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"This used to be so much of my life..." More

from Open Thread for October 24!

"My friend is writinf a slasher story about our school... Bur he is killinf himself off early so people dont think he is premeditatinf murder..." More

from Open Thread for October 13

""We are posting it after school tomorrow so we cont have to hear about it for the duration of school...." More

from Open Thread for October 13

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One of These Things Doesn't Belong 2700
A 20th Century Education 842
Do You Know Your Body Language? 1070
Attack of the Clones (aka HP Part 3) 3128
Know Your Literary Ghosts and Spirits 495
Nerds in Pop Culture 749
Do You Know Your Aliens? 842

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Even though It says I'm 21, don't trust it, I'm actually only 17.

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keys to the kingdom series


My favorite type of music has lyrics.