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"My first kiss was while laying in the sand on a beach under the stars during summer. This was after we had slow-danced to my friend's acoustic ..." More

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"Yeah, only if you've noticed a positive change in the way he acts toward you should you ask again. If there hasn't really been much change, I'd..." More

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About Me

Hey hows it goin? My names Michael and I'm going to Georgia Southern next year to study biology then go and get my masters in Marine Biology :D I play guitar and piano, write symphonies and songs/lyrics and I love to act in my school's drama department, although I'm probably the most unstereotypical drama nerd in there hahaha

Stuff I like


Guitar, Piano, Writing music, writing stories, daydreaming, reading, acting, football


The Family Man


The Count of Monte Cristo, A Christmas Carol


Counting Crows


I'm currently going to: Georgia Southern, '15
Concentration: Writing and Linguistics, Music