree of happiness even if it comes at the cost of my displeasure from time to time. they see me as a leader. leaders dont quit. they might admit weakness but they do not quit. ever.

i dont think the world revolves around me. i think the least about myself of almost ANYONE i know. why the hell do you think im IN this situation in the FIRST place? i was thinking of them first, not my personal representation. now, nobody likes me because of who my usual friends are. welcome to the bucking world, i guess, just like my parents told me "nobody likes these people for a reason and you will only hurt yourself befriending them, stick with the successful, normal people." if anything, THATS freaking ablists. I went against that, wholeheartedly. and i guess it f#ked me in the ass, trying to not be like that.

im not good with words right now, becaues im conveying a loose point, besides being very conflicted. i know there are no excuses, and im sorry for using probably all the wrong terms. they each have good things to offer as friends. i dont want to lose that they each have their own baggage i have to share as their friend, and im not afraid of that i just want to be able to be who i am and do what i want. they inhibit that a lot. and thats my fault to an extent. im basically taking this time to vent several weeks of pent-up confusion and tension in the most awkward and insulting way possible. i knew this wouldnt end well but it had to be done. they arent really freaks, or retarded. i have a VERY bad habit of using specific words to cover a wide spectrum of things, and i really need to change that for my own sake. but thats the least of my problems right now.

*gives han solo* *looks around* Next?

*chucks jabba into the void* *wipes hands* next?

i befriend people who have problems, and help them. thats my nature. usually they have a level of improvement, for their own sake. that doesnt stop me from being around them if they dont however. i like most anybody. i do need to talk to them, and get things figured out. i want to be nice but this will hurt them i know. to at least one, it come back (likely angrily) that i expect people to fit a mold and be all mature, act a certain way and whatnot stereotypicality type crap. thats not what i mean. i mean, learn the bucking fact of life that there is a time for acting your freaking age besides professionally, and a time to screw off, and both times come when youre around any single person just learn to dicipher when those are. im sorry guys this is just somehting i see in this group that nobody else i see seems to have a problem with. they misinterpret 'be yourself' as "act however the buck you want' when it means 'use your brain like an adult, but dont suppress your individuality.' theres a way to be unique, without looking retarded.

he went to jail and thats when he found the Lord, he despaired for quite a while.

its not that i dont like them, its that theres too much of them too often. they dont have anyone else besides me, and our group of 5, and theyre so ecletcic they wont find many other people who will at least tolerate them for a few hours tops. Im one of the few that can be with them for a while and not be bothered but my patience is coming short lately because they keep me from developing myself and new friendships.

dj i doubt we have met. you may (most likely not) have heard of me, i was on here a long time ago. came back for nostalgia mostly. besides a friendship problem. how ironic...

im not talking about you guys, not to be mean. im never on here hardly and dont really plan on changing that either. i enjoy the odd people in due measure. im swarmed and suppressed by these people in real life, thats why i cant handle it.

every day, or everytime youre together and it lasts most of your available time to be together, or one party starts to get bored of always being around you. disregardable in the situation of SOs, where you never get tired of eachother. but odnt become obsessed. thats bad

there are normal people in my sunday class, i just cant go with them when i want because im never invited. i dont want to invite myself, thats rude. or, my friends are always expecting me to go with them, or they expect to go with me wherever.


these difficult friends are at my church and im not leaving it, and shaking them is difficult. i dont konw how to politely decline hanging out or inviting them so i can be around relatively normal people for once without being followed by the freak show and making the day miserable for everyone else. i know they need people too but its tearing me apart trying to hold them all up because they aren't changing and improving like most people im around.

well. excusing the people im surrounded by irl most of the time, i meant it sarcastically about you guys, talking about dead peoples butts and whatnot. i really need to make new friends........ people dont talk to me anymore, not the ones i want to at least..... and its hard on me. im an extrovert surrounded by five clingons. two introverts, one of which is just plain annoying in personality with being hyper and how she acts (possibly because of her introversion), a guy with PTSD, OCD and something else i cant recall the name of, a girl with a need for control of situations, that acts out and you cant tell her not to, is ashamed of being homeschooled and refuses to talk about it or let anyone know (not to mention she LITERALLY follows me like a puppy, and will shove me out of the way to jump into a spotlight), and another guy who's obsessive and talks too much, and overall weird. and another guy whos all in all cool but average people dont understand his personality type and isnt a pick of the pack. what am i supposed to do?

goodnight. sleep well. keep hacking.

becase hes good?

im surrounded by idiots..... *keeps drinking* i'll be one soon. PARTAY!

its two in hte morning. *cracks a budwieser and kicks back in hammock* entertain me, OT. i should go to bed but i dont give a buck cause i dont have to be up in the morning. ever. yay working in hte evening.

dammit gary. you ate my comment again.

*returns to the present from virtual reality glasses* Oh, hi. i think i may have known one of you two at one point in my six OT years.....


i know, its just smashing.

i did join the OT in 09-10... cause its been 6 years.

I have no shame, you can join same direction. im not one to have coniptions, or boners about close proximity.

*plays assassins creed Brotherhood from Hammock* it really sucks that i accidentally skipped two games and am not used to the old control setup after the new one from Creed III...... i liked that shit so much better.

you know. i miss the OT from '12 and '13. this new format.... just still doesnt work for me

AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA Buck no. i dont. i have a hospital bill in collections. yay. im living paycheck to paycheck. sucks seriously. but, i do have enough in savings to do the house thing. i just refuse to use it for anything else.

WENDELIN. hi. i remember you for the name's sake. . . . . . thats all i remember about you......

uhmm........ well, actually no. im sorry, i forget things easily. ive been hit in the head too many times. i mean i kinda do now that you say something but no specifics come to mind

i am 22 after all.....

new with me.... well, Im working at UPS as a package handler. Im gonna try and be a superviser i think.... idk if i want to stay and become a driver or go as a supervisor..... blaaaaaahhh. i have to pick one, becayse you cant switch back to becoming a driver if you go to a supervisor. union crap, basically. booo. ive moved, twice. and i may be buying a house soon...ish.... and a new car, sooner-ish at this rate.

oh, thank you. *climbs in* ahhh......... i think i missed this old thing.....

lol well, thats how i was once known.

good evening, I am Charles. it has been.... nigh a year since i last graced Sparknotes with more than a fleeting hello.

dear god soccer its been a long time. whats new?

@thedoctor. you just said sythesia..... are you referring to a song by Aviators by chance?


whats this i hear about breaking the OT again. I dont believe i was able to join last few times

well. that escalated quickly



well. whats new. the great unsung hero of Sparknotes returns


yes. that was my doing.

*walks over, tips you out, and gets in* MY HAMMOCK FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!

Here i am, this is me, one of the oldest manklers who still visits the OT.

yes alicia. i know.


I'm on it I got it I can do anytihng Whacha need Got ya back Just say the word I'm there When you find your world is cavin' in You can bet you gonna need a friend Someone to take those fears away, away, away Say the word..make a call and I'll be there. Anytime anywhere have you heard? That I'm All about saving your world. All you have to do is Say the word

Ooohh yeahh yeah I'm your basic average girl And I'm here to save the world You can't stop me Cause I'm Kim Pos-si-ble There is nothin I can't do When danger calls Just know that I am on my way (know that i am on my way)

It also doesnt help that I'm watching Avatar: the last airbender right now... i'm almost done with book 1: water.

literally i went to youtube a few months ago and watched ALL THE EPISODES just because I wanted to then i started on American Dragon, but never fininshed it, dad blocked youtube for a while and i never went back... i'm to busy with MLP season 4. IT IS KILLER THIS YEAR.


Last i knew htere were like 8, but that was over a year ago.


dear. god. no.

Charmed. I'm Dragon, or Rider. or DR. or any name you care to call me. lol i have sooo many nicknames from people on here...

since most of the sparklers are here are female...

boom chaka laka laka boom.

Dear Luna, I have 103 messages...


@Rhada Stressed beyond ability..... I need a new phone, and i want it to be a windows phone, but I'm not paying over $200 for one, I donnt have that kind of money and it's stupid to pay that much for a device that costs maaaybe $90 to make counting labor.

Maybe kinda sorta.... lol It's been way too long for my crappy memory to remember much from this place...

AARRGHHHH *rips hair out* i have been trying for hte last month to buy the Huawei W1 windows phone from straight talk, it's fairly cheap for a windows device, BUT I CANT BUY IT. its been removed from Walmart's inventory in ALL the stores I go to, It wont order off walmart.com for some reason, and I dont know where else I can find it! It wont show up on straighttalk's website either... IM GETTING PISSED HERE. now, i'm searching all other windows phones on Ebay to see what I can try and get my hands on instead....

whoa crap.... people.... all... attacking me.... XD oh, the days I once was a regular. Maybe if Sparklife makes a Windows app, I'll come back more often.

Winter Wrap up is better.... LOL


well, imma head to bed y'all. see you in a few weeks, months or so. im on facebook in the sparklermankler and the occasional wild dagger ggroup!

derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp DERP derp derp derp derp derp

HOLY SCHMUCK 149 messages? buck its been a long time since i was on...


hai. try pineapple juice, it seriously works.

and duh, Charles / charlie maaaybe chuck.

Jason. Carter Skye

*flops out of hammock into a mound of icecream* gah, always with the freeking hammock soccer!

anne. pm me your phone # or do you have textplus. or facebook.

you. pm me your number. or add me on facebook. or tell me ur name and ill add you or SOMETHING. do you have textplus?

rofl. thanks... now to commit brainfreeze suicide..... BOTTOMS UP!!! *starts pouring it down throat*

im not. unless there's about eight pails of assorted varieties available, i will not join either.

im not. unless there's about eight pails of assorted varieties available, i will not join either.

sweet luna, it's anne! where the heck have you been kay??? hey everyone else. sorry i missed the thanksgiving blast

*slinks in*



Im american.

Art, music, fan fictions and more await

If you want to keep up with everything pony, get the equestria daily app, available on android and ios.its free

Sraight out of comic-con.


Have you seen the sneak preview of season 4 of mlp fim yet? I have

Damn you gary hiding all the comments.I'm here for a little longer now

Well since nobody wants to talk to me, I'm heading to bed.gnight

Put the laptop on something other than your bed...it can't breathe

I'm like....so ignored....

Unicorns win. Twilight, trixie rarity and others all the way


Did I mention I can't wait for season for?

I'm going to bed at eleven I have to be up at five thirty to get ready for church

*noms muffins with derpy*

They will be smaller and shipped to store frozen


All of you, just leaving high school. Dont go straight into college. Wait at least a year, there are studies you do better when you take a gap year between.get a small job and figure your exactly what you want to do, because you will find yourself jumping from major to major if you dont a you find that you actually aren't interested as you thought in your original ideas. If your parents push you sure them the studies the y aren't fake.and that way with a small job you will have built up some saved cash to use on expenses.loans will murder you never ever ever takout a loan. go on scholarships or your own cash only.if you cant afford it dont do it.

Welcome to my life

Up at 5:30 to getready for work leave by 6:30 to get there at seven work till noon then come home and do something or nap....

Or is it

I can't wait ill september....it is it october...


But tuners all the fun! Watching their eyes bulge....

Mountain biking all the way.this dude needs space

I must needs new crown

Aaah..... Splurkers....

Tell about the diversity of people and fandoms the topics and weirdness epicness

.... I already have one. Little dashie : D

Le mobile Is slow

just saw monsters university last night. twas great. i hope i can see despicable me tonight.


you'll get a lot of hate from some for that... but shes kickass a lot

and most of the mane 6. my char is younger than the mane 6 but about the same as scoot. its very complicated and interesting...

i wanna finish my fanfict... it involves scootaloo.

considering thats what its like now to an extent... no big deal. the shunning part that is.

*throws about some muffins*

@nacana *hereby gives you hatchling pegasister status* welcome to the fandom! (\ /) brohoooves around!

have fun with this one...

i wish i could find more bronies and pegasisters to geek with...

never seen it. its a quote from my book im sorta writing.

Sometimes... those you love the most you have to leave the farthest behind. You have your lives to lead, you have found your places. I still have a long road to travel... and I must walk it alone. We may meet again with joy, or memories may fade to oblivion and we pass without a second glance. I begin at the end, for this end... is where it all begins.

try this one... its still the spider https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/110250036704704114433/albums/5894725591395691953

northeast, cleveland

can oyu see htis? glinda DONT LOOK https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=a8230423ee&view=att&th=13f8dbd646a59126&attid=0.0&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P_g5wbi6_an6xp7mV8e3HQP&sadet=1372472635801&sads=93FN9l1es-NoyfItscsMFDPZ5W4&sadssc=1 le spider...

in ohio of course. bainbridge campus

if you know where parkside church is... thats where i go... pm me if you go there. i will be PSYCHED

if its any consolation, the spider was dead for a day and a half when i was holding it in the picture, i was leaving it posed to dry out and put in a case as display and had a random idea to show some people... i have picked up a Live spider the same size once though.

well... snap... *poofs away to dungeon of misery* yet again i make enemies. farewell all.

I used to have that pic as mine for a while. i think its still in my pics too lol.

aaawwwwhhh im sorry... *puppy face* forgive me?

I hate jean shopping.. because im an odd size. 29-28 or 29-29 29-30 i can sometimes pull off a 30-30 but.. not usually. also, boys 14, right length, too tight. 16, kinda long, ok waist. 18, too effing long and good waist.

@clarinets... YOU STOLE MY PICTURE!!!!

so... about that spider... @glinda @soccer...


i have got to say, this is the strangest thing i've ever done!

Ugene!!! okay okay, she asked me....

text meh if u got mah #

*poofs in* ive seen that google thing before... *poofs away*


i wanna see it too.

... a detonating bomb. rofl.

*silence* im a nuclear bomb.

ok, I give up for now... I'll try and fix it later I'm sorry!!

WHY THE HELL IS SL TAKING OUT MY PARAGRAPHS????? and the pic doesnt want to upload either.... gaaaaahhh

Manklers are uncommon in active use of SL I've found. They're here but not the type to sit and talk usually. Mindhut is a more Mankler-oriented section of SL. also, SL has largely been targeted towards girls I have found, as grnpotato mentioned.

5817 comments... not bad not bad at all.

derpy or doctor whooves....

5934 dumb gary...


i must depart. ttyls! 330

*runs by and flips soccer out of hammoc and pies in face* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR

A warning to the people, The good and the evil, This is war. To the soldier, the civilian, The martyr, the victim, This is war. It's the moment of truth, and the moment to lie, The moment to live and the moment to die, The moment to fight, the moment to fight To fight, to fight, to fight! To the right, To the left We will fight to the death! To the edge of the earth It's a brave new world From the last to the first To the right, To the left We will fight to the death! To the edge of the earth It's a brave new world It's a brave new world! A warning to the prophet, The liar, the honest, This is war. To the leader, the pariah, The victor, the messiah, This is war. It's the moment of truth, and the moment to lie, The moment to live and the moment to die, The moment to fight, the moment to fight, To fight, to fight, to fight! To the right, To the left We will fight to the death! To the edge of the earth It's a brave new world From the last to the first To the right, To the left We will fight to the death! To the edge of the earth It's a brave new world It's a brave new world It's a brave new world! I do believe in the light Raise your hands into the sky The fight is done, the war is won Lift your hands toward the sun Toward the sun Toward the sun Toward the sun The war is won A brave new world The war is won The war is won A brave new world

*chases oister with flaming pikes* THIS IS WAAR!!

no no no, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, AC/DC/ Guns n roses, pink floyd, def leppar, and more

waait amanda, you have my #???

i just joined... i haz facebook when i said i wouldnt. i got it to keep up with my sundayschool stuff and friends

dracosa wats ur #?

*texts adam*

the shirt thing doesnt work when your parents would disown you for being a brony.... but thats how i knew she was a pegasister and she said her bro was a brony and got her started.

I remember 5 and 7K comment OT's....

ooohhh risk-taker... lol

aaahhh... life gets cooler. theres a brony and pegasister at my church!!! tho we havent geeked out since the day we found out.... ah well

awh its ok glinda darling. whenever you want to, hit me up.

whooaaaa.... storms! if you guys want to text me, pm me your #s and name and i'll ad you Im lookoin for friends. and HAAAMMM!! *tacklebrohoofs, superbronysecrethandshake* YUSH!

im not entering this time around.. im gonna post a fictional story i was making up later just as a sparkler post

aah yeah. i remember those days... and the PIC group too..



*shoots strawberry milkshake at everyone *

Spontaneous me..

im not seing it either.

funny but I'm not entirely certain the practicality of it, at least for me. I'm kind of my own breed of guy sooo... not much applies to me lol.

i need to spread it out... too blocky

*updated my welcome message* Welcome to the wonderful world of the OT! Here you'll find a mind-dazzling array of people from all around the globe, China, Argentina, Canada, Africa, Spain, Europe, Australia, and of course the United States of America. You will come across homeschoolers (I am one of these, *homeschooler fist bump*), internet schoolers, and highschoolers. Geekery is rampant, there are Potterheads, Whovians, LOTR lovers, Bronies/Pegasisters, and much more. The average age of the population of SN is 13-17, with myself being 20. also, the larger portion of the population is Female. I myself and one of the rare 'Dudeklers' or 'Manklers' as we guys are called. The people on the OT are your best friends, always willing to listen an help you deal with your life problems (but dont forget thats what parents are for too!). All in all, enojoy yourself on the OT! I am also the resident Sparkveteran, if you need some help, feel free to ask me! I also can provide you with a dictionary to accompany you on your trip through total awesomeness.


You've been trolled you've been trolled you have probably been told dont reply to this guy hes is just getting replies out out you yes its true you respond and that is cute, he'll start trouble on the double while he strokes his manly stubble you've been trolled you've been trolled you should probably just fold, but the only winning way is not to play yet you keep on trying mindlessly replying youve been trolled youve been trolled have a nice day youve been trolled youve been trolled have a nice day

*he takes flight after naca, horn glowing readying magic*

i guess? i just got here...

*a dark red alicorn appears on the scene with a blackish grey hood and cape obscuring most of him short of his lower legs and muzzle as well as his horn. he rears and stomps the ground, sending out a massive shockwave, shaking and cracking the ground*

so what exactly is gooing on....

oh nvm

... whered my pic go??

sweet. you used the deviantart ponymaker i see. fellow alicorn. I've seen all the current episodes... you should know in the end... it grows wings hehehehe

nacanaca! *brohoof*

well i must depart..... *flies off*

*pokes comment count* ~_~

muffins are just better cindy... they just are. *pinkie brings a truck of cupcakes and dumps them on cindy* ISTHATENOUGHFORYOU???

wrrryyymmit.... I got spam for christmas... seriously i did. and vienna sausages.

.... are you sure those are cats?

YEEESS!! *doctor whooves shows up* Did someone say muffins?

*bakes muffins with Derpy*

heeerrrpppdeeerrrppp so who else is an equestrian?

just burn them PYROMANIAC! and my fb is accurate short of my last name.

mine's accurate.....

*dives for it but pinkie beats me with a glomp* ~_~

I invented my own runes.... now to make an actual vocal tongue to go with it....

... i was reading friwards from 2010. woow fail.

its my signature to just suddenly appear and make no sound...

