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"@Master: did you try the police? Or maybe this will help:1-800-422-4453..." More

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"@Soccer: fair enough. I',m guessing you went swimming? What else did you do?..." More

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"'Whacks Masters parents with her punishment metal rod' Master, maybe documenting how they are being abusive then showing it to your doctor/sc..." More

from Open Thread for July 27!

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About Me

I like happiness, love reading, interesting conversations, talking to people, books, travel and daydreaming as well as video games. I write poetry occasionally too. If you happen to stumble onto my profile, don't be shy to PM me. Most of all, perhaps, I like saying weird and random things. It makes life fun. Have a good day.

Stuff I like


History documentaries, literature, looking at quotes, some parts of biology, The Big Bang Theory, Arthur, Card Captor Sakura and Horrible Histories.


Up, LOTR series, Pan's Labryinth, Madagascar, Amelie etc...


I can't list them all here,


Some are Vienna Teng, Colbie Caillat, Ingrid Michaelson, V. Carlton.