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"Detention? Hmm. Never thought of it. Actually, never even thought of dating someone who is constantly IN detention... More

from How to Get Your Crush's Attention If You Don't Share Any Classes

"Been there, girl. Me, I'm not "plus-sized", but I am by no means a skinny mini. I have curves. A LOT. Seriously. I've been wearing a bra since ..." More

from Big Girls Need Prom Dates, Too

"I must say...this is lame.BUT it was a good idea...but still...I'm sorry, it's bad...." More

from A Facebook Chat Between Mr. Freeze and Catwoman

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About Me

So, I think I'm pretty cool. I love theatre, but I'm not one of those creeps that harp on it all day. I also really enjoy popcorn. "Don't wish it were better, wish you better."-Jim Rohn

Stuff I like


Singing, dancing, acting, reading, softball, talking, makeup, and sarcasm! How could I forget sarcasm...silly.


Top Gun, The Swan Princess, Only You,-anything. I love movies.


Hunger Games Series, Twilight Series, Chelsea Fine, Meg Cabot


Flyleaf, Billy Joel, Skillet, Nirvana, etc., etc. :)