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-eRCIvbTS4cI/UWG_5nPcMcI/AAAAAAAAAGY/MAnRlJCSyq8/s1600/cyanide-and-happiness-hd-wallpapers.png hah

i dont think i would have given a total stranger i barely knoow my # if i didnt want to... rofl


~_~ how come I dont get to text her....

omg..... ~_~ you have my support.

these comics.. the name fits well... http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/7900000/Depressing-Comic-Week-3-cyanide-and-happiness-7950182-701-630.jpg


bein, muchos gracias. ~end what i know in spanish~

oh god... rofl http://images1.fanpop.com/images/photos/1900000/comics-cyanide-and-happiness-1946247-717-502.jpg

Hola, Como esta?

aaaawwwhhhh *huggles* dont cry darling!

Arthur.. george shrinks... Cyberchase... Redwall... Kirby... Sonic... Mr. Roger's.... Courage the cowardly dog Tom & Jerry Scooby-doo The Jetsons The Flintstones Dragonball / D.B. Z Zoids... a few others not coming to mind

i remember that show.... vaguely...

1. driving 2. the trinity, Taylor 3. ew.. no 4. does the hairbrush on the table thats more purple count? 5. ... last year? 6. Eenope 7. not really. 8. today 9. hun, i havent been to the movies in over a year. 10. are we talking thermally, or looks? 11. MILK! 12. a worn out super comfy pair of nylon sport pants and a surfer's shirt 13. we wash it 14. duplex cream cookies and milk. before that little caesars pizza 15. at home 16. ... not unless a holster and ammo belt for my .32 S&W revolver counts 17. eeeehhh.. what do you mean by ran? 18. basketball at buffallowildwings 19. Horses... and mythologically, Minotaurs and Dragons 20. roughing it in the wilds... mountain climbing / biking and maybe a little beach time 21. a friend of my mother's 22. getting winded, or the many times i've nailed my shins on stuff... OH! when i cut my finger with a 12" hunting knife. or dad dropped a 14' 2x4" board on my head.... 23. eeyup 24. eeyup 25. ... Alice in wonderland

1. driving 2. the trinity, Taylor 3. ew.. no 4. does the hairbrush on the table thats more purple count? 5. ... last year? 6. Eenope 7. not really. 8. today 9. hun, i havent been to the movies in over a year. 10. are we talking thermally, or looks? 11. MILK! 12. a worn out super comfy pair of nylon sport pants and a surfer's shirt 13. we wash it 14. duplex cream cookies and milk. before that little caesars pizza 15. at home 16. ... not unless a holster and ammo belt for my .32 S&W revolver counts 17. eeeehhh.. what do you mean by ran? 18. basketball at buffallowildwings 19. Horses... and mythologically, Minotaurs and Dragons 20. roughing it in the wilds... mountain climbing / biking and maybe a little beach time 21. a friend of my mother's 22. getting winded, or the many times i've nailed my shins on stuff... OH! when i cut my finger with a 12" hunting knife. or dad dropped a 14' 2x4" board on my head.... 23. eeyup 24. eeyup 25. ... Alice in wonderland

epic handoff... http://www.explosm.net/comics/3039/

oranges mango strawberries plums apples...

crap i replied to the wrong comment rofl fail

who ever said i wasnt.... eeehehehe you may never know... unless you've vidchatted me, then its obvious what i am.


no, that must be Cyd, his link-munching cousin. did i fool you? you kids these days... believe anything you hear on the internet. ITS ON THE INTERNET IT MUST BE TRUE!

you are correct Angel.

....... someone better have a good reason for me having 34 messages....


or going off to talk to irl friends for those that have them

sunday, always a cramming day. same with saturday and somewhat friday

*glances around, then poofs away*

gute nacht

But you make me wanna act like a girl Paint my nails and wear perfume For you. Make me so nervous And I just can’t hold your hand But you got me actin like a guy, openin doors and wearing cologne for yoou. makin a man outta me cause i just wanna hold your hand I love parodying...

if i faaaallll, will youo let me down easy, if i leave my heart with you tonight, will you promise me you're gonna treat it right.

stressed out running late racin down the interstate, spilled hot coffee on the front of my jeans. its work work, pay the rent, money and my time spent, not a minute left for me to be me. ive been gooin like nothin can wait, i gotta get my priorities straight!

lol dat slang.

i did laugh. quietly. mostly internally. cuz its late here. typing is so loud in a quiet house...

he said i wanna see yoou again, but im stuck in colder weather, maybe tomorrow will be better, can i call you then?

i watched that for a sunday school hangout/lesson.... it was that or finding Nemo. Nemo was WAY more manly, as voted by most all the guys but we still watched MFGW. ~_~

cau'se you're a ramblin' man. and you aint ever gonna change. you got a gypsy soul to blame, and youo were born for leavin. at a truck stop just outside of lincoln. the night as black as the coffee he was drinkin....

soccer.... there are no words.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSekbrh5F4k the original of that song btw. i like mine much better. theres also this one, a remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5dgyCryWJY

or its rose...

splurkers....... ~_~


this is a parody btw.

so i stabbed him 37 times in the chest with a knife CAAARRLLL!! THAT KILLS PEOPLE! oh, it does? wooooww. i could only take one of those lol

*lyrics spazz* Yeah I own this beat! You can call me the king or the ruler Throbbin that bass, gettin hoarse on the mic We're getting 20% coolah! We had a great day out, spinnin our tracks like DJ Bladestar! its time to wrap this up we're getting 20% coolah seven colors in your hair Get you gear on girl cause we're goin out there. dont care about the warzone put it on lets go guns go wild cause we're goin down firin' HAH! No need to preform Hands on our records gonna keep our skills warm dont need social reform cause we're just so permissable, linguist, subliminal Damage is minimal Top percentile largest faction massive attraction one-on-one action STOP THAT! im gonna need a distraction DROP THAT! you already got your reaction Me? I'm gonna keep on Smilin' You? You're gonna be inspiring! I gotta get back to the ruler, you're getting 20% coolah shhhhh. reduce that treble, thats an 8 or a 9 I think you're on the level like a rebel in a bunker gettin shelled with a mortar jump up and down cause I think you oughta put the phones to your head dont be shy I can hear you sigh stompin your feet I'll be droppin' that beat and in ten seconds flat I'll be back in the seat WHOOO!! Bring out the DJ! Twilight sparkle up in the party TAP THAT! Like a stone in a cold world Boom on the base floor knockin down the front door Me? im kind of a rarity you? work that integrity lean back now here's what I meant Getting Coolah by 20 percent

yes, the millipede.... i am the millipede...

goood lorod, dont make me think of that..... or laughing gas...

until i saw fred, i was.

the starfish... why the starfish.... well this is awkward... *starfish splat* YOLO!

ok so who has seen the final installment of charlie the unicorn? good god i wish my name wasnt charles sometimes. but, i can do both the freaky unicorn's voices and charlie's. yaeh.... shoot me now.

you are. SIKE!

*gets tactical shotgun* FRED! IM COMIN' FOR YAH! *charges into jungle of OT* BONZAAAAAAIIIIIIII!!!!

*has created his very own runes for writing with* now i wish i could make an actual language....

true... true..

no prob to me lol. im just joshing around

ROFL not even RELATED to clothing. woow.

pleated jeans? hmm...

i need to start jogging again....

*sips some tea and eats a muffin, beginning to relax*

~_~ easy for you to say.

*tennatively sits in pool chair, ready at any second to be bombarded*

people with more stars than i have... and been here less time... THIS IS AN OUTRAGE

I'm good. tired. but ok.


AAUGGHHH * dives out of hammoc* every time soccer... every. freeking. time. ~_~

and hello.


cheesy, i mustache you a question...

sorry suckers, I GOT THE LAST COOMMENT! HAH!

7am... in 15 minutes.

well im invisible... so i shall head to bed

stickshift my man!!

*le gasp* SHE'S MAGIC! *poofs circles around her* beat that!

DOCTOR WHOOVES!!! my good fellow how are you?

it reminds me of an apple product.... ugh.... #gag #vomit SL does need a true mobile app though i shall say. preferrably android, and non-branded browser compatable

i rp over text usually, or computer chat. i've done sonic, mlp, anime, anthro, human fantasy, and others.

I play MMORPGS and i'm in two roleplays right now!

... life is interesting when your name is charles and people call you charlie and chuck, because you pick up on those names extremely easily if they're said or written.

holy frappe, they redid SL AGAIN!!??!?!!?

yes, i just saw that i failed when making the picture ~_~ I'll fix that when i update the dictionary in a few weeks.

yeah..... my mind is a strange place. do not enter it unless you never want to leave an incredibly cool but also strange world.

i guess it's because i was only on the OT and i never read other articles or if i did i didnt comment.

oi.... 24000.. i stand humbled. older than you in real age and SL years... and basically a noob.

i mean they didnt count my old roughly 5000 i had before the switch but i dont have 19K!


hungergames... do you ever get off here? cuz you have 10 freeking stars. 19,000 comments girl!!!

good lord t2tm... spam much?

probably. it used to be a slow day if there were less than 2000 comments... ah, the old days.

*cue empty commenting spam*

yeah, been there done that. im gonna edit this one and the rest i have lined up, its been a while since i actually wrote it and got it posted, they rejected me before.

Actually there's a lot of info in the first book that is vital. I liked the first book better than Eldest, but brisingr and Inheritance were my biggest favorites.


im good. bored.


i have a 1.5 hour ride to church in the morning at 6:30. every sunday. up at 5:30 latest to get ready and eat.

there WERE paragraphs... where the hell did they go??? sorry about that I'll see what went wrong.

good. just made a new post



gotta get to bed 6:30 coomes mighty early sleep well yall!

oh, he's still discordy but not as much, only in secret now. I do like the story they played though and how fluttershy handled it. you dont realize just how much kick-butt there is in rarity and fluttershy when push comes to shove.

sleep well and study hard

im mixed on what they did with discord in the last season. but he's got some wicked powers i will say.

would you rather be pinkie pie or dischord.

most of my files are in .wps format if they arent in notepad. gah.

damn you windows 7 for not using works word processor and rather microsoft word which doesnt use .wps like the former does.


Writer Wars (noun) The event in which all participating sparklers storm their minds to think of a story to woo the hearts of the readers. If you do not get your story in within three days, you will likely not get much recognition

*attempting to write a post* tell me if there are any gramattical errors please first For all you new sparklers that dont understand what all the terminology is that some sparklers use. Please let me know any new ones that I don't remember, It's been a long time and my memory isn't what it used to be. Also, I believe I may have some of these miscategorized. Mankler (noun) a male user of sparknotes. very rare, often fought over by female users Sparkler [a] (noun) female user of sparknotes Sparkler [b] (noun) general term for all users of sparknotes Sparkveteran (noun) a sparkler who has been on the website for more than 3 years, also applied to those who were around during the first Open Threads Splurker, anyone that does not comment, but reads what goes on. OT (abbriviation) short for Open Thread. awesomesauce (term) is another way to say awesome. Supermegafoxyawesomehot (term) is an adjective to describe an attractive person. viper (term) It means awesome also. Sparkitor (noun) sparknotes editors, they put up posts and edit them {sometimes to extremes, which is being revolted against by the K.A.P.O.W. rebellion} Splogger (noun) someone who sends in regular posts, this includes Dan Bergstein, Tan-Tantheladiesman, Scott-Free, and others. Gary (person) the resident glitch in the commenting system that eats winkie smileys, and will bite off half a comment, or eat the entire thing. he also switches Comments around and confuses people. Fred (person) what the Open Thread is called when there is no one on. George (person) {now extinct} comments pages {he was killed in the crossover to the new commenting system.} Rosie (person) Gary's Mother, she goes around upvoting comments to make up for her son's bad behavior of eating comments, smileys and biting of half a comment. Sparkwar (noun) A "war" online in the OT where sparklers fight, using pokemon, bombs, cupcake cars, and every imaginable weapon out there (extinct?) Friwards (noun) (extinct) A series on Sparklife that commemorated the best comments of the week. They were given every friday. After some time, they stopped, but were continued by the HADS, a committee of sparklers who reviewed the comments. After a while, they also stopped and started again, this time every Thursday/monday. They were replaced by the stars and crowns and badges. Sparklife Academy (noun) A fictional academy where sparklers study. It has teachers including Chelsea Dagger, Auntie Sparknotes, and Dan Bergstein. Sparklife Mars/Moon Colony (noun) A colony made when an old post included the hypothesis of sparklers being the ones sent to the moon/mars to survive the apocalypse and continue the human race. Sparklife marriage (noun) (extinct) an old trend that included "marrying" another sparkler online in the OT. BAM: (noun/action) to be the first one to comment. Victory is assured if you stay home sick one day. At one time it was popular to 'bam' the first and last comment of a page, before the pages commenting system was removed. 'Bamming' on palindromes and certain comment numbers or times of day still applies but it is no longer easy to preform, it takes a true master to do properly. E-Cabbages (noun) Given as rewards or used to purchase items from other sparklers.

oh. my bad.

the monthly stomach murder?

i found one of my two posts.... i cant find the other one http://community.sparknotes.com/2011/06/24/how-to-approach-your-crush-and-not-freak-him-out

the comments used to be just a continuous line numbered and dated. then they changed it to pages of comments a few hundred each. then its this one with pictures and replies that is full of glitches. the scum were some very nasty people with bad attitudes and just strange.

applejack? rofl jk cool

I've gotta go design a baby play station for my sunday school pastor im going to give them at their baby shower. I shall ttyl! *climbs upon sapphira and flies off*

i've never had a big liking for Angel... that rabbit is a brat!

DJ means Disk Jockey. lol. Cj is my actual name.

I was there sparklers.... I was there, 2 years ago when the scum of the earth creeped into the Open Thread and exterminated most of the main users. I was there the day the Elders' resolve broke and we fled to the far corners of the sparkworld. I was here, through each site modification as it went from good to strange, I was here and watched the sparkitor's and sparkler's posts change from legitly funny to downright shoddy and increasingly profane and perverted. religion wars, fandom wars, sexuality wars, life view wars... I've seen them. A day may come that the OT returns to its former glory... but it is not this day!

also my DJ name is DJ Bladestar.

I've been through many Dark ages of SL....

doesnt matter too me, and just call me Dragon, Rider or Ryder

scroll down bro, theres a dictionary.

some sparkwars are entirely out of fun, others are legit wars of anger.

I've compiled about as much as i can remember, but theres a lot more that has been lost in history. such as E-Cabbages.

I'll DJ too

allow me to enlighten some of our N00bs.... Mankler (noun) a male user of sparknotes. very rare, often fought over by female users Sparkler [a] (noun) female user of sparknotes Sparkler [b] (noun) general term for all users of sparknotes Sparkveteran (noun) a sparkler who has been on the website for more than 3 years, also applied to those who were around during the first Open Threads Splurker, anyone that does not comment, but reads what goes on. OT (abbriviation) short for Open Thread. awesomesauce (term) is another way to say awesome. Supermegafoxyawesomehot (term) is an adjective to describe an attractice person. viper (term) It means awesome also. Sparkitor (noun) sparknotes editors, they put up posts and edit them {sometimes to extremes, which is being revolted against by the K.A.P.O.W. rebellion} Splogger (noun) someone who sends in regular posts, this includes Dan Bergstein, Tan-Tantheladiesman, Scott-Free, and others. Gary (person) the resident glitch in the commenting system that eats winkie smileys, and will bite off half a comment, or eat the entire thing. he also switches Comments around and confuses people. Fred (person) what the Open Thread is called when there is no one on. George (person) {now extinct} comments pages {he was killed in the crossover to the new commenting system.} Rosie (person) Gary's Mother, she goes around upvoting comments to make up for her son's bad behavior of eating comments, smileys and biting of half a comment. Sparkwar (noun) A "war" online in the OT where sparklers fight, using pokemon, bombs, cupcake cars, and every imaginable weapon out there (extinct?) Friwards (noun) (extinct) A series on Sparklife that commemorated the best comments of the week. They were given every friday. After some time, they stopped, but were continued by the HADS, a committee of sparklers who reviewed the comments. After a while, they also stopped and started again, this time every Thursday/monday. They were replaced by the stars and crowns and badges. Sparklife Academy (noun) A fictional academy where sparklers study. It has teachers including Chelsea Dagger, Auntie Sparknotes, and Dan Bergstein. Sparklife Mars/Moon Colony (noun) A colony made when an old post included the hypothesis of sparklers being the ones sent to the moon/mars to survive the apocalypse and continue the human race. Sparklife marriage (noun) (extinct) an old trend that included "marrying" another sparkler online in the OT. BAM: (noun/action) to be the first one to comment. Victory is assured if you stay home sick one day. At one time it was popular to 'bam' the first and last comment of a page, before the pages commenting system was removed. 'Bamming' on palindromes and certain comment numbers or times of day still applies but it is no longer easy to preform, it takes a true master to do properly.


@leondard, blank commenting is a secret only known to the Elders of sparklife and those with which they share them. hit space and post.

Onewa! Toa of earth.

im pretty good. having lunch

i dont have my file with all of it written down... maybe another day.

you can thank your elders for discovering the secrets of Sparknotes

textless commenting is a power of the elders alone. just put a space in the comment and hit post.


i got them right when they were coming out.

yup. get well soon!!

dude i have all the Toa Nuva, the rahkshi, and dozens of others.

*pokes sl inbox*

well i must depart. i have a tractor to fix tomorrow. GNIGHT!!! *mounts Sapphira and flies away*

aaahhh... the power of cheese...

CANUKS!! TOA LEWA!!!!! AAAAHHH!!! i was kinda partial moreso to Tahu and Gali, with a bit of a like also for pohatu

OMG QUEEN YOU ARE GENIUS! *cuts through and rocks breakfast with some beatgrid and flanging, little echo and flippin'double*

rofl no i dont. im only 4,573.

*drops the bass and beatgrids on owl city, fireflies, creating dubstep*

i deserve more stars for my age on SL.... oh well. i'll live with 9.

bye glinda!! *huggle*

*spins record in his palm while listening to current track playing*

*climbs out of chocolate fountain and moves away leaving a trail, till the chocolate hardens and he becomes a life-sized chocolate DR lookalike frozen in place*

I'm good, and thats funny. remember ballet? she had foot surgeries recently too! i hope you feel better soon though!

downloadhelper for Mozilla firefox, and goldwave audio recorder with the LAME MP3 encoder work well to do that.... thats how i have 21 mlp songs on my player.

*dives into fountain* CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



*rainbow leans in corner with her shades bobbing to the music* so. now what? *mixes some random songs on his turntables while others play*

gute nacht

*fistbump* good, another Inhertian. *totally made that name up*

I'm glad i wasnt in it....

@clarinets no i have not, my name actually has come from the Inheritance cycle, aka Eragon. but i have thought about reading it i skimmed a few chapters once at the library

lol I just dislike stereotypes that are so often seen so i kinda just like to lay things out straight up so theres no guesswork.


be warned, if i dont remember you, its not my fault. its my brain... it's been hit with awesomeness a few too many times and i've also got acute Derpatitis... its terminal so yeah....

rofl soccer.

rofl. i dont consider myself exactly brony. but, im a straight brony who despises porno mlp and has a strong christian faith. odd combo aint it?

also to the n00bs, I am Dragon Rider. I have been here since the OT's started. they call me Sparkveteran. i have been on a bit of a haitus and will continue to do so... just cuz thats how i roll. call me Dragon, Rider, DR, or whatever you desire. ive been called a lot of names. some good some bad, i respond to most anything.

dude, I'm DJ Bladestar ready to DJ it out with you! *pulls up virtualDJpro* LETS SHRED SOME VINYL!!!!! *vinyl scratch pops up as well* YEAAAAHH DROP THE BASS!!!

