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About Me

Smart, funny, and a real, modern renaissance man. First and foremost, I am a DEVOUT Christian (GO JESUS! :D). I am also a nerd (WOO, GO MATH!), a self-proclaimed Euro-mutt (Rus-man-garian FTW!) and I Love UCLA (Go Bruins!), hate USC (boo), and am pretty much living the life of the common physics major. I still love Doctor Who :D and I also love games like Bioshock, Fable, Portal, and Halo xD So, just get to know me. TTFN

Stuff I like


HARRY POTTER!!! Oh, and math. Ah, the smell of calculus in the morning... Oh, and I'm somewhat of a whovian. Could ya tell? Oh, the SIMS!I am completely and utterly in love with all things sim and simlish! Ya turney fasel... Sul sul! :D


Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, anything Disney, Avatar


The Bible, Dune, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Myst, SH, HOD


Basically, anything, from country to rock


High School: Rancho Alamitos, '12
I'm currently going to: UCLA, '16
Concentration: Physics
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Hogwarts for DADA, Transfigurations, etc.
The School in Code Lyoko for Buttkicking