EHGHAD! *is tackled*

well. that escalated quickly.

i know at least 9 overall. and i'm not counting myself

ROFL dracosa, you and i would so get along


Dan "the man" Bergstein. Jeez n00bs. you'd think they had just joined... oh wait... lol.

the problem is, the coffee loses energry faster than you make it so... it never will get hot.

they have a memory of 3 seconds. they dont think about much for very long

i think kendo is similar to taekwondo... if im thinking of hte right think. all martial arts styles involve yelling. it makes your strikes harder, believe it or not. its called a ki-up in taekwondo.

the heck... do my fingernails grow 1/8" every day?? I just cut them like yesterday and they're already needing cut again.... #guitaristsproblems

CRAP -_- sorry about that.

wait stage, did i miss soccer's party?

*large blue sapphire dragon swoops overhead and drops down to the ground, he climbs off and dismounts* Hail, Veteran Mankler here.... *awaits the ready to leap to his dragon and flee if the press threatens to murder him.*

nobody apparently. lol.

i love how im the invisle man.


oho lord they would NOT be happy with me when i got done with them.

dear lord its been a while.

wish my rents were like that.

you'll get it. but once its at 25 it goes no farther.

im here too...


D: *stares at soccer's crown* 21000... comments.....

hey miki.

... what is going on here...

so whats up peeps. i need entertainment


mleh imma poof for a while. ttyls!

did done replied.

replied @stage whats new with everyone?

i have not...

i dont have tests or homework... so.......

friday, friday, gonna get down on friday.... lol. i like saturday night better...

noo, that was ragster... he's been here since this place started nearly.

and you probably lost your place didnt you...

*sneaks in from sidelines, dressed in garb similar to assassin's creed, stays in shadows, watching.... waiting....*

im nearing 20 and i have no use for SL anymore (not that i really ever did save for one thing), and ive been on here like 4 times in the last 6 months. i miss the people and talks, but i've moved on. i still like to reminisce a little about my 3 years of being on and brag my veteran status but aside from that, it has lost its grip on me.

good for you

my bucket list, slowing growing. http://pinterest.com/jasonxryder/things-i-will-do-no-matter-what-people-will-think/

you're most welcome. i have others...

unless youre from ohio, i doubt irl

Accounted for.

some cats... http://pinterest.com/pin/425027283553408464/

rofl you can keep the hammoc *goes and sits on saphira*


(was already in there) erm... hi there. lol

You gotta go deep Way on back Cross a few creeks And a couple little shacks You gotta get lost Way on out Crickets and frogs Yeah you’re gettin’ close now And you kick it into four wheel drive when you run out of road And you go, and you go and you go-go-go ‘Til you hear a banjo!! ooohhh... there it is. (im gonna buy a 6-string banjo, or a normal 5 string

hey soccer!

i never get fb messages.... lucky me?

and you too. im not major on country but yeah, i like it. When I lose my smile When my thoughts get jumbled When the air and BS get too thick Can’t take a breath without getting sick I’ve had enough with this concrete jungle.....

its a long way, to the top if you wanna rock and roll. ~AC/DC

simple truth of the matter shaz, is.... Ladies love country boys......

wait.. bookworm, do i know you?

lol. ive still never seen doc who and probably never will...

i got a little burnt yesterday from being outside all day at an auction. farmers tan, buck yeah!

yay getting used to summer again.

yes it is. sup nerd? shazambam? been a while. its raining here. i like hte warm weather. but not hot.... 70s feels like 80s. i was in shorts today.

found profile, but it gives 404 error on load attempt. nerp...

lol i've been here since aroound the time the open threads started.

s'ok. this would be around 3 or 4 years ago.

so. Aethill wants to know... whats new? also, is anyone here old enough to know maruaderprincess?

lol mebbeh. been a while. sup everyone?

guess who....

*looks at his* hmm...

its an anonymous mask.

call me Dragon, Rider, DR, Jason, Ryder, or whatever you wish.

nice to meet those i dont know. also, you'll probably not see me again for a few weeks. just how i roll.

i'll go for you

ohnoes. i dont have a car or license, and im almost 20...

*sends crowbar*


not particularily.

not much


i need to update mine

yea its been a veery long time

nobody except JMK do i recognize...

its purple... lol.

well i guess im alone... lol

**looks around** herp derp...

Im pretty good. you guys?


I'm doin pretty good, yourselfs?

i'd need a little more information on what kind of monster

LLamicorn! or is it a Unillama? XD


Howdy y'alls

rainbow dash would be proud....


.... heh, good to know im not the only one. are you made to wear one of those masks like surgeons wear?

so who knows the song 'this is war' by 30 seconds to mars? i like it a lot..

phlerp.. im bored.

so butts, whats up?

slap me up as key informant, ive been here since the OT's started and can tell you a lot about sparkhistory, stuff few people remember or even know about. im the resident SparkVeteran. (i have a dictionary of sparknotes terms to share with you if youd like)


hmmm epic fail of people

hmmm epic fail of people


Michael Vey the prisoner of cell 25, is the first book by Richard Paul Evans. its not super long but its kinda quickly paced, and super addicting. the second book just came out and i have it on order. dont give up on this series if it seems boring at all to you )its not, i swear(, they're saying with total seriousness that this series will probably outdo harry potter. )im not joking, its already SUPER popular, only on its second book(

whats new? not much.... just various stuff got hooked on a new series refinished 3 pieces of furniture bought 10 bikes to resell )uncertain of investment's viability( typical daily junk artistry, digital and traditional music creation )3 songs in the works( music enjoyment )listened to vinyl scratch's bass cannon all day, and a ballad by acousticbrony/mandopony( [two songs that, for some reason i can havve on repeat all day and almost never grow tired of]

someone looks surprised tosee me lol hey paradise, drew, nature!

anyone present? #just read the first book in the Michael Vey series.... IS TOTALLY HOOKED!!!

rents dont want me on here:b thats hwy im nto around

not a whole lot, *tackles natrue back* just chilling.... bored... miss people i used to chat with im always bored anymore


ooo my crown, its yellow....


i just finished redesigning a character, took me like... total 7 hours? lol but i havent been focusing in it specifically.

heya alicia!

XDDDDD i busted up when i saw yourcomment witbeyondmeasure

i dont believe you can...

werg.... sundays always so dead

doing some drawing on paint.net

Haro cara, drew and everyone present wassup?


you think id learn to not sit cross-legged... half my foot is now purple from lack of blood circulation.

brilliant drew lol.

indian-style, pardon me. there is a difference..

well hello unillama.

pretty good, im just doing a lot of messing aorund with some drawing, and looking for stuff on deviantART

hey purplenerd welcome lucky charms

well hello pinkie pie. hows gummy?

Haro, y'all.

whats everyone up to this sunday morning?

does anyone here have deviantart? if you do add me, im Diachrome


so im not a brony anymore. why? people judge the term so im not going to use it. that doesnt mean im no longer a small part of the mlp fandom world, but its not going to be obvious anymore cuz most people are too stupid to care to know your side of the story, they just see the stories by the media that label them pedos and gays. which a lot of them are. theres the good and im one of the good but not a named participant, just a closet follower. if i was a pony i have a picture of what id look like on my profile if youre curious. took about 4 hours to make the stallion and the colt the image was around... idk an hour or so :b

do dah.. do dah...

only slightly... lol

hey the government already knows everything you do online practically....

CONGRATULATIONS! *hands star, paperwork to confirm it, a cake, and a pie to the face* *cheeky grin* what? its ritual...

peebles, wake up its only 12:26 in the morning!

after trying several times, being logged out repeatedly i finally got my new pictures uploaded... gaaah.

im 20% cooler, in 10 seconds flat!

you can be a pegasister if you want to be a 'girl brony'

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUdiCqDVUxI a short synopsis of brony problems http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_372644&feature=iv&src_vid=qqo53-pNxsE&v=X0sW8KrZF5s more about bronies

a brony is a guy who likes my little pony friendship is magic. no, we arent gay, or freakazoids. were just like you with vvaried interests, read the post i put up a bit below

AHAHAHAHA im split between rarity twilight and fluttershy. id love to raise my own little dashie. i made it through that without crying btw, just cause i dont cry... but i felt for the guy, i really did. *shifty eyes* no, im not imaging my own little dashie sometimes... pffft.

i am just dandy, just wrote that today with partial use of the song 'the brony song' [this day aria [rewritten] its pretty true though. im not here long, i cant get caught being on here

*brohoof* yes im a brony. a bit of a closet brony tho

It's not easy being a brony, my parents just don't seem to understand... They say ponies aren't for boys, That I need to toughen up and be a man. My friends know where I stand, I wish they could too, It doesn’t make me any less a man, to like something that shows me how to be, A better friend, a kinder person, and even how to take responsibility! Making lists and checking twice, not getting in the way and when to just walk away, When to lighten up and ask for help, how to loosen up and give some slack. Just because it seems girly doesn’t mean that its no good, Angels come in all shapes and sizes, so many other things do too. I’d contribute brony art, But I’m afraid by sketchbooks would get burnt I don't see what all the fuss is, I just watch it for the plot! I'm straight, but my family thinks I'm gay. All my feelings are conflicting I'll always love the show I choose, Either way there’s not much to lose Life can be hard for a brony, But our show's better than most you'll ever see, And the world will soon discover, a great show that's like no other, don’t judge a book by its cover, there’s so much to uncover. Someday you will see that what I watch, doesn’t mean I’m not worth much, Just because I watch FIM, doesn’t make me anything other than Another normal person with a different kind of interest, Don’t make me what I’m not, I’m just like you and you’re like me, Why cant we still be a family? What happened to a day, When I could feel comfortable, In my own house and room, Now I feel like a fugitive on the run. Is it do or die, or try to do what you can? Whenever I try its never good enough, Often I wonder why I bother, Someday will it be enough? But for now I still feel in the way, Like I only make life harder every day, Someday things will be perfect, the kind of days like I have dreamed since I was small. Those days seem far away, if they ever get here at all. There’s the good and bad, as in everything, I always make the best choice I can in anything. They always seem to put me on the wrong side of the line, I cant seem to get back across it now, its only the bad they see I guess this is just how life is, so now I just walk by sign Just give it time and you’ll see MLP wont do any bad for me.

after barely surviving a random choking episode for no apparent reaon... *gasp* wow...

mid destruction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2MNdpneS5o priming after blasting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfubLbopeIU newly painted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbYQvQEnAOs all done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKFfyXLIoGs i got the PTO in however since that vid was taken. check out the album '1940 ford 9n' in my skydrive on hotmail (http://sdrv.ms/Ly2qSG) and see the before, during and after pics

yo yo im just here fore a little bit, im actually watching 'Ballad of the Brony: A Documentary on Bronies and Friendship is Magic'. its actually very interesting...

im great, been super busy. one sec i got some vids to show you

*sigh* 24 messages... btw, im a brony.

v ninja post

lol MounTain Biking is MTB. its off-road trails dirt sand and rocks as well as muuuuuudd.

im fine, just kinda sore from the MTBing i did today :b love it but it means pain later lol if you havent done it a lot. hey artemus!

i am doing just dandy flower, yourself?

**sneaks in**

hey wallflower! i dont believe we have met either! **shakes hand** yo mav and everyone else!

hey everyone. i may poof


messages galore.... :b

for what?

what the what


hey hey X!

hey nature!

AHHA 'theres a snape in my boots' wow...


updated... i liek this one

< 'nuff said

i get tons of popping veins when its hot or im lifting a lot. they still stand up a bit just when i flex. i dont have a 6pack either... i need to do more situps and cruches. although one of my friends says i look fine.... lol. its difficult to know where i need to stand on physique cause i seem to be of odd proportions. i can never find shoes my size... 6 1/2s anyone? you never find them.... i have small feet. but im small in general, 5'5" 120lbs.

i need to get a weight bench... i cant lift enough stuff around here to get more than extremely ripped. i have endurance but not taht much strength. every time im on vidchat with someone at some point they mention my arms cause the muscles stand in detail when i play my guitar, or like i lean back and stretch or something that flexes them lol.

ahhaa i can do 50 yards in around 7 seconds. i cant run super far though either.

you're allowed, and i dont have guards. Being a Rider, i have my own protection

*revs Lambo's engine* yeah i got one.... on here at least. **sigh** one day i'll own an aventador....

hmm...... *pulls out a check and hands it to soccer* that should be enough....

lol strongest? how much can you lift mavs.

pretty much. ive always been stuck with being called a ladies man / player. probably because im just very friendly and not afraid to talk about anything and i flirt although 90% of the time its innocent and friendly. someone else was in the fanclub but i dont remember who. there used to be.... 4 or 5 at one point lol. it was insane.

i know im 1/8 hungarian lol thats about all i know for sure

you know, i dont think many of the people around here know about the whole fangirl joke thing lol. might want to explain that.

Italian, cause i have a Lamborghini Aventador. and i have some Italian in me i think somewhere along the line.

haha yes, you are my #1 fangirl *flashes star smile and gives a fanhug*

*jealous rage** i need to get on here more so i can get my 10th star..... PREPARE TO BE SPAMMED!

i just bought Ratchet Deadlocked the other day for $5 for PS2 cant wait to play it

ahahhaha its ok im being sarcastic. i dont really care about it though the red one is way cooler. and oyu're way cooler than me.

late thanks to Plath for the shoutout yesterday! i wasnt able to get on yesterday :b


*lands on feet and rolls over backwards, and stands up*

*gyrates slowly, falling toward ground 21 feet below*

OHIO BUDDEH! not much missed that i know of... except for what im up to the pics on my profile show the tractor im working on atm and i have a vid tho its not much more than the pics lol just me talking if you wanted to hear me speak.

*stands on 2nd story balcony ledge facing building*

*leaps backwards doing a backflip*

and ive gotta go ttyls!

speaking of wrens... there is a wren nest in the metal barn we have right above a non-functioning light switch. i think 4 or 5 chicks in it.

hey glinda you there? heya briar_rose_unwritten ayla too! sup? anyone else around i didnt see?

i remember that...

Oh dishes eh? *pitches in to help* ... what? i do dishes all the time.... they say dishpan hands on a man makes any girl's heart go *swooooon* tho thats not what im looking to do here... just something to do lol.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_zXIhby2zs&feature=relmfu lol there is a whole series of this

*whips two-handed nerf sword off back and lays waste to enemies in his path*

*jumps out and runs like the hounds of hell are after him knockign down all before him with the new high-velocity NERF disk launchers modded with more power*

*pulls out modded NERF Maveric* twice the distance, tripple the power

pardon my poof.



lol drew the tractor is a 4cyl lol. not a 3.

i swear idk why so many girls like me. :b its annoying and cool at the same time.

@drew that tractor is a 1947 Ford 9N miki i go by cj charles or dragon/rider heya shazam! girl diet cause i dont need a gf tagging along right this moment. tho i still ahve plenty of girls tagging around waiting... :b

also im on a girl diet tho im still kinda a romantic.. :b what can i say, flirting is in my blood.

http://youtu.be/j2MNdpneS5o A tractor I'm rebuilding.

mmmm... you'llsee.

and its scary how accurate horoscopes can be... i just lost a close friend to no contact for a while.

hey plath, on the 6th a pic dedicated to you goes up.

ooohhhhh! thats right.... mav and shzm lol... duh me

so wait... nature and drew were together last thing i knew... now its shazam and drew? going through the list of em eh? lol...


completely unrelated: im 1/8 hungarian by descent, but if i get this right, then my 'hungarian name' is... Norbert Janos Smith idk...

im 1/8 hungarian by descent.... but if i get this right, then my birth date of 5 / 15 / 93 is... Norbert Janos Smith


if pandas gets on before 11 pm tonight, tell her to get on hotmail i'll be hanging around

lol... good work alicia


oh thats a special tacklehug... lol whats up?

*sword whips across alicia's arm and slices mosquito off but blade doesnt touch her skin* NINJA BABY!

oho... we have a new sparkcouple............... huuurrrr if i wasnt on a girl diet...

cause i told you once, and i told you twice, we gon' light it up like its dynamite!

glinda dahling!!!!!!! how art thou this fine evening?

*swings* hey shabam can i see your dress too? hey mollz, im on your side! *upvotes*

sooo... *swings in hammock*

i alreayd know the basics, cause i jamskate to an extent, but not a lot.

lol i'll learn with ya.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNZtXpnab7k&feature=related dang these kids are good

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DxflgfYFm0 im gonna learn that dance.... one way or another. on skates too



haha i jsut watched that earlier... it was hilarious. i put it on fb cant wait to see the replies...

its time to throw away your favorite super comfee night/workout pants when they have a rip on the back of the leg from getting wrapped into a bike gear, and the front of them is slowly ripping wider and they now do not stay up and are not repairable. *tear tear* time to break in the new set! *evil grin* they dont know what they're in for...

derpa derp derp derp...

*ish falling ovah* somone keep me awake.... panda! r u available 4 game on messenger? we've never gotten to play worms and see who's the better worm general. lol

*falls over snoring**


yea online peeps are awesome, i mean one sent me a shirt and (shh...) pocket knife as well as a 4 page letter telling me how great a friend i am and stuff or my bday. another friend has stuff on its way to me as well... :b. and a third is making me something or later on. shut up, idk how this stuff happens XD XP lol

ooohhH!!! congratz!!!!

ah.... ive had a person doing the same, i just cant commit right now.... it hurts me to not say yes even if i want to but i dont want to cause bigger wounds by saying it now and having to revoke it later.


you rock it molly!

something id like to do buuuuttt, i cant get out there and do it.. so im stuck with people online for now :b

do de do de do.....

i iz here, sort of...

with possibly one exception.


lol mines magicked, it wont flip.

awe, hope it gets better for you!

dear god tell me you dont want to join one... lol ive been in one before. theyre usually X-rated...

i am doing good anna, thyself?

ahhahaa. oh dear...

wish that would happen to me!

hey anna! paradise! grettings hannah

*swings in hammock*

hey ayla! go ahead and join me, theres room enough for several!

bam. and i wasnt even trying

there are more chickens than people in the world.....

*tackles unsuspecting paradise into mud puddle* *big mischeivious muddy-toothed grin and leprechaun voice* Well howdy thar!

............................. no comment

*post-rejection rage* look, i spent several hours over several days to start blogging the inheritance cycle for SL and what do i get? NOTHIN' no stinkin' replies even! THIS MEANS WAR! ok maybe not that much... but im not gonna go just putting it up on the OT or a blog somewhere. i dont have an extra blog to put it on anyways. I WANT IT ON SPARKLIFE DARNIT! :b *end rant*

brb dinner

you forgot skink, slink, sting, string, slant, silence, and many others....


*+1s this, likes it with Fb, and hits 'awesome' and takes to twitter and puts link up there*

... thats odd..

*looks up at nature from under hat* put it on my bill sheriff. *rolls over with hammock as it rolls, then unwinds* no getting me outta this hammock there aradan

knowing everyone is giving him the 'death look'* fail type... see im so relaxed not even my grammar and sentence structure can be bothered to be accurate.

*appears in hammock* *looks around* whaaaat? jealous? whats to be jealous of, im just sitting here in a hammock, drinking a wonderful ice cold beverage of my choice not a care in the world watching the waves roll up and down underneath my hammock as the tide waxes and wanes. *leans back contentedly, knowing he's now on everyone's giving him the 'death look' *

Ive gotta run back to work, got a toon of work and attitudes arent the greatest around here today. ttyls

i would, but i dont have a lion costume. and im not lion to ya about that one...

gaaaah ive got the 'beard rubbing' addiction... lol its getting rather thick for as thin as it is... why the hell am i so full of bad puns today???

well its been half an hour since the last post.... so lets call this the End Of Silence *gotta love RED*

well im off to work! a friend of mine may be around today on my kayla krayola account i'm letting her use it to see if she likes the OT at all idk if shes gonna be around all that much if she does like it.

oh hi! im not here too long just wanted to bam it up. ive only bammed like 4 times in the 2 years ive been here

wow nobody here? craazay....



lol you girls and handsome men....

i'll sign a couple autographs so i can eat my meals for free (i'll have the quesadilla [on the house!] haha!)


'ello old chap

ahha thats awesome! nice singing btw!

*drags soccer over to hammock* no sitting in the corner when im around!

wait soccer are you the one that shows up at around :45?

hey drew they probably cleaned it up right before the shoot to make us THINK women are orderly... ive seen thier rooms normally lol its not always a pretty sight.

hey gabi!

my momm is the same height as you... and im 5'5"

@soccer nature and everyone else talking about weight: a few pounds gained each day are normal, thats the food you eat. it comes nd goes lol its not like you eat and dont gain artificial weight. the best time to weigh yourself is after you wake up and go to the bathroom in the morning before you eat. then there is the least extra weight in your body. also, the less clothes youre wearing the more accurate it will be or always wear the same clothes when you weigh in for consistency, because beteween the food you've eaten and the clothes you wearing, you can vary as much as 10 pounds of weight. this tip brought to you by your resident health coach. XD

.... thanks bro!!

*lounges in hammock quietly playing a mini guitar to himself*

i am 5' 5" and 117... and im a guy at that. and eat enough at most meals for 2 people.

which means 6 girls, judging by what they say they eat.

FRIDAY AWAAARDDSSSSSSS dude, i havent seen these in over a year..... maybe sparklife is becoming good again. i only got one friward and it was for the text i had put up that i had (and still have) a shirt with it on it.

omg the friwards are returning??????

my day? pretty good.

do da do da... thnks for the bday shoutouts y;'all!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy1RW2Atigc&feature=player_embedded ROTFLOL

how should i message the sparkitors concerning my splogging rights? I have decided to start blogging the Inheritance Cycle on Sparklife, and I have a couple posts ready and I would like to begin posting it, I was curious what I needed to do to beging doing so. I already tried to sent it from my other email account (handcraftedquality@gmail.com) but i never received a reply, and i have monitored my spam box in case it ended up there. grammar spelling and yada yada check and suggestions please?

thanks for all the wishes and gifts everyone! im gonna spater out for a little bit and catch ya laters!!

i dont know....

i lost a bunch of pictures..... NOOOOO

do dah do dah..

lol hey, i didnt tell her to

glindaaaa!! HI!!! i feel old...

http://www.typeupsidedown.com/ lol didnt think it would work as a link


i have gotten a few bday wishes today. thanks for the guitar!!!!!! btw, ˙˙˙ʇɐɥʇ ǝʞıl ɹǝʌo pǝuɹnʇ pɐǝɥ ɹnoʎ ɥʇıʍ ʎuunɟ ʞool noʎ

˙ʇıq ɐ ǝsn oʇ pǝsn suɐɹǝʇǝʌʞɹɐds ʇɐɥʇ ǝʇıs ɐ ʇsnɾ ˙˙˙pɹɐɥ ʇou sʇı ¿uʍop ǝpısdn ƃuıdʎʇ 'ʇɐɥʍ

BRITTAAAAAAA!!!! *Tackles into mud pit*

good, a year older and not a bit wiser. lol.

someone pick a dwarf that fits my character.

its a glitch in the system that makes the x13 crown turn into a x21 crown for some odd reason when you mouse over it its neat. and only happens on x13.

its still not the same as it was 2 years ago. it was waaay better. good stuff not all this modern crap

*reminisces of SL 2 years ago*

*shreds some other riffs on guitar*

*pulls out guitar and plays we will rock you*

oops... i just upvoted you.. .BUUURRRNNN! lol jk

lol. thanks!!!! Saphira ate all of the first one... the big blue fire-breathing pig.... XD she knows i mean it in love.... i hope *is ready to jump at a moments notice*

lol idk why it does that... its odd. and i hope it doesnt get fixed. mines nothing special.. im waiting for the 10x star tho.

wow thanks y'all! aww thanks for the card googie!! thanks mia! lol ireland.. you seriously trust someone with so much power with the One ring? thats asking for trouble... havent you seen my picture? lol thanks taleigh-rae! hopefully we'll make another go 'round without getting scorched this year lol HERMY!!! hi! thanks!

do i sense a homeschooler? *fistbump* i finished a while back but i was homeschooled since 1st grade.

hey sparkitors, wheres my cake? EH??? meh none of the sparkeditors care about thier 2 year dedicated sparkveterans....

oooooh... thanks X!

do da do da. another year older, and still a kid at heart.

well folks i gotta go back to work, catch ya later!

*dodges paint bombs*

wait, you're bboa right? i know you're someone else under a different name...

what the fuzzeh furdinand...

thanks daisies!

tomorrow's my Bday sparkitors, got it? I WANT A CAKE BIG ENOUGH FOR A DRAGON! oh and maybe a little icecream.... a few hundred presents would be nice, but id settle for a few less...

This picture, is very true of me

i helped mine clean up the house

did YOU wish your mom a happy mother's day?

paaaradise! accurse my memory... i dont remember anyones names anymore... :b been away too long.

*hugs* talk to you sometime! dont be afraid to get on gmail again lol. im always on there at night. i'm gonna spater out too ive got a crapload of stuff to do as well, byes!!


i got a punching bag.... im gonna be beating the crap out of it soon i just need to hang it somewhere in a building on a pulley so it goes up out of the way when not in use

btw this is the friend that was suicidal and i helped to overcome her habit of cutting.

*rubs beard* hmm... its getting thicker......

ah... lol

just be there as the kind of friend a friend would want to have.

lol its the ancient language. "Greetings friend, may good fortune rule over you, peace live in your heart, and the stars watch over you"


*supermegahuggs back* missed u too!


i am doing just dandy, how art thou false small person? lol

Kvetha Fricai, astra esterni ono thelduin, mor'ranr lifa unin hjarta onr, un du evarinya ono varda.

so.. i just got done reading a bunch of mindhut stuff for guys and dating... interesting stuffs... i think my group of female friends is about to have an explosive growth rate.... lol kidding. if it gets any larger....

congratzz on graduating!

so whats up? it seems dead in here..


*tips userper out, and climbs into hammock* its MY hammock! whomever wants to can join me, its large enough for several! hey mollz

im so weird.... i just burped 3 times and made it sound like a frog :/

how ironic, when you say 'whats up down under?'

PS, can i get some pics of all this? i havent seen anyhting of this.... lol and now im curious?

PM me links to pics or email me some i gotta run, toodles!

@glinda give it a few months to get to know him more before you go too thoughtful with this ordeal, i think you have landed on a good one but i, as a guy, and drew can back me up on this, know that us men can put on one hell of a facade to get the girl, we try to be good and proper but if we arent inside, we slip back and it takes between a week to several months for the real soul to shine through.

go with what you hold in strong belief, and what you would want the law to be


idk, god-send maybe?

lol whats up? hey alicia! im just chillin... starwars on a subway and the animal prom faces... just wow

sorry if im spazzed, i just laced a 36 spoke 24" wheel up, i cased a landing and had a horrid warp in the rim. got it 90% out and i'll leave the rest to spoke truing.

lol i have 3 accounts i remember how to log into. Live_love_Believe Ridgeline_Ryder xXx_dragon_Rider_xXx

Present. along with my 2 other parts....

i didnt know if anyone wanted me to go back to one of htem. i know soccer and some other people adored Live_Love_Believe.

~ one of my old accounts?

of course not!

miss me?

another thing, nice guys will play the part of a jerk because thats the only way they fit into society and they dont want to be left behind, they figure they have a better chance if they act all 'cool' like everyone else but they dont do it quite right cause its not who they are inside. personally, (and all my friends can attest to it) im a very good guy but ive learned how to play a more outgoing, less shy individual so as to perk more girl's interest. its not an easy thing to do, to be a good guy but get the girls chasing you cause you look like youre the guy who'll do what they want him to do but they they get a surprise at what you really are like, they get a shell-shock and star finding better guys than sleazy Mcboneford. or go for you because they've finally found a good guy. then the sad part is when they find out you're on a girl diet...

check out my comment on jonos post if you want a bit more than he said lol... i had another point he missed.

*sigh* 38 messages

*poker face*

i thought this was fitting... http://community.sparknotes.com/2012/01/10/the-mean-kitty-song


btw i think i ot rejected for my blogging the inheritance cycle..... *RAGE* maybe its cause i sent it in from the wrong email...

head towards the wall now, it should have a hole in it if it doesnt it'll be weak enough to push over. *dons bulletproof gear and hunkers down behind dual railguns*

*calls up missile trucks to help weaken the walls* FIRE AT WILL! *fwooshfwooshfwoosh* cover your ears man, i designed the explosives in them.... when they hit, its like 5 H-bombs in power but condensed into a small area it doesnt spread hundreds of miles. *rumbling explosions shatter silence*

lol i knew that just jokin with ya

lol cause i just used the tree to make a fort out of that is very well protective. its reattached so its alive to and growing at a 1000x growth rate. its getting thicker by the second

done and donner lol

*hops up on drew's tank and loads up railgun*

*catches gun, twirls drops it in holster, gets geared up in full array* lets lock n' load dude....

whats so funny nature?

*pulls out hand-and-a-half sword and twirls, slices down tree in one deft cut* fear me..... i have no mercy this time.

who is jojo again? i forget....

*pops gun from holster and splats target in dead center from hip shot* still got it.... *ninjapoofs to distance and pulls out sniper and splats another round onto center of first one* they is going down this time... muwahhaha

Elves against humans!

bye soccer!


i found you on twitter via a contact search through twitter it searched my contacts for email address that were twitter accounts. lol im not a stalker pedo or whatever

oooh a katana? kewl... dont cut off a leg, kay? alicia!! hi! hey nature!


oooh a katana? kewl... dont cut off a leg, kay? alicia!! hi! hey nature!

*pokes head in*

also, i would teach you to dance glinda but i dont think there is a way for that to happen unless you would like video instruction on gmail lol. and i also only know a couple waltzes and slows i dont know ballroom dancing or anything else like that, country dances dont go at proms some of the shuffles and slides do but most people know those already

....... 0.0 ..... damn.... i wish i could go to proms still!

those dresses are gorgeous.... moreso when i picture the actual person in them

wait im such an idiot.... glinda CAN dance she is just immobile currently... *beats head agaisnt wall* uhhnnnnnn...... and going to prom cause 1 ive never been to one and 2 lots of pretty girls around in amazing dresses, and plenty of them single looking for dances.

= bruised butt.

im not up to much, just normal junk lol. glinda y u depressed? also, i dont think ive seen the dress you speak of... *puppy eyes* picture?

and pandaS!

lol yea hi everyone! glinda nature bboa invincible pseudo nature, anna paradise (did i miss anyone?)

*pokes head in again*

*pokes head in* for once an OT on the right day

ive heard it said that, for women, a good way to get rid of a bad headache is to... uhm... have s** but it doesnt help guys it only makes it worse. odd world we live in.

emails flooding inbox of messages from SL...... AAAAGHHHH

Fact - i can say it and not sound Aussie. HAH!

i believe you mean 'Psyching* myself up' lol physicing doesnt fit nor is it a word #SPELLINGNAZI lol

what are you up to everyone? btw @sara its ok i was never mad or anything. i didnt reply to your email cause i didnt want to take any chances with your rents. im leery of even acknowledging you for that reason :b

yes my friend is alive and well, the post i put up earlier about #thatfeelingyouget had to do with her.

*pokes head in*

#thatfeelingyougetwhen someone tells you how much you've changed their life for the better. from suicidal to life-embracing, cutting to healing, God-blaming to God-loving, being mean to highly friendly, profanity to sweet words, a dark past left on the ocean floor and now climbing ever onwards and upwards on the mountain of life towards the final destination of Heaven.


*dances with self, doing an elvish dance of storytelling*

oh by the way ladies, I would recommend you manage your skirts and dresses whenever a dragon is coming in to land... just sayin' *turns to Saphira* ~what will you do while this is going on? i doubt there are any other dragons about...~ --I shall wait, little one. If i become bored watching over you so you dont ingest too much punch and treats for your health I may go my way for a time but not out of communication.-- ~Alright. oh and by the way... avoid the cakes with the pink sprinkles on them... they wont settle well with you~ --Warning taken-- *turns to crowd takes breath and dives in*

*THUD* *heavy reverberation that shakes chairs and rattles glasses* *THUD* *jagged shadow passes across OT* *THWUD* *sapphire dragon come into view passing over prom causing the sheepish to cower and flee with screams* *THUUMPFF* *lands*


lol... well those are some seriously sucky bows for one, but shes not bad. but could be better.. the guy did better lol. id probably do better tho.. *long time archer*

that awkward moment when you go to the OT for today, a year ago and the picture is 'errotic mimes' :b http://community.sparknotes.com/2012/02/19/open-thread-for-april-20-3 if you want to know

hahahahahahahhaahhaahaha. wow.... epic

i entered, and im not in the list.... whats up with that? IM A FREEKING SPARKVETERAN I DESERVE RECOGNITION! bleh

im good, lol chatting with that friend of mine and just other junk.

*slumps in hammock*

make that three


GLINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *hugs carefully* hows your ankle?

she landed wrong during dancing

ahhahahahah nooo im not dragon i went under the name jason ryder

i thought i was under best dressed i think.

hah my bad extra slash http://www.sparknotes.com/yearbook/2012


yes, she had tried but chickened out. she took out her frustrations in other ways but shes alive and well.

they give you two people and you pick one of the two. you can find others by clicking the catagory over and over but they repeat

what the heck, they dont even give you a list of who the entrees are!

what the hell, im not in the yearbook awards....


ace is s taken by red most likely..... im open cause i think drew is taken by nature and tony i have no idea.

im good, you?

my friend i was talking about earlier, shes ok.


dur gotta go. bye

i wouldnt know....

hey oboe


chicken, mashed taters and gravy, and stuffing. oh and corn

im just cooking dinner is all with me.

*slumps back into hammock* whats up y'all?

so they disposed of the creeps finally? good! anyways im off to more work y'alls catch you soon!

i dont have any contacts to her family and i dont know close enough to where she lives to call any authorities and if she went for it it most likely was at night and she's long gone now. my hope is they found her and shes just in the hospital. her phone was off this morning. its on now but no answer.

no... only her messaging me back can help. just pray please. hope that it went wrong again and didnt work... it hasnt in the past despite what shes done, overdoses of meds, trying to bleed out, cutting in front of moving traffic making it like an accident.... something always kept her alive i just hope that it happened one more time...

her gmail is is gone her cc profile is empty and she hasnt responded to texts

oh dear god... i think my friend just committed suicide last night...

just ignore the weirdos all they want is attention. whoever has editor direct contact, tell them they jerks have returned somehow.

yeah right. im a man for one thing and two, ive got a knife on hand all the time... you'll be lacking a thorn or two before the day is done.

what the hell... how did timallenfan return? as a new name tho...

*looks up from hammock and flops back down with a humph*

http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=85 let the swooning commence.... it is the ultimate shopping experience.

sunday... always so dead.

mine came yesterday....

bah i gotta go, by!

im good

so um.... whats going on

*looks up form hammock* yea im here all by my lonesome

im still here too

*glares at hamm* *draws out ice pistol and pelts him with it *

*swings in hammock all alone*


lol i didnt think it was those two but yea i guess it is. all i knew was that they were wrongly dressed for who each person was lol. i'll say, the person who did the editing is damn good, you cant see a cut line but there is some slight color difference

...... the guy's the one on the right, right? in the strap top.

i just got done rolling out a bunch of dough and making a crapload of baked goods. fun, but not what i wanted to be doing... not in the slightest.

and im callin out to you, this is a call, this is a call out, cause every time i fall down, i reach out to you. and im losing all control now, and my hazard signs are all out and im asking you to show me what this life is all about.

*flying tackles*

whoa... new pic there gabi

thats good! im helping out a friend just as a friend with her problems atm, idk if referring her to TWLOHA would really work as help or not so far she seems to be reacting positively to my attempts at helping, so for now i think i;ll just do what im doing

Night pseudo!

(ignore my wierdness, i have a good reason for being very specific with twloha right now.)

The bible, Eragon, LOTR, Narnia, Pilgrims Progress, Animorphs, HP

hey gabi!

and yes, that is my arm it says TWLOHA (the o has a heart inside it), you are not alone underneath it, and hope down the wrist

lol hey, its always neat to wake up with a keyboard impression on half your face, makes you look like a villain.

so now what..

reading a thing i got from the bank....

sorry, back had to run for a few

well hey rasha!

hehehehee love the picture

AT&T samsung sgh-a177

lol i dont have the time to join anywhere else... people want me to get a skype and im like... dude, im already on: gmail chat Hotmail messenger Sparklife Christianchat.com you want me to get: Facebook Skype Myspace Oovoo (or whatever it is) Tagged and who knows what else. im already supertasking on those 4, i am NOT going to get 5 more!

i dont think it has a memory card... i think its only got a SIM card and i dont have a reader for that. i'll just have to ask my dad set up the bluetooth on my comp, hes used it with his other phone idk why this one's not connecting. probably the stupid security.

*is not joining pottermore* *thinks about a FB* bleh.... i have no use for either.

i need to get a photo off a phone that doesnt have cell service, cant get it to connect to a bluetooth and a computer cable doesnt do anything without drivers which i cant get either..... HELP!

that statement coupled with that face = just wow

lol... i shoudla put my username on that.... im the one who made that bowl guys.

well im off for the night, byee!

s'ok it just randomly hit my mind for the last week or so, i kept forgetting to ask you about it though *headdesk*

hey nature, did you ever send me that thing you had for my blog? if you did i never got it

whoaaaaaaa hair freakout!

hey pseudo, did you ever send me that story for my blog? if you have i never got it...

im a bit hyped on the TWLOHA stuff right now lol... ive written hope and twloha on my left arm, and love, stop the bleeding on my right. and on my right shoulder 'to write love on her arms' with love and arms in red

TO refuse to let their life slip away WRITE to save another day LOVE is the movement ON HER should love be written ARMS to help because rescue is possible You are NOT alone, Stop The Bleeding HOPE LOVE

she wouldnt do that, im just hoping that im enough to keep her around day by day till she can get past it. shes usually happy.

sent in, and i gotta go, gnight!

shes just down very easily. and we're talking DOWN... suicidal down.

nobody any of you would know, from a diff site. Mary by name.

its going good enough... aside from a friend who's life i fear for with every waking moment..

WHERES WALDO? RIGHT THERE! *points accusingly at red*

im sending in my first run of Blogging The Inheritance Cycle, wish me luck!


lol if you want hiking tips, ask me or StickShiftGuy, we're both BSA-knowledgeable. basically, we know what you need when you are planning anything outdoors from a several mile hike, a cookout, overnight-weeklong camping trip, to wilderness survival methods.

dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on!


hi again btw. and cacn someone please get that girl in the deep-cut dress off my screen? she's scarring me...

ive gotta poof, housecleaning, bye!

I've been browsin', inspectin' X-men comics you know I collect 'em The pens in my pocket I must protect 'em my ergonomic keyboard never leaves me bored Shopping online for deals on some writable media I edit Wikipedia I memorized Holy Grail really well I can recite it right now and have you ROTFLOL I got a business doing websites When my friends need some code who do they call? I do HTML for them all Even made a homepage for my dog! Yo! Got myself a fanny pack they were having a sale down at the GAP Spend my nights with a roll of bubble wrap POP POP! Hope no one sees me gett freaky! I'm nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream I was in AV club and Glee club and even the chess team! Only question I ever thought was hard Was do I like Kirk or do I like Piccard? I spend every weekend at the renaissance fair I got my name on my underwear!

OOH you know one thats funny KJ? try "cletus take the reel" or "pretty pink tractor" by Tim Hawkins. or any of his other parodies. "I dont drink beer" "I work at subway" are also funny but not as much as the first two

hmmm... anything by weird al yankovik is funny.

ish anyvon 'eeere?

sign me up

lol i remember a parody they did of thier own song, it was funny. "and i dont even own this voice!" "hey guys where did mikey go> you know he shouldnt be left alone" "now mikey's got the camera! somebody stop be before he sells it, cause then we will really have nothing!"

nice boots man. i dont really have any impressive shoes lol just dickies and they're fairly plain.

do de do de do...

wheres the comments?


well im off to do some fenceposts! what a wonderful thing to do! *sung to the wizard of Oz theme* X0 bye!

...... ok so the bible plays through a computer all day every day, and does anyone else have a wierd mind when the phrase "and they bound him with thongs" comes across? i hate my mind.... >_

hahaha. we're putting up fence around the garden, got all the posts set and corners tentioned, just gotta run the rabbit repellant fence around. the gate we figured out where to stick today, so got the post set ive just gotta cut some logs up and make a gate (its all natural posts everywhere)

ayup, anytime

*ish tackled* eh im ok, not great but good. i'll be heading off in a few minutes, got a gate to build.

@britta beautiful, and by george you pack three different subjects into one paragraph. oceans, Salvation in hard times, and life's game in general

none of the candidates this time around are worth a crap to be honest, but by dear god if you value this country and what little money you dont have left, dont vote for obama.....

a genuine chelsea dagger here!

we're only halfway there. and the day is mostly gone...


y u no on hotmail girL????

what does that have to do with anything? lol

our hero, our hero, claims a warrior’s heart i tell you, i tell you, the dragonborn comes with a voice wielding power of the ancient nord art believe, believe, the dragonborn comes it’s an end to the evil, of all skyrim’s foes beware, beware, the dragonborn comes for the darkness has passed, and the legend yet grows

dovahkiin, dovahkiin naal ok zin los vahriin wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal! ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust hon zindro zaan dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!

if i played a little better id give lessons.

i have a Mitchell MD-100 dreadnought acoustic. its pretty sweet hey emily!

we're gonna struggle for 1000 comments at this rate

looked pretty good to me. im no english smartie tho.. lol

chatting, playing guitar.


Fb is such a status thing anymore. youre not 'cool' if you dont have it. i dunno i think im more cool cause i DONT have it.

i dont want a Fb... i dont want to be part of the masses but im tempted to set up a liar account just so i can talk to someone.


wow.. http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=17808

http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=2267 http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=28792

i busted up just looking at that... http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=1282


http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=22691 optimism is good!


http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=6918 sheesh... Hugo Cabret, The Rum Diary, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango, the Tourist, Alice in Wonderland, Public Enemies, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Libertine, Finding Neverland, And They Lived Happily Ever After, Secret Window, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, From Hell, Blow, Chocolat, Before Night Falls, The Man Who Cried, Sleepy Hollow, the Astronaut's Wife, the Ninth Gate, Fear and Loathin in Las Vegas, The Brave, Donnie Brasco, Nick of Time, Dead Man Don Juan DeMarco, Ed Wood, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Benny and Joon, Arizona Dream, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Edward Scissorhands, Cry-Baby, Platoon, Slow Burn, Private Resort,A Nightmare on Elm Street----All of his movies





http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=4422 poor kid.... lol eaten by a camel.

ahahahahhaah talented.. http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=7439


are we moving on? did i kill the thread? cause i kinda seem alone now..

http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=227 that would be an epic game... pick your team lol

late yes, but better. google android is crushing the I-products google + might not take off as well as well, but its doing pretty good. google's running a much better business than the others.

http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=16441 PARTAAY

waldo scares me now... http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=440

i wish more girls realized this... http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=22088

hey nature, heres the fix for that rubiks cube http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=6891


a sad fact... http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=30326

awwwww http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=23100


daawww http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=5567

have you ever had this happen? anywhere? http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=25675

IIM ONN FIIIREEEEEE http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=6687

Piccachu i choose you! http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=25294

lol.... i hope this doenst happen to me.. http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=17878

ahahhahaa http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=8677 wow

http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=19006 id still eat them..

http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=2562 lawl

http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=27489 XD id so use that calculator though

firefox just craashed... http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=2887



http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=31643 hahahahaa


ahhahaa omg this is me through and through http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=31502

http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=19937 *poke*

ooh deer... http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=28542

http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=31805 when easter eggs hatch...

http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=31505 i think a LOT of people would have loved that... although wouldnt edward have just eaten the dinosaur?

thats gotta be hard to do that....


*tries to close ears* i really need doors on my ears... i dont want to listen but when i put music on im constantly stopping to listen in and make sure everythings still ok..... gah

chillin. not doing much still working off and on with blogging inheritance cycle.

where did i go wrong i lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness and i should have stayed up wit you all night had i known how to save a life.....

sorry my poof...

*swings gently in hammock in breeze*

*hugs back* i'll be fine. just gotta wait it out. tho i still dont count on candy till it all goes on sale later this week.

hope y'all are having a good easter, we didnt even make eggs and the only 'candy' here is the cupcakes ive been nomming on for the last several days. also, i woke up to arguing rents. what a great start this easter sunday is off to..

500... thats all? wow.


not the best part of what ive written, and its still a first draft but thats a start i think.

heres a clip of my first draft, tell me what you think: So after hes lost his arrow (close, but no sausage), he turns back and confronts a burned tree and a blue stone. He pokes the stone, it doesn’t do anything so he picks it up and takes it home. Really man! If it was dangerous I think it would have attacked you earlier. And way to go, sticking something you know nothing about in your backpack. It could suddenly hatch and eat you through your backpack!. When he gets home, he tries to sell the stone to the greedy, butt-headed butcher. This dude was my best friend, till I noticed his disposition. Now I want to ‘disposition’ him and take over his cutlery as a more worthy business manager. People like him are why stuff is so expensive cause they can charge it when people have no choice. But I digress from business economics.

So I’ve seen Blogging Twilight, Blogging Harry Potter, and other books. How about the other book series a lot of people hate next in line to Twilight, the Inheritance Cycle? Well I, a total Eragon freeking nerd, have decided to take a stab at blogging this series. I'll send it my first run sometime this upcoming week and do my best to keep it up, i want to have three sections written so i have a buffer to work with if i come short on time

friends never say goodbye.... do they simply disappear though? leave you in the ditch? or do they slowly fade away, leaving you in agonizing worry as they simply dissolve into half-remembered memories... cause thats what always happens to me

pardon me, im trying to find when i first joined SL...

if they've been friends for a while and to eachother's houses, its no problem lol

I know you said you didn't want to go out, but you know what, they said the Titanic was unsinkable. I'll pick you up at 8.

pumpkin bread is better...


*noms rice* healthy... *looks at dessert of cream-filled chocolate cupcake* even moreso.....

.... im eating fish for dinner....

pretty good. y'alls?

hehehe *blue in eyes twinkles, white lines flare with a glow and disappears again*

*tackles hard*

*rubs beard* hmm........ *blue eyes twinkle and he disappears*

"This month you will be separated from someone close to you" does it mean just lost contact, or are they permanently removed... cause, my friend has these recurring dreams and more often than not they're true and in this one... shes one of the 3 people that dies. i sincerely doubt that it will happen... but yeah...

gotta run for a bit, be back later!

Im the artillery master.

my horoscope for this month concerns me.... and i never put faith in them, but some stuff thats been going on.... its a bit odd of a coincidence.


better than i deserve, to put it simply

read the lyrics below, kinda self explanatory...

meh. i cant keep a lie to save my life... or lose it lol. ive gotta 'grow up' and leave these childish stories behind..

He tells everyone a story, because he thinks his life is boring, and he fights so you won't ignore him, because that's his biggest fear, and he cries, but you'll rarely see him do it. He loves, but he's scared to use it. So he hides behind the music, 'cause he likes it that way. He knows, He's so much more than worthless, he needs to find the surface, because he's starting to get nervous. Have you ever felt this way before? 'cause I don't wanna hide here anymore. Take me to place where nothing's wrong and thanks for coming, shut the door. They say someone out there sees us, Well if you're real then save me Jesus, 'cause I've been this way for far too long. I wasn't meant to feel alone.

An armed aggressor began shooting at random and Charles was one of the three to attempt and subdue the man. In the process of disarming the man, Charles received two shots to the chest, before subduing him with the help of 2 others. shortly after he passed out and has been in critical condition.

By request of Charles' Will, He requested that we inform his contacts in the case he was hospitalized in critical condition or deceased, thereby we regret to inform you that he was involved in an accident today and his chances of living are currently less than 10%, due to the nature of his injuries.

some do, some dont, it depends on what's comfortable. personally, i dont usually. at most i'll cut it back to 1/4 and let it grow again only for the reason that long hair can be uncomfortable. (yeah i know you didnt need to know that but oh well)

anna carmen and aj.... ahhahaha

wait what? marriage?

do dah.. do dah...... *pokes hotmail and inbox*


Gnight. i gotta go.

*is present* sorta...


lol im still here just ;multitasking

lol they're probably going nuts over my chameleon companion on my shoulder...

i dont see the people who have signed up to the yearbooks...

@bookweirm im on the yearbooks, in best dressed by name of Jason Ryder. (its not really my name at all, comepletely fake)

uhm what? im supertasking.... supertasking is the term for doing way more than multitasking

*pokes random things*


*pokes inbox again*

tell me about it......

*pokes panda's inbox*

lol yes, i slip into accents now and again. however i dont slip into 'the mood' if i understand what you're eluding to.

!bookweirm i had the SNES version, theres a new one on Hotmail though.

erm...... not gonna say NOTTIN'

bookweirmmmmmmm..... dang i wanna play the game 'worms' again.... soo much fun!

I may not have a perfect voice but I’ll still sing at the top of my lungs Until my days are done I was once a child with a million plans now all I’ve got is what's in my hands I don’t leave much to chance these days I may not ever see a dime but I’ll be fine Yeah I’ll still get by All the time a smile upon my face You might see me on the corner with a cup someday And I’ll smile and wave And say "God bless you for your change today" Whoa oh whoa oh oh oh I may not be a perfect man but I’ll still stand Yeah I’m counting on grace to win this race for me in the end I may not sing your favorite songs but I don’t sing for you Cause if I did I would have been done long ago Woah oh woah oh oh oh I may not have a perfect voice but I won't lie I’ll sing until I die Because I may not get the chance another night

i entered under the 'best dressed' category in yearbook awards lol i doubt i'll get very far

oooh she's intense alright... its Teyla Emmagan, played by Rachel Luttrel. she's the most badass woman you'll ever meet lol. she kicks BUTT. find a preview of stargate atlantis with her in it... she's something else

there, back to a tree frog

uhm.. i htink i should fix my picture now lol

Katana, Noun, a type of curved sword.

lol no its Rachel Luttrel. she plays Teyla Emmagan in Stargate atlantis. i had a crush on her for the longest time... then she had a kid lol. they actually timed the movie to play in with her real life pregnancy.

lol im sorry, i was looking for a photo

hows this for a changeup...


obo, drew, KJ Ireland, hi!

I entered the yearbook awards, i called myself "Jason Ryder" lol random name.


BBOA! im good

*pokes empty inbox*.....

oooooh...... *hijacks onto cruise liner to make sure nobody takes advantage of her* *....and cause he's never been on a cruise, AND IS TOTALLY FREEKING JEALOUS SHE'S GETTING A REAL TAN WHILE IM STUCK WITH A FARMER'S TAN*

o.0 uhm.... it depends on how you intend to go about it i suppose...

*pokes inbox*..... 11 messages??



eeeeh dont worry about me im fine. *pokes arm through hammock for some nobakes* I WANT THOSE NOW I HVENT HAD THEM IN FOREEVVERRRR

Burn it to the ground...

*tries to ignore sounds of the next room*

*muffled* im not dead... yet just on the inside.

*splutts into hammock, rolls over making himself into a cocoon, ties it shut from the inside and goes to sleep for the next week*

well im off, gnight y'all!


which one was that?

we lost a sparkler today. if your parents dont want you on sparklife, get off. if you're not allowed to talk to a guy above 18, get him off your chat list till you're old enough to talk to him.

well... that was... different.

well i never said i wanted to meet cody, but im pretty sure theres plenty of people that would be around listening

*is INSANELY, COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY JEALOUS, of glinda right now* i want to be sitting on the beach playing my guitar watching the sun set..... damn being stuck in ohio cause rents dont want to go anywhere, and that gas is so frickin expensive.

so do any of you get totally random PMs from people?


*pokes empty inbox* ........ *remembers to send message to finish the fight he was in*

boooorrn too be wiiiiillld!

hey soccer!

still... you cant get all the same nutrition from just plants. vegans have to have a hell of a time finding safe food because everything reverts to animals somewhere along the line... fertilizers are usually animal bones and manure. btw, most meats arent hormone-ridden anymore they've put stops to that now in most places. bacteria laden is only if sanitary levels are not kept or if the food is improperly cooked. oh and that video.... whatever it was called about the food industry, those cows they moved with forklifts? they were mad cows from england, back when the british gov't lied about it being fine.

do i really want to know about the dark side of vegetarianism.

do da do da...

no... im here

lol. not tellin my secret.

wah my brain is gonna die if i dont tax it less. im gonna split ouf of here for now, bye!

nope... nitro doesnt kick in till the end, when everyone else is out of nitro

*revs engine, sounds like a normal lambo* you dont know what im actually packing in this suckker.... but i'll show you what it can do! *pulls small lever as green light lights and car rockets from starting line like it was kicked, 20 ft flames ejecting from tailpipes*

*rolls up in lambo* sure.

*cruises around in lambo aventador, bored*

also, i own and run them all. if you come in on the right day and you're lucky, im at the sauna and massuse on duty. i designed the coasters myself.

oh we've got more than just a beach, we've also got an amusement park, sauna, masseuse house, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

*walks in looks around flops onto beach*


what do you call a british guy who's been laying in the sun? A tangent.

hm.... weekends... so dead

whaats happening?



im good, chillin

RACHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BEEN.......... TOO LONG!

yo mama jokes.... i couldnt breathe

it takes a real person to cry in public

i almost died a few minutes ago....

i beat the crap out of a couple people when i do chess. other people beat the crap outta me.

ive won a couple, lost a couple.


*tackles britta nature gabi and drew*

Cause Baby I'm in love Baby I'm in love Maybe I'm just crazy but Just maybe I'm in love Two beats from one body My heart sings along Waiting to be daddy Nine months seems so long Cause Baby I'm in love Baby I'm in love Maybe I'm just crazy but Just maybe I'm in love Baby I'm in love Baby I'm love Maybe I'm just crazy But just maybe I'm in love



i am wonderful, how are you two?

i am wonderful, how are you two?

Yo yo!

ahhahahaah yes

*will be here in a few minutes, got a few last htings to do*

whats everybody think of the thing where the school is allowed to look at your home-packed lunch, and if they dont think that its 'healthy' they can throw it away, and give you a school lunch? i think thats dead wrong, cause theres kids going into school with a lunch of things like peanutbutter sandqhich carrots and something else that was pretty healthy, they took that off the kid and gave him chicken nuggets and i think a piece of pizza. WTF??????

bah gotta go. bye!

it looks interesting to say the least.


gribbit... gribbit...


ah darn... my dad's kicking me off now. i'll catch you tomorrow! have a good night's sleep sweet dreams sleep tight!


ish glinda present? per pandaS's question

*...and CJ grabs it and pulls nature off her feet backwards*

... hello?

JEEZ I AM BACK FOCUSING FOR AT LEAST A FE- SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

atheist on another site, that was fun.... back now

pandas will be on later, shes finishing an essay

Trials riding. just look up Danny Mcaskill if you dont know about him already. Your. Mind. Will. Be. Blown.

burns take a while to go away, put some aloe on it, same stuff you put on sunburn it'll help.

lol its a massive joke that just started today. taylor hasnt had a period in 3 months (shes on some various meds for several things so they're most likely shutting down her menstrual cycle for some reason or aother) lol and she was talking to me and randomly said that, her brother in the background was like "... you're pregnant" lol and shes like "ive never even slept with a guy! how can i be pregnant?" and from there it turned into a big joke between the three of us. dont worry im not the biological father of ANYONE. trust me on that, its impossible.

lol ok, so, apparently: im the gangster father (whos never been with a girl) of a kid who's mother lives in Arizona, (which has never been with a guy) and so its a long-distance something or other.... XD wow. just, wow.

.... im a father.... 0.o

i have 31 unread messages...l

hey i gotta run for a bit be back later!

eaten in a while*

like seriously, i went to brittas profile and mentally imaged her in the suit put it on a beach setting. didnt look bad at all... and yeah immma shut up now, cause im probably creeping you all out now...

lol im a funny jerk.

is it weird that i have a mind that can imagine people in different clothing than they are actually wearing? or that if i think hard enough, i can taste a doughnut or other food that i havent eaten? and other things.

OMG YOURE A CU-...... nevermind lol jk jk.

.... ahahhaahahhahaa.

thats actually a very nice suit @britta. (the one you posted link to)

lol the next quiestion is does it work for you in style, some things look nice on other people but when they end up on yourself they just dont fit.

because theres no OT for today

modesty is honestly the best policy boo-yah, i rhyme like thyme, and im just wastin time...


and that picture is seriously creeping me out......

wheres todays OT?

well hellooo...

**creepy voice** i am here.....

dangit my computer is shutting off ive gotta go folks. bye!

ooooohhh....... make sure you tilt the right direction...

baaa-aaaah-aaah-aaahaaack! Back in black... yes im BAACK IN BLAAACK! lol ive done that imitiation for people and... lol... they've been scarred for life.

we're goin off tonight! to kick out every light! we're goin till the world stops turnin while we burn it to the ground tonight! screamin like demons, we're swingin from the ceiling!


*tackles jojo*

id like to know the same thing

*pokes jojo*

*sneaks up behind glinda and pokes*

i usted to be a couple with taylor.... till i declared a girl diet to ease problems for a while. we're kinda still together but not the same sense as we were then.

so... like... uhm..... *awkward turtle*

danny Mcaskil.... dang i wanna be able to do that! i need a bike built more like his, mine just wont move right.

*belly-flops onto couch* ALLEY-OOP! *spluff* ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ok, ive gotta run for a few i'll be back soon!



lol yes on my shoulder. i found it while cleaning out the gutters

tree frog, in my picture can you spot it? and dont ask about today....

hey, you're still in a tackle! *tackles*

hehehehehe... twee fwoggy...

*chants* must stop snacking must stop snacking yeah that would only make me more hungry...

gotta runfor a few be back later!

who is taylor you ask? nobody really... just a wonderful young woman who is current residing in the place above #1 on my list of potential dates in the faaar future. cute intelligent funny witty active, and other things.

at first i thought you said 'bald eagle' i had to read it 4 times before i saw 'bagel' shoot me now

"until i met you, i never knew what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason" had that quoted to me this morning....

lol the reason i said your pocket is because ive 'lost' stuff there. ive also 'lost' guitar picks when i hold them between my lips (all guitarists do this, as well as chew on guitar picks) and for some reason i just forget its there so i scrounge across my bed dresser and floor looking... till i give up get a new pick and sit back down, realize theres been a pick in my mouth the whole time. *epic fail, headdesk**

Taylor. and panda, thats an.. odd image in my mind

uhm... your pocket? personals drawer? her dresser?

dont say 'so far so good' every time you do SOMETHING GOES WRONG (someone says so far so good) i told you dont say that! (something goes wrong) you said so far so good, i warned you!

XD guys, im seriously getting a major urge to step on myself (marco, one of the Animorphs, when he's in roach morph)

uhm what?

im like the cockroach on wall-E run me over, i jump back up


ive gotta spater, its my dads bday catch you later!


lol thats what i just realized i forget how its done....

and if the bombs go off the sun will still be shining, cause every mushroom cloud has a silver lining.



yup.... *flash-booom* and he disappeared in a mushroom cloud..

*picks up britta and twirls*

*gets down dancin with britta* yeeeee-haawww!

*tips hat* im willin' if you are.

no no, : sad : you need the colons on each end.

you know how i get straight to the OT? i go up into the link, and put in the next day's date, sometimes i have to adjust the last number to a 2 for some odd reason, but its pretty simple http://community.sparknotes.com/2012/02/19/open-thread-for-march-25-3 http://community.sparknotes.com/2012/02/19/open-thread-for-march-26-3 http://community.sparknotes.com/2012/02/19/open-thread-for-march-27-3 sometimes you have to change the -3 to a -2 if it gives me a 404 error.

: evil : : mad : : twisted : : sad : : cry : : mrgreen : : werewolf : : cool : : oops : : cry : : grin : : wink : : lol : : ! : : P : ? : | < 3 : arrow : : shock : : roll : : idea : just take out the spaces in the words

d'aaawww... love you too! lol. *returns and gives hug too*


*catches on cheeck* no more jars lol.


geometry or science.... nature studies!

xx.dragon.rider.xx@gmail.com. thankk youuu!! i just got one from another friend today and i put it up, its been months since ive gotten anything at all.

hey who here knows about my blog? just wondering

hardy har har nature... XD

and im back

i will brb

i hate it when the internet reboots with no warning. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end rant

no, the hub computer that provides the internet restarted and i had to restart mine to fix the wireless and blah blah blah

ahhahhahahaaha omgosh you two.... what are you, my secret admirers ore something?


ahhaha *has become jojo's guinea pig* i'll be back later folks!

*looks down at gash in side still leaking blood* i aughta do something about that...

what are you gonna do about it, eh pseudo?

anyways im back, i had to go get stuff out of the car

*something red begins puddling around*

i'll say it has, we've missed you

*falls into ot from above, landing with a splat.*

*lays there motionless, faceplanted into ground*



i dont have true emotions anynmore. lost em a while ago. living a half-life isnt a place you want to be. im already there

*byehuggz everyone* dont mind me, im just a tired soul looking for some rest peace and happiness. i bring it to everyone else which brings it to me but... i still feel lacking.

eh... just forever alone thats all.

eh idk... im tired lol ive been up too late last few nights and up early.... i best get some shuteye, i'll talk to all you lovlies tomorrow!

oh nothing.... just thinking of stuffs..

who was that?


uhm whats with the "PandaS f'rrilzz" thing @jojo

i would.... lol i can teach although id need a reminder of wathccing people for a few , its been.... months sine ive been to a dance.

dude, i know like 7 country line dances.

hey, i also know Martial arts. i might not have graduated past first rank of taekwondo (bad timing of a breakup so had to leave the school cause ex's family were a bnch of dickheads) but i know a lot of different fighting.

bring it on bro..... lol ik u kid but i am serious... i can kick some serious butt.

I square dance line dance waltz slow and i can learn anything else.

jojo.... lol.... you are a funnyy girl. would any of you care to oblige me a dance?

oh, do you know what im wearing then nature? hmm??? if you're so ninja....

i live in ohio, and i occasionally slip into a country accecnt, and i maaay have a slight one in the first placce i wouldnt know butits been said. but i can drop a heavy accent n easily, wheter its accurate or not is up for debate

i dont know if oyu have an acccent glinda.... you'd have to talk to me again for me to tell you its been too long, ive forgotten your voice

NEERFF!! *whips out maveric an firefly* COME AT ME SUCKKA!


*fires up truck and music* git down y'all!


PO-TAY-TOES! boil em, mash em mix em in a stew... fry em up with a piece of fried fish....

*catches nature as she falls over** sheesh!


is my avitar animated? it doesnt look like its working


you... like... bryan.. adams....................................... so do i...

spirit soundtrack ftw, and also his 'into the fire' is good

im on hotmail... and horribly multitasking

*taps button on dash, wings shoot out of side of car*

*glances back* lots *cuts hard right off loop upside down, car hurtles towards ground*

*Powerslides a corner, drifts the next and floors it up to 214 heading for loop*


*floors Ferrari and races down track*

*raises one eyebrow and taps button to open door for passenger, puts on shades and waits* y'alls have 7 seconds to get inside and buckled up before i take this lovely beast from 0-60 in 2 seconds.

*looks around for someone to drive with*

BMX bodied MTB

*drives up in Ferrari Aventador, rolls down window, takes off sunglasses and offers a ride of a lifetime*

my life has been ok. my right hand is killing me cause i wrecked on my bike earlier.

aka bicycle.

NO NO! the BIG one!

Merry and pippin, rooting through gandalf's fireworks

so whats up

gah back, damn timer was going off on my computer cause i had left it running

usually only 2-7 tho

*feeds nature* lol it depends, i have anywehre from 0 to 40 messages. yo jojo

i have 7 unread messages...

hahahahahhaa. table salt XD

NO ... mostly. i wouldnt know im homeschooled but schools are very dramatic, hormone-infested and not nice places to be.

if i were to ever wreck badly on my bike, thats what it would look like i didnt take it but its a high possibility to happen to me at some point as i learn faster MTB and Trials riding. although trials is done on the streets on natural obstacles.

.... whaaaat?


click my picture? huh?

*pokes* whats so good in life?

and now that i know the lyrics... i dont really like it at all.

WHY is this song stuck in my head.... ive never even heard the whole song, and its been weeks since i heard it last at all. Friday night and I need a fight My motorcycle and a switchblade knife Handful of grease and my hair feels right But what I need to get me tight are those Girls, girls, girls Long legs and burgundy lips Girls, girls, girls Dancin? down on the Sunset Strip Girls, girls, girls Red lips, fingertips Trick or treat, sweet to eat On Halloween and New Year's Eve Yankee girls, ya just can?t be beat But you?re the best when you?re off ya feet Girls, girls, girls At the Dollhouse in Ft. Lauderdale Girls, girls, girls Rocking in Atlanta at Tattletails Girls, girls, girls Raising hell at the 7th Veil Have you read the news In the Soho Tribune? Ya know she did me Well, then she broke my heart I?m such a good good boy I just need a new toy I tell ya what, girl, dance for me I'll keep you overemployed Just tell me a story, you know the one I mean Crazy Horse, Paris, France Forgot the names, remember romance I got those photos of menage a trois Musta broke those Frenchies' laws with those Girls, girls, girls Body Shop and the Marble Arch Girls, girls, girls Tropicana?s where I lost my heart Girls, girls, girls

ditto. i wish... im covering plants, we're supposed to get a frost 3 nights in a row

lol whassup peoples

And then i said, Let there be sparklers and all hell broke loose...


do de do.

that person isnt mad and disgruntled... shes rowdy....

probably at a rather risque party, getting ready to rumble....

*pulls out sharpie and autograph's nature's arm, and in autograph book* there you go *smiles at* *looks for next person in line*

oh screw it, im being kicked off comp bye!

oh screw it.. computer is turning off. BY3!

@brit but you can still write on me if you want lol

lol ok... im actually not in any cast. just kidding.

cant ya tell.... *nods eyes towards photo*

*urff* easy there nature! im in a body cast.... * falls over with a thunk*

what did you make?


i doubt that.


hello sparkworld

... what were you wearing when you got up then?


by the way peoples, you forgot about me and ballerinaswan being a couple... we're not together any more right now, as a couple (maybe later on we will be again) but we were metalhead's rival for powercouple.

AHAHAH you people forgot about me and ballerina!!!!!!!!! seriously how could you forget about that....

gotta go to bed gnight!

guitar tab, its basically sheet music for guitar. and its a song she started making, and im helping her with it.

i am working on a guitar tab for a friend.....

jo jo.... you are funny.

and im back.

wait let me restart my computer its crashing...

and im back!

Whuzzuh.. dinner is soon, so i shall spater for it then be back for a few, then have to run off, then i'll be back again.

uuuuuurghhh time for me to head folks, i'll catch you later its supposed to rain, i might be able to get on when it does. for now tho im out working in the heat... what sweaty, dirty fun... bye!! *gives hug while he still can, before he's terribly dirty and stinky*

i have yet to even test for my permit...... and im almost 19 :b

notmuch, eating lunch


uhm... its march 23rd

well its time for me to spater, Gnight!

i HAVE to sing with that if i hear it come on, same with if today was your last day. people stare, so what.

i can sort of play drums and harmonica

guitar! *shreds a riff*

Dream on! dont stop believin!

yeaah.... nickelback has a LOT of good love songs, aside from thier bad ones like figured you out, shakin' hands, S.E.X., animals, somethin in your mouth, and otheres still besides. ps i only know the titles, i havent heard half of them. and dont listen to them much if i do come across them.

far away if today was your last day you and i Id come for you saturday night's alright (feat kid rock) savin me hero burn it to the ground follow you home Gotta be somebody Rockstar if everyone cared never gonna be alone

OMGGG I CAN PLAY FAR AWAY ON GUITARRRRRR!!! *whips out acoustic and plays*

if i yell to his music all day, towards the end im pretty good ive just gotta roughen out my voice and im close. but maaan he's got an odd voice. i cant get the rough edge he has easily

im here!

guess that counts you out pip....




jojo, is that you?

and a husband. DUH.

i dont need to rip off sleeves.

that was what i was laughing about earlier

yes it was.



he man? WHY AM I HE-MAN??


*pushes at playfully*

*catches marhsmallow and eats* NOM NOM im good!

already done!



aand im baack!

and what was the cough for paradise?

and what am i mel?

i can *sorta* play switchfoot "dare you to move" now!

looks like the workings of a wonderful day! *sarcasm hand gets sprained as it beats on the roof of the cosmos*

hey mel, ive seen your bedroom... i havent died of shock yet, is it like super delayed?

well time for me to go, bye!

heh... ehehehhhheeeee..... huuurrrr.................. yeah, boys in a girl's room is a BAD idea.... your closet and personals drawer will most likely be... not in the state you left them.

"i stopped for you... i stopped for you" is going to be stuck in my head all day.....

daaaawwwwwwwww......... you two.... your stories...

*heads to writer's wars for britta's story* ive already upvoted yours Mary-jane, did it this morning

and im off to work, talk to you later!

is anyone here at 7 in the morning?

damn i gotta go to bed gnight y'all! *hugs* much love to all you beautiful people! sleep tight sweet dreams and know that you're loved!


Glinda, you're not too far off the line of what i like in a person. most of you actually arent that far to be honest

outward looks are a bonus for me, id rather have someone pretty on the inside but outward looks are nice to have as well

attractive inside mostly... witty, fun, smart, a good memory is a must (i fail memory so i need someone to remember everything i forget) capable, physically active, able to endure hardships both financially and physically if need be. good mothering instincts... uhm.... i normally cant think of this stuff on the spot very well...

*Jumps into air and explodes into confetti*

nine hundred commentedors.

you havent been part of the huge message goign around...

go figure when im here to talk, theres no one around when im busy elsewhere, its thriving here. I AM CURSED! i guess its a good thing im gonna die fairly soon... no more multitasking. lol

i havent been talking


im here! im kinda ignoring the other site im on right now.

my spazz bah.



im multitasking... sorry. and now my rents are dragging me off to do some more work.... bye! (SAVE ME!)

*blows kiss jojos way* forgive me now?



that is quite possibly the longest "about me" i have ever read... i didnt know you could put that much in there even. but most interesting indeed

im doin ok, a little tired .

go take a sunbath, get that Vitamin D boost.

dont you hae it when your... wait you wouldnt understand... nevermind.

hey, i know CPR too.... im technically certified as well.


or set it free, in whence it becomes a red butterfly that flies around your true love's head.

so what do you want me to do with it then? give it back or make use of it?


XD lol wow...

PS, please dont break any jars... some of them contain some rather nasty creatures, potions and other various, unkind items and letting them out is.... unwise.

your kiss is packed in a special sugar/honey/nutella/secret spices mix to keep it fresh... the jar of dirt is for something else

NO! ITS MY JAR OF DIRT!!!! by the way, your kiss is in the 26'th jar down, second shelf down from the one right before the top, might be in the second or third row. i think you'll find it.

your kiss is packed in a special sugar/honey/nutella/secret spices mix to keep it fresh... the jar of dirt is for something else.

ive got a jar of diirt ive got a jar of diirt! and you dont know whats insiide it!

Howdy. wassup y'all?


well i gotta go folks, bye!

happy birthday will! (william? or just will?) *hugs bye* talk to you sometime!

my mouth is on FIRE.... curse you addictive salsa verde chips!

*shoutout* happy birthday glinda's bro! (whats his name btw)

you're studying to be a professional procrastinator. i think you're gonna get straight A++'s

byeee! *catches kiss and stores in a jar* i'll save this for later... lol

*tackles* GLINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ish hyper with*

BBOA!!! *tackles* Na, you're not.

hey, you're discriminating against anti-discrimination. sounds kinda ironic if you ask me...

Happy birthday to you you live in a zoo! you smell like a monkey, and look like one too! lol totes jk, Happy birfday to you! happy womb emancipation day **hands cake** its a special cake, each person's slice tastes like thier favorite flavor, and its flavor can change between bites depending on your whim of what you want to be eating.

im a reliable friend, but im very unreliable about not poofing.

ahhaha. hi.

sorry im in a bible study...

random book reading,

ahhah awww.

23 messages... thats been the average each time i log in, it was like 23, 17 and 23. lol


Bada ba ba ba! Im lovin' it.

*drops chocolate bar in peanut butter* EEEWWW i got peanut butter on my chocolate! no you got chocolate in my peanut butter! well thats inedible by all standards.... yuck *tastes* HOLY FRAPPE THAT TASTES GOOD! yeah... the creation of Reeses.

i liked the old peach/light rose or gray and white comment boxes that were very simple, were numbered as well as timestamped (order matters nothing now though...) i can see why they're a fading blue-white and gray-neutral now, cause thats sparklife official colors i dont really care about that.

aah i gotta go, byeez y'all! *dozes off in 4 person hammock* ps join me if you want plenty of room. i dont bite.... much... lol.

*swings in hammock*


peanut butter... on... spaghetti? *barf*

gaaarrr... too much... at once....

i am just dandy!

i am!




lol yes, i did win. i drank some vinegar and ate a little baking soda to get some gas in my stomach since i didnt have any soda, and i cant burp without a kickstart.

lol i was in a burping contest a few minutes ago... guess who won

do de do de do.

yes in fact i do feel outnumbered and slighly coote-infested sometimes, but normally im chill... totally chillaxed

and im back!

i cant get paid by someone in california very easily, she has little or no cash and i dont have much of a way to receive funds. if i teach someone IRL, yeah i'll ask for some cash once they do really learn and show good solid interest and get decent progress. why should they pay for something they discover they dont have interest in, or cant do for some reason. some people REALLY REaLLY want to play guitar but find that they just cant do it, its not where thier talent lies.

brb im gonna restart my computer

she already knows full well im not ever gonna date her shes asked.

no im not being payed. lol its online over video chat.

if it was irl, it would be much, much easier and painless.

18. likes me (i DO NOT like her) never really has anything to talk about. meh. idk this is just one girl i cant level with and talk to. i come across them now and again and its hard to deal with them.

actually i might not mind teaching you britta. this girl... blah.

pardon my poof. someone is forcing me to teach them to play guitar, and they cant even tune it. BLAAAAH.

and im back! clean, still hungry and sunburnt.

brb folks

lol i was homeschooled too. and yes, i hate it when i click on that. I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHIGN ABOUT PROM YOU DICKHEADS

yo no hablo español

i wouldnt know...

but we cant do anything about it, we wont give up SL cause we're too addicted to leave. they forced this new commenting system on us, we're not fond of it and it has been fraught with problems since its first application, and irreguardless of our protests they didnt remove it. id like to put forth a pettition that asks the sparkitors to create a Beta version of SL that users can apply to test and give them feedback on what works and what doesnt. look at Firefox, thats what they do and they have a pretty darn good program. every time you run a beta, let people who know how things should work use it, and apply what they tell you about its bugs and fix them before the masses are subject to it, you'll have a LOT better results than throwing out a highly flawed new system that hasnt been debugged yet.

i think they're trying a mental thing, forcing us to be subject to mindhut stuff and eventually we'll get used to it and their latest failed attempt at something cool will rub off on us and it will have *some* popularity. I AM NOT AN IMBICILE, YOU TWERPS!

i work at home and the garden needs some work so thats what im doing right now. otherwise, id be collecting firewood or cutting fenceposts.

im good. tired, and caked in a layer of dust and sweat. i was tilling most of the day, then i was digging up, separating and relocated a bajillion daylillies.

they got rid of the sidebars...

lol that works.

nope, its you, fred and i.

gotta go yall bye!

im doing good. you?

not much, finishing up lunch. you?

fred, why did you eat everyone? SPIT EM BACK OUT BEFORE I GUT YOU WITH A DULL SPOON

you still here jojo?

well i gotta go to bed yalls, Gnight!!! *climbs back into two-person hammock up in tree and ties self into so he cant fall out*

*HURRGHH* oooi glinda!!!!!!! easy! i love ya and you're quite light as a feather, but jeez im still human! jumping up and down on me is liable to dislocate some vertebrae

*flops onto face out of hammock* .... ow......

I'm through with standing in line To clubs we'll never get in It's like the bottom of the ninth And I'm never gonna win This life hasn't turned out Quite the way I want it to be (Tell me what you want) I want a brand new house On an episode of Cribs And a bathroom I can play baseball in And a king size tub big enough For ten plus me (So what you need?) I'll need a credit card that's got no limit And a big black jet with a bedroom in it Gonna join the mile high club At thirty-seven thousand feet (Been there, done that) I want a new tour bus full of old guitars My own star on Hollywood Boulevard Somewhere between Cher and James Dean is fine for me (So how you gonna do it?) I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame I'd even cut my hair and change my name 'Cause we all just wanna be big rock stars And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap We'll all stay skinny 'cause we just won't eat And we'll hang out in the coolest bars In the VIP with the movie stars Every good gold digger's Gonna wind up there Every Playboy bunny With her bleach blond hair Hey hey I wanna be a rock star Hey hey I wanna be a rock star I wanna be great like Elvis without the tassels Hire eight body guards that love to beat up @$$holes Sign a couple autographs So I can eat my meals for free (I'll have the quesadilla on the house) I'm gonna dress my ass With the latest fashion Get a front door key to the Playboy mansion Gonna date a centerfold that loves to Blow my money for me (So how you gonna do it?) I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame I'd even cut my hair and change my name And we'll hide out in the private rooms With the latest dictionary and today's who's who They'll get you anything with that evil smile Everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial, well Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar I'm gonna sing those songs That offend the censors Gonna pop my pills from a pez dispenser I'll get washed-up singers writing all my songs lip sync 'em every night so I don't get 'em wrong

Purple nerd No. 7, you look wonderful, very beautiful. in honesty, id proably date every sparkler that exsists if i wasnt on a girl diet.

its big enough for 4 at least. ive had 6 in it.... just pile on. lol.

GLINDA!!!!!!!!!!! *drags into hammock*

im half zombie. thats why im the ultimate zombie hunter.

*lounges in multi-person hammock* if anyone wants to use it, theres more than enough room. i dont bite... much... lol jk i odnt bite.... hard.... XD

just zombie.

could you imagine being a 40N (40DDDDDDDDDD or something around that)

HEY soccer! *flashes celeb smile*

i can in fact say irish wristwatch.


this is true. sadly i dont have one. else my life would be much nicer.

... unicorn poop sounds... soooo.... soo... idk not very appealing. even if is rainbows glitter butterflies or whatever coculd you imagine pooping out butterflies? or having rainbows shooting out of your butt? that seems wrong... lol. even for a unicorn.

*tackles* HI!

*puts on various protective gear*



lol yes there are. different body parts and bone shape make different seat shape design more comfortable for the given rider's gender.


i dont think i'll ever do that.. but good to know.

no idea, shes always in and out


hurrrrrrrgh... MTB ride is tiring on so much hills.

the sparkitors used to read the OTs but not anymore.



i can kick higher than my head i can jump over a bar 4 ft high ive broken boards with both my hands and feet.

roller skate btw.

yes. sorta. it depends on what she's talking about.

i can read peoples minds often (and not by request it doesnt work that way) i can skate forwards backwards and sideways and jump on both quads and inlines, dance, jamskate, and race on quads only. inlines dont do it very well i shoot a 80lb pull bow i can sniper a rabbit at 100 yards with my .22 im a snap shot with my shotgun.... i'll stop there

that you have! lets roll! *starts duckwalking during guitar solo*

my gosh im sorry...... im on so many frakin sites at once i cant keep up on everything :b

*starts playing guitar solo*

*spins around in hammock*

hmmmm...... *climbs into hammock*

.... whaa. 6s? my mom's a 4, thats tiny. i wear mens 7 and its a right Bi*** to find my size in most stores.

erm nature... you're sideways. lol


heh nerdfighters... 'the sun also rises..... in my pants' XD that thing is so hilarious

laaa im able to do some basic percussion guitar! yay!


hum de dum....

i think the pulley is around 60% efficiency, and thats found by simple multiplication and division for percents. 180 / 140 = 40 difference, it takes 40 joules more of energy to move it, and 40 is a percentage of both 180 and 140. 235 i think is how much is used. again its just multiplication/division with percentages.

uh whut

sure! spill


*also gives a box of chocolates*

theyre special choccolates, taste just like it and fill you but they dont add anything to you

*gives pillow to rest head on and icepack* easy does it

is no one here?


and they both had to go. soooo now what im bored

thank god.... although tia will probably join if she comes online.....

debating whether to just not participate or run away

.... in an awk convo with priya and hannah.... this is not fun.

ahhahaha. thats where they got the idea, chad Kroger or whatever his name is used to work at starbucks and hed say 'heres your nickel back' and it ended up the name. nickelback has bad songs, but they also have some really good ones and this is one of them

that was the point... lol muwhahahaa

.... wish what? *falls asleep in hammock* ive gotta go, its 1:30 i'll catch you tomorrow hopefully! byeeezzz sleep tight sweet dreams

haha i have my ways of knowing....

lol when i said were all entitled to our foolery i meant it as its ok to act like an idiot now and again, it means that you're still human.

aww sorry.... its 1:20 am here... ive gotta get to bed soon...


you're tired?

im here!

ahahahha we're entitled to our foolery.

beach boys, AC DC Aerosmith Commander Cody, lots of others i cant think of

hmmmm i like some older songs.

why are you hyper again?

AHHAHAHAHAHA well hey, im wearing a.... sorta green. also, i actually do have irish in me too. *wriggles eyebrows* you asked for it! *quick kiss* gnight!

headache, other than that fine

slow OT today...

GAH im here i swear!

ok actually im out to watch a movie. ttyls!

Cj, Charles, Charlie, DR Dragon Rider. (aliases: ) Carter/Cartollen Lee Lenhart Cris Ryder

2160 and no, i didnt use a calculator

how about a change of picture.

jonsi... sticks and stones ah yes

i should not be listening to nickelback.... but i am. ignore the song names showing up on hotmail messenger.

is it sad that these songs remind me of collecting maple syrup almost exclusively?

We got no class, no taste, no shirt, and sh**-faced We got it lined up, shot down, firing back straight crown We're going off tonight To kick out every light Take anything we want Drink everything in sight We're going till the world stops turning While we burn it to the ground tonight ^ the modern american theme song.

i am back now. i was playing guitar trying to learn somehting new

bah sorry.

and im back

brb folks

AHA! i now know who it is that likes her.... and shes cursed me to die if i tell so;;; *ducttapes mouth**

name some manklers people... sara says one of them likes her and ive gone through hamm andrew ace

Aerosmith dream on

like MJ the hermit.

every time that I look in the mirror all these lines on my face getting clearer the past is gone it went by like dusk to dawn isn't that the way everybody's got their dues in life to pay yeah, I know nobody knows where it comes and where it goes I know it's everybody's sin you got to lose to know how to win half my life's in books' written pages live and learn from fools and from sages you know it's true all the things you do, come back to you sing with me, sing for the years sing for the laughter and sing for the tears sing with me, if it's just for today maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away dream on, dream on, dream on, dream yourself a dream come true dream on, dream on, dream on, and dream until your dream comes true dream on dream on dream on dream on dream on dream on dream on!!!!

i shoulda sent some cabbage or lettuce with it though.... its probably eaten half thier paperwork already.

too late, mine is already waiting on their desk.....

http://now.msn.com/entertainment/0317-duchess-kate-knockout.aspx?ocid=todnow11 bhahahahahaa



yup... 4 days in the sun, ive got an obvious farmers tan already.



Lisa is it.... ive always liked the name Lisa....

yeah, for the wood, make stuff out of.

*is taking apart pallets*

lol uh yeah, keep it soft and smooth. its better that way

not me..

... did everyone like... die or something?

happy st patricks day

i graduated last year, but id have twice yearly meetings with a grade guy whod go over my stuff and see if i was doing enough etc

brb for a gew people btw im 18. stalk my profile if you want


just about!

i have been homeschooled since 1st grade, i live out in the country so i have very little social life aside from the online word during the last 2 years before that i was friendless for most of my life never really noticed it till 5 years go though. my mom would find curriculum online and find the books id need, a lot of what i did was online reading. why? not sure... i just was.

li'll be back to life in.... 7 hours? eh however long it is from 11:30pm to 6:30 am. i doubt any of you will be awake then, and thats EST btw. if you are though, i pop into the old OT sincce its before 8:30 which is when the new one comes on and by then im off to work, but if you're on between 6:30 adn 8 im the morning, say hi on the OT i may be here. anyways, i give thee goodnight, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

*gives everyone else a hug* night!

lol i'll be back to life in.... 7 hours? eh however long it is from 11:30pm to 6:30 am. i doubt any of you will be awake then, and thats EST btw. if you are though, i pop into the old OT sincce its before 8:30 which is when the new one comes on and by then im off to work, but if you're on between 6:30 adn 8 im the morning, say hi on the OT i may be here. anyways, i give thee goodnight, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

something i think a lot more guys need to figure out how to do. Love doesnt look at your shelf or your hair or your face to judge what you're worth, it looks at your heart and what's inside cause thats what really matters

*hugs glinda back and goes to bed slightly redcheeked*

i like that one....

music, playing guitar, working on stuff i like, MTB riding... chatting with y'alls

why the heck am i so philosophical tonight? this is werid...

well... time for me to die, have a nice night!

well my lack of emotions is partially self-caused, cause im on a girl diet but lately... i see more and more ice in my soul.

oh somehting i learned a while back, girls are more attracted to honest guys. idk why, but they're much more in demand.

it doest get much better in honesty... but hey, we're all hormone-ridden teens and we know how to speak one another's language ccause we're a united mind here on SL everyone else seems..... disconnected.

i meant 'so i know i'm alive enough' but hey, knowing that you guys are alive is a good thing..

it had to be in the 80s today here..... PS, beautiful picture. the flowers bring out a gleam in your eyes

its not easy, being me.... i dont want to be the talk of the town, but nor do i want to be just another somebody on the wayside. i just need a little compassion now and again from people so i know you're still alive enough to be considered human.

im outgoing, but lightly timid.

one in the crowd always feels alone

yes, the middle one left first then older one ive never been very involved with either and they dont speak with us anymore.

id like to know the same

i am.... youngest pretty much only child in all essence

i want..... to be happy.

*spits out mouthful of grass as he takes glinda's hand up* gotta learn to climb out of those things..

so... enough glum environment already! *tries to get out of hammock and falls on face*

lol i bounce back and forth, depending on the situation and the person, some people react to different methods differently you kinda hit around all bases till you find the one that they respond to

tahts pretty much all i do, go on, fall and break a few bones sometimes, crawl till they heal, then stumble along again up the hill follwing that skinny barely worn trail.


its just me... things i do or dont do. ive failed a lot, especially in a lot of my best friendships. i never wanted to lose friends but i have. life hurts, but i wish it didnt hurt like this.

im not gonna do any form of self-harm im well above that.

eh idk..... just random bout of ponderations. whatsup with yalls?

im not afraid of death... its inevitable what i am afraid of, is dying inside. i dont want to live dying on the inside but lately... thats all i see, is rot and mold growing from neglect. i know what to do, but i dont have the tools to do it with.

Goodnight!!! rest up talk to you tomorrow

no... what kills me is myself. maybe im just stupid or something, but i just dont know how to live with myself.

what kills me might not be a physical illness... but it kills me all the same.

Herro. im in the hammock. its comfy.... and large enough for a couple more people.

exactly what i said. i die a little more every day

i have a terminal disease....

g2g fpr a bit be back soon

@hamm im trying to make it tention the chain, ive got an idea but im lacking a piece.

on her spring?

mmmh... im trying to make a jig to sharpen chainsaw blades

*slumps back into hammock* had to go do something sorry

oooh.... that sucks

*slumps into hammock*

*muffled grunt of acknowledgement*

i gotta go guys! talk to you later!!! *hugsbye* much love!

... be glad i dont sing loudly when people are around. there would be many more deaf people in the world if i did.

so... does your hair change colors in the light britta? cause in the pic you have up, its very blonde long and curly in the others it seems a little shorter straighter and redder.

oh and britta, i actually could read your picture. believe it or not.

non parlo italiano

messily eating wings. its the only way to eat them and enjoy it

happy womb emancipation day!

leftovers! we make enough to last two days

i am doing handsomely myself. ok enough with the weird talk. wassaaap?

hello my lovelies, how are you? just beautiful i hope.

*checks* 2

wait no im back.

bah im gonna run bye!

howdy everyone! noooo britta come back!!!!!

never fear, CJ is here! tee hee that rhymes...

i totally poofed there... sorry vid chat with taylor.

no, i was referring to whats underneath it in fact.

XD no i didnt see, she was ranting about her shirt and ive played psychic and guessed colors before, i annoy the crap out of one of my friends that way and in the end she just said

what, purple leopard print is nothing to be ashamed of.


uhm.. no. sorry, you dont have big enough girlballs to get you down to my level. not to be taken awkward^

thats what i love about sundays...

.... im a cowboy, on a steel horse i ride! im wanted, dead or alive... *commence guitar*

i thought i sang chris young to you once..... maybe not.

im not as good as chris young when i sing, i lack some of his intonation, waver, and perfect pitch control, but im pretty close untill he hits his middling vocal height, i cant match it for some reason.

oh dear..... kill me now. cause i can do a chris Young voice. like... DEEP. but normally im an average, somewhat deep voice. maybe a little deeper than one might think form me but idk... MJ can tell you what its like.

hey i had a dream about a hungry velociraptor the other night... and why is velociraptor not a word?

mmmm... thor? eh.

oh god.... i just realized how awkward what i just said is..... I DONT MEAN IT BADLY! screw you, bad choice of words...

CJ or Charles or Charlie or Dr or Dragon or Rider yeah, i have a lot of names. and those arent all of them..

lol just cause i like to add spice to life. and, think about it im hte only guy on here most of the time. ive gotta stick in that testosterone influence to an estrogen-charged environment.

*noms more wings* Oooy, Im nort shtrupid, i jurst lurve mui *gulp* hot wings, they are very.... *NOM* goot! *chows more*

did someone say ogling....

*chugs milk and orange juice* wooow hot wings....

is the second picture on your profile actually you bahahahahMUAHAHA? PS, whats your name and actual age? lol im nosey liek that...

hey the only reason i dont wear shorts, is because it is not fun to work in them, stuff goes into my boots, and try working near briars in shorts..... NOT FUN. that, is why my hairy legs are so white most summers.

why? cause people pay more attention to you?


mj: it's easier to face life when one isn't wearing pants me: ....

lol cpr is easy, i dont have a certificate its like $20 or more for a sheet of paper that says certified and a wallet thingey, but i am certified

*lays limp and waterlogged, no visible breathing*

wait... we're talking about short shorts? shorts yes, no problemo. shorts so short i can see your freeking underwear, dont make me put clothing on you by force.... cause i will.

*water has risen to top of hole, a few bubbles float up, nothing more*

whoa i totally did not realize horsechick was here.... im used to pictures telling me whos who....


*echoing* you know, someone should REALLY fill in this hole..... im surprised its not filling with water yet.... *sounds of pouring water start* ...... well, at least the walls arent crumbling.... *heavy sploshes ensue* .... yeah, im just in a hole, filing with water, under a deluge of rocks. life is good!


*gives glinda some ice and slouches back in hammock and goes to sleep*

i dont want to lose a hand, or become steril by your flying fists.

let me DDG that for you....

DuckDuckGo. opensource search engine, very cool try it out. https://duckduckgo.com/

lol im fine in the hammock. its large enough for a couple people over here too. its me, or MJ. pick your take.

The maximum amount of ibuprofen for adults is 800 milligrams per dose or 3200 mg per day (4 maximum doses). Use only the smallest amount of Advil needed to get relief from your pain, swelling, or fever.

i think i'll need more than a pillow blockade to save my butt from a kick from you mj..... i dont want to have my facec in the wall.

OHO!!!!! i have a feeling that invitation isnt open to me htough....

*plops into hammock*

**snoozes with*


FRED!! *goes after*

selling btw

well i got $1.50 a post for 50 fenceposts at teh auction the other day. not a bad deal...

**tennatively lightly strokes tips to see for himself** aye

-_- im so busy in PMs, and IM's, i ignore the OT. not deliberately, i just cacnt keep up with it all is what i mean. something's gotta give here...

im hardly a part of the OT anymore again i do this in stages. focus on the OT, focus on another site, focus on IMs, then go back to OT, it takes a few weeks for it to switch around

cooomee baaaaack! the boy who never forgot.... cannot you hear? the boy who never forgot....

oh yes, i do suck. why? cause i spazz all the time again.

i suck. big time

they seriously need to make an SL chat room....im sure theyve got MORE than enough money to get a java/flash/shockwave applet or whatever to open one up, i mean come on a guy started ChristianChat.com and he was just a single dude and some friends maybe.


Scooby doo Dragon Ball/ dragon ball Z Tom & Jerry Zoids

so whats up. im on the phone with Kayden.


75 in ohio today... idk about you, but that is very hot to me after all this winter. blame the weather for my shiftlessness most of today. why yes mother, i have my shirt off. please discontinue looking at me and giving me dirty looks, i am sweating and overheating.

aah gotta go. byee!



hey pandas!

Pi day? 3.1415926535..... yes i have that much memorized.

sorry i wasnt around, was at an auction all day. i got sunburned, in ohio, in thesrping can you believe it? jeeez.... well i gotta phase out, gotta be up tomorrow morn. byez!!

*huggz everyon* byeez!!! sleep tight sweet dreams etc.

maybe tomorrow will be a better day....


srry... little problms

Drop the ball, watch it fall far below Suck you in, hold your breath The undertow creeps in slow Everyone owns a gun deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide Help me help you they wont be there Help me help you they won't see It hurts when you need me And I can't break your fall It hurts when you can't see And it hurts Drop the switch, scratch the itch, watch it grow Inch by inch, the cutting board, watch it swing to and fro Everyone carries one deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide Wash it off, take the loss, let it go Take it in, drink it up, we can just take it slow Everyone carries one deep inside It's just a matter of how much you let it slide Help me help you they wont be there Help me help you they won't see It hurts when you need me And I can't break your fall It hurts when you can't see And it hurts And it hurts when you're lonely And I'm standing right beside you there And it hurt when you told me That you told me that you tried this on your own Hope you never hurt Hope you never cry Hope you never lose your way tonight Hope you never crumble Hope you never fall Hope you never throw away the Drop the ball, watch it fall far below Suck you in, hold your breath, watch it swing It hurts when you need me And I can't break your fall It hurts when you can't see And it hurts

.... im sorry MJ.

disguise it as you may, i know what you're talking about.

WAH so much spazz....

ooh nice new pics

lol. on top of that youre in PMland....

also, contrary to thy belief, i can use proper English when i must, it doth come naturally when i must need use it. i am not perfect in my english, but i can quoth the Shakespearean language of fine, confusing words right well.

i am poofing because im talking to other people on gmail.

aw come on, join the masses!


dont start, its not me. for certain.


dont read into that comment of MJ's . its not what you think.

i have had my voiced called sexy by Catia..... lol she didnt know it was me, she probably regretted it when i told her it was me.


not particularily

okk! room is.... clean? **looks around** pretty much...

@britta... my room.... yeah... **looks at clothes on dresser, stuff laying on desk, more clothes on other dresser.... bags of chips on bed, MP3 player keeping them company.....** WWIII anyone? cuz its here....

im sad to say i have to go, ive got to go someplace at 1:30 so i must leave at 1, and i need to get the truck all ready. bye!

well folks ive got a long day ahead of me, i gotta get to bed. i'll catcha laterz!!! nighty!

i feel your pain red.

baaaah. you're still my wittle sisttweerrr!

well folks ive got a long day ahead of me, i gotta get to bed. i'll catcha laterz!!! nighty!

i thought so too.. um... *scrolls down to find name.. cant find it* slytherin

ok.... no other reason... we're just the two of us sitting in a dark room with just a sofa, a bottle or two of tequila and some candles flickering on the table, with the front door shut for no reason.... that sounds TOTALLY normal.....

we all loves you too!

no matter how old you get, how far you go away, you'll always be my baby sister

*shuts front door as sara sits up shakily, finally revived* now, may i ask why you wanted me to shut it?

waaaiit.. close the front door? what in the world will that help?

for being in cardiac arrest, your fingers sure are in a lot of motion sara.... *gives two more breaths and keeps on compressions, chcecking pulse periodically*

WE HAVE A CARDIAC ARREST VICTIM!!!!! *starts CPR* 3 compressions 2 seconds, 2 1/2" 30 times, 2 breaths between groups of 15

boy with the bread? oh and hI!!!!

i prefer to not use the term 'harem' when other people are around... and besides, i didnt choose that. you, and my parents have decided to call it such an.... inaccurate term

*tear* me no haz skype, de bookface, twitter nor those things...

im doing my best sara..... have you managed BF yet?

whaaaaat??? bedhead is the sexiest thing EVER! and yes, i really mean that....

whoops i missed a bit of that.... jeez between a.. ahem... PM storyline, the OT, and MJ over on gmail and another girl on hotmail..... i feel stretched.... like butter... scraped over too much bread

i dont give my personal email out on main chat, only my spam but you should have invites

what are you, Skynard?? "vicious cycle" lol yeah im lame...

whomsoever here has a cellular device, and wouldnt mind talking to me via phone, message me your number, i have discovered how to make calls with google.

lol i know that much already pandas you can also message me ur gmail/hotmail/yahoo usernames and i'll add you.

her name's..... uhm...... uhm..... i dont know her name acctually.... i learned two today, georgia and... uhm....................uhhmmm.......................... yeah, i suck...

since i have not done so already... *tackles everyone* HIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... i was hoping youd talk to me before just going and doing it anyways....

XD ive accidntally made a water geyser at people a time or two.... whoops. its just saliva, you'll live!

she gets that a lot... she wishes she had Stone's eyes

........................... all i got was I................... dumm heads. all these..........i........... ok ok... yeah... *goes to find translator* unless you'd oblige us?

oh shut up already, its you. kinda obvious by your poof

good lord if anyone saw that PM message...... that, WOULD scare you guys....

yes beautiful?

@red well i loaded 40 posts into the van to take to the place were selling them at tomorrow, the actual auction is on tuesday though. i made a MTB trail in teh woods, yay! and refresh my mind a tiny bit about this dude? i was rushed off and it... vaporized in the minor anger rush i have at my computer when it shuts off on me.

going round leaving stars, collecting your jar of hearts, and tearing love apart youre gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul, dont come back for me, dont come back at all! and who do you think you are!??

*awkward palm tree*

*awkward palm tree*


TREEE?? I am no treee! i am an ent!

anyways.... ignore gary, he'll leave when nobody rants and raves at him.

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAA omg i did not see that one coming...

how befitting a picture....

ooohkaaay i take back being on MJs side... i thought she was against him.... *roasts more marshmallows to give to his allies* want some? join me against gary!!! ive tasted his cookies... theyre burnt, dry and flat. ive got some that are soft, chewy, and OMNOMNOMNONOMNOM!

im on MJ's side on this one.... **cooks up some perfectly roasted marshmallows** join us!

hey gary, what do you think about doctor who?

hey gary, what do you think about doctor who?

*gives massage* take a break, you need it.

hey gary, did you take that picture of the cat piccachu *no, i dont know how to spell it and i dont really care* or did you find that on the internet.

or tony

its someone with a new account.... id wanan bet its Hammy or andrew....

ZOMG!!! where about in canton? mayhaps i can convince my parents to go shopping that day and we can meet someplace... lol. jk, for all either of us know, the other could be a serial killer in disguise...

oh look its Micheal Jackson! *points MJ-s way*

not killing.... just had a bone to pick with. lol its all a joke!!

OMG GO BUCKEYES!!! where in the world of Ohio are you from? im from northeast, cantonish area.

C is for Charles, j means nothing mom didnt want me called charles all hte time, nor charlie so they made up CJ.

im nothing to glinda, barely edging on 'good friend' status. i sincerely doubt anything would ever start anyways, im pretty sure im not her type. as for me, im on a diet, 'nuff said.

just for last night..... *pokes funny bone* i guess i'll let you off the table this time though... *undoes restraints and puts away chain saw, knives, axes and other.... things....*

**tackles** i have a bone to pick from you..... which one's it gonna be? Femur? or a Fibula.... maybe a rib... vertebra...

yes, i have many names... CJ (given) Charles (birth/formal) Charlie (chosen slang) chuck (alternate, rarely used) Cris Ryder (alias) Carter/Cartollen Lenhart (alias)

uhmm... i might not have been around... it might have been before i came up with it... i could have forgotten about it..... better late than never though, right?

Welcome to the wonderful world of the OT! Here you'll find a mind-dazzling array of people from all around the globe, China, Argentina, Canada, Africa, Spain, Europe, Australia, and of course the United States of America. You will come across homeschoolers (I am one of these, *homeschooler fist bump*), internet schoolers, and highschoolers. The average age of the population of SN is 13-17, with myself being 18, also, the larger portion of the population is Female. I myself and one of the rare 'Dudeklers' as we guys are called. The people on the OT are your best friends, always willing to listen an help you deal with your life problems (but dont forget thats what parents are for too!). All in all, enojoy yourself on the OT! I am also the resident Sparkveteran (nearly my 2 year anniversary) , if you need some help, feel free to ask me! i also can provide you with a dictionary to accompany you on your trip through total awesomeness.

hardy har har britta..... lol hey! we've got a newbie! allow me a few seconds to give you a formal welcome....


ok, folks im gonna run for a little bit before it gets dark and do a few things, i shall return in an hour or two!(three at most)

*Aragorn lops off head of messenger of the Black Gate* Gimi: well i guess that concludes negotiations....

no, i can take quite fine care of my heart myself, thank you. im gonna get that MTB trail made one way or another, and i aint gonna be hindered!

Legolas: Final count, forty-two. Gimli : Forty-two? Oh, that's not bad for a pointy-eared elvish princeling. Hmph! I myself am sitting pretty on forty-THREE. [Legolas takes out an arrow, and shoots the uruk Gimli is sitting on in the stomach] Legolas : Forty-three. Gimli : He was already dead! Legolas : He was twitching. Gimli : He was twitching because he's got MY AX BURIED IN HIS NERVOUS SYSTEM! [rattles the handle of his ax, and the uruk's arms and legs twitch

"The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say."

favorite quote EVER! oh, and the drinking competiton they had in Helms Deep... XD

XD NOBODY TOSSES A DRAWF!! toss me... what?? toss me! i cant make it.. b-but dont tell the elf! very well.

*is buried benath nature and britta* honestly, you think i dont like being smothered by girls?

uhm... no its not.... being buried by them that is. theres a thing or two they can do that is, but i dont think anybody here has the ladyballs to do them.


trust me, you wont embarrass me.

crowns come from getting upvotes on your comments. stars are given the more you comment. and usually people dont read the entire OT anymore, i used to but stopped after a while, cause it would take nearly an hour when there were 2000+ comments. the OT is much like a chat room, just a little slower than an IM setup and sometimes more confusing.




HOW DARE YOU!!!!! jk, welcome back!

If at first you dont succeed, Skydiving is not for you.

fly high!


you keep changing your picture lol, what are you doing? trying to give me a heart attack cause of your awesome poses and killer looks? I AM STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!!!

that you are nature. that you are

oh suuure... give me your worst Britta, i'll show you what im made of...

*pulls up his shirt and opens hatch on his back, whirrs of gears, wines of motors and sounds of circuitry sounds out* bleep bopp bllooooop... deeedee dreeee dooO!

you keep changing your picture lol, what are you doing? trying to give me a heart attack cause of your awesome poses and killer looks? I AM STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!!!

brb dinner

ah good just checking before i expounded on your question lest it should be in vain. anywhoodle, you can expect up to 12 days delay on a acceptance/rejection email, check your spam folder periodically, ive had emails from SL end up there sometimes. if you dont get a reply in 18 days, consider yourself (find a chair, someone's shoulder to cry on, or something to steady yourself before you go on...) REJECTED!!!! **cue horror theme**

ah good, i was just checking before i went and expounded on your question, lest it should be in vain. anywhoodle, you can expect up to 12 days delay to get an acceptance/rejection letter on your post, check your spam folder periodically, I've had emails from SL end up there. if you don't get a reply within 18 days, consider yourself (make sure you've got someone to hug or something to cling onto before you go on...) REJECTED!

good god gary must you not only eat my post, make me rewrite it, then spit the old one out, and make it duplicate??? JEEEEEEEEEEZZ!!!

DANG YOU GARY!!! *stuffs grenade down throat and kicks into volcano*

ah good, i was just checking before i went and expounded on your question, lest it should be in vain. anywhoodle, you can expect up to 12 days delay to get an acceptance/rejection letter on your post, check your spam folder periodically, I've had emails from SL end up there. if you don't get a reply within 18 days, consider yourself (make sure you've got someone to hug or something to cling onto before you go on...) REJECTED!

gary, spit my post out.....

guitargirl111 are you still here?

Georgia or gigi... **writes down** kay.... i norm go by CJ (given name) Charles (birth/formal name) or Charlie. rarely, by Chuck but thats my dad's given name, he's also Charles (im the 4th charles in the line)

well gotta run off again folks. talk to you later!

-_- i have a bone to pick with nature now......

yeah. and cool cassie, i am slowly working on memorizing everyone;s names....

starzzz!!! hey btw whats ur name? im CJ if you havent already figured that out...

ok, so i didnt get to make my MTB trail yet. id be almost done by now.... but i had to load fencepost logs into the van to sell.... GAR

im off to make a MTB trail through my 32 acres of woods, be back laterz!!!!!!!!!!


brb lunch

lol thanks, id love to get one or paint one myself which i may do someday..

Oboe!!! hi!

*pokes empty OT and Inbox lonesomely* why must sundays always be such sorry days for socializing.....

my computer is shuting down, i got go folks i'll talk to you later!

uhm... yeah, she's drop-dead gorgeous but i dont think that we're cooperable in the long term like that..... and we're both on diets anyways.

.... excuse me nature?

oh? whats her name....

*takes your wand and ties up* now, rowling, how can you fight me when you're lacking a wand? hmm?? not possible *tosses wand away into dark corner*

*ninja drops some sleeping potion in thier water*

*lazily pins Nature;s mouth shut with one hand, tapes it, then tosses in crate, ships off to zoo*

.... *blinks at glinda* you make it hard to not read into that.....

... meh.....

im so bored...

COOKIE RAID TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ninjaleaps off to go get some cookies*

idk..... im a pit peckish myself.

**tackles, we roll over sveral times, we land with me sitting on your stomach like Tigger does to pooh** Hello buddyboy!


XD oh panda...

whoops sorry.. in a discussion about Revalations 22:16 and isaiah 14:12

yes, in the NIV thats why i hate the NIV, it basically calls jesus and satan the same.

top 5 things... God biking roller skating working on the lathe chatting with y'alls


glinda glinda glinda..... stop fussing about how you look, if you look half as good as you do every day as you do in your picture on here, im amazed you dont have suitors lined up for 6 miles. and Enaj nailem, the same aplies to you.

now THAT is what im used to seeing!!

i'll warn you nature.... MJ is not a person to cross..... *rubs self in various places in rememberance, wincing*

very true. as well, we are equally lovable *aimed MJ's direction*

hey, you never know that Enaj-Yram..

aaaww!!! I'll never wash my face again!!!!! wait, i have to wash my face or else you'll all be talking to Mr Zitface. very oily skin is NOT fun.....

the swiss family robinson i think the movie was called. very.... cute but poor storyline. a very childrens movie

theres that cheeky grin im used to seeing!!! i make MJ smile a lot, at least... usually i do.....

The OT is home of waaay too many pretty faces. it will be the death of me one of these days...... or at least my girl diet.

my bad im sorry we were watching a movie.

you never wrote on my face glinda! lol

im back.


i swear the original Chicken Invaders has no end....

lol google image search 'modded nerf guns' prepare to be amazed.

check this Nerf gun... and go to my profile in a few minutes, i found a bunch of these.

that doesnt happen to me a lot... idk why.

i know when im not wanted! i know when im not wanted! *shakes fists like Lucy* oh and the girl? wrong image. the pepper? its funny

good, you?

fiiine. i know when im not wanted! *leaves*


pardon my poof.


*catches jetpack and uses it to aid ascent* thanks paige!

**starts climbing ladder* thanks Alicia!

happy early birthday Anne!

*walks in* *falls into hole again*

y'know, someone really should fix that hole in the OT.... its big enough to eat people *echoing from hole*

Hello everyone whos said hi, and whom havent.

ah crapgotta go, bye! be back later

ice cream. im not a fan of cheesecake

people call me "Ceeg", or C or CJ or charles or charlie or chuck or chuckie, or Cris, or Ryder, or Carter, Or Cartollen, or Lenhart. yeah, i ahve a lot of names......

mary jane, i know it is you.

brb dinnah!

"in christ alone' by him is a nice song.

hes christian too, lol i had a notion after i listened to him a few times and some of the lyrics hinted to it "i found a new hope from above" being one of them

i wish i could cross my arms, and cross your mind, cause i believe, you dont fold your paper heart and wear it on your sleeve

settles in the sun*

Can't take it anymore, shake until we move the floor, what are we waiting for? Let's go! I'm tired of being ordinary, don't care if there's people staring, I'll rely on your strength to carry me on. I'm not invisible like you, next time things get a little messed up, I'll shine, but I'll never be see through. I'm fine just tryin to wake the rest up. Let's break this mold, can't let this hold us, let's be soldiers, no longer let them control us. Boys and girls, together we'll shake the world, if you believe then out it to the sky with me. If you agree there is more to this than what we see and what we know. Then bounce 'til ya lose control, and grab a partner. We about to make this hotter, turn up the heat while we get started. The time has come now shake up the dust until it settles the sand. Bounce, bounce! (wake up n') Bounce! (stand up n'), let your spirit fly

aahha oh well, you can change it, and without your password they cant log in

as soon as i saw 'hobo' i said to myself.... somebody made another account

ah well time to head off again,, ttyl!

*turns knive on side and scoops up fruit on flat of blade, drops into kourt's hands* dont die, ok? theres grapefruit, oranges and grapes there, the pineapple ended up not getting dissected yet.

lol... im on a binge of pretty nature wallpapers.

*spears a couple pieces of fruit on knife and poffers towards BBOA*

*chopping another cantaloupe, and pineapple*

well i gotta go, ttyl

shanks head? that sounds painful..

and the super nova personality is true.... kaboom!! lol jk jk.

ive been telling her that for.... over a year now.... she could teach a mule a few things.


www.towallpapers.com/images/wallpapers/Sunrays in the woods-740998.jpeg that should be the size right there daisy.

i love how my pictures are two different ones on different comments, lol.

women trumping men? excuse me? im outnumbered here, thats the only reason i get drowned in the mud bogs. men totally are the upper hand, without us, you wouldnt last very long. ok... most of you might not last very long, i know a couple girls who, if they had some different parts, would be very passable men. that is, compared to most men these days..... women subject to husbands, husbands subject to God.

good, you?

i expect the unexpected....


@daisy whats your screen resolution? i can find you that image and a link to it thats the right size so its not stretched or grainy

the thing about quads, is that when your foot leans in or out, the trucks on the bottom twist, which makes you turn left or right, its getting used to that lean to turn factor that most people dont get, they dont pay attention to how thier feet are leaning and that is what screws them up via tire-locks and other, less fun things.... you've gotta have fairly strong ankles to do quads well, although inlines take stiff ankles to keep from leaning excessively if they dont have good ankle support.

I think glinda fell asleep again....... *pokes glinda*

hey now, i prefer to eat my chili not wear it..... its too good to waste. homemade!!!

it is my desktop background right now as well. iiits sooo preeettyy!

whats everyone doing right now?

**tosses big hot bowl and crackers* nom nom!

bboa!!! *tackles, goes sprawling across ice* sounds fun, although i prefer roller skating on quads.

Bounjour mademoiselle,

gooood mooorning!!!! *overly cheery voice*

ahahhaha **tackles back*


*lounges on beach chair* tis a shame its only like...40 outside...

*ish tackled* uuurffffff...... well hello britta

only the tool shed, but still around


damn if i had commented an hour ago when i opened this site before i walked out the door i coulda bammed! oh well

im going to go too, ttyl!

byee!! *huggz**

a very good question that i am also asking myself as the clock shows 1:14 am and i have an auction to go to in the morning

The open wound she hides She just keeps it bundled up And never lets it show She can't take much more of this But she can't let it go And that's ok, she don't want the world All the things she says While he's just lying there Without someone to hear her cry She slips off into a dream About a place to hide And that's ok, she don't want the world This love she feels Everything she's ever known Or ever thought was real Seems like it's been thrown away Now how's she gonna live It's ok, she don't want the world Those words he never spoke Haunt her life, the memories Of all the times before She tried to show him love While he would only ask for more But it's ok, she don't want the world Softly in her sleep Pictures of the life she's longing For slowly appear She's seen them all before But somehow never quite this clear She just smiles, she don't want the world This love she feels Everything she's ever known Or ever thought was real Seems like it's been thrown away Now how's she gonna live It's ok, she don't want the world A brand new morning shines As she wakes up alone again This time to face the day She swears there's time to make it As she simply walks away And it's ok, she don't want the world

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA. nice one hammy...

you're not the only one.

i wish i had someone to take to the movies, although i wish i had a car to do that with.... or i lived in town and i coculd ride in.

aint it?

soooo, like whats up?

yea, dont kill yourself... you might die...


noo!!! get the car charger!!! trying to stay awake.... its 1am lol

red, y u no talk 2 me?

*looks around and has wet eyes, admiring the world he had started building, and left to itsself all that time ago, now flourishing, beyond his wildest dreams*

**goes through couch into hidden world** whoaaaaa..... i havent been in here in over 200 years....

bah.... i give up for tonight, gnight yall!!! unless y'alls want me to stay.

brb agian


its britta, not britney


you guys.... lol

I'm the General! ready for orders, mayor.

im back now i had to run some meat down to the freeezer

i nicked my thumb and they booted me off the meat line.



enough you two......

i do in fact.... all of you.

so..... now what?

I can only imagine, various worship.

i, am tryig to master the intro to phunkdified, by justin King. youtube it if you wanna know why its hard...


uhm i know you cant change your name, and idk if you can change your bday but you can change your gender..... and deleting a profile is just a click on the delete profile button, its somewhere around there.

yeah? i can shave my head if all else fails. *continues hugging britta* you'll break sooner or later! *drags kourtnee into hug*

*pokes gmail*

*tackles, pins to ground giving bearhug** you not gittin' outta a hug dat easy.


hah i have short hair, jollies dont get stuck in my hair as easily. and they're easier to get out. HHUUURRRR!!!

very true

im back.

also, you can get jollyranchers out with hot water, soap and oil. or, just let it soak for a while in water till it dissolvles. im no idiot lol

laughing so hard i fell off my... and i dont know the rest, but i know what it gets at.

lol brb folks and a point of fact that im unweirdoutable: one attempt to weird me out was a girl informing me about aquatic's girls, and the fact they have gorrilla legs. no shave till day of tournament, and thats in the locker room getting ready. show me your worst, ive discussed the finer points of PMS and other, less pretty topics with people, im indestructable.