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Age: 28
Birthday: January 1, 1990

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About Me

Like to learn, live, play, create, activate and advocate. I value the curious mind, the crazy, the unhinged, the agitators, the filmmakers, the innovators, the humorists, and the limited whose limits serve to free them. I value the values. And I value my time. Time and health, though a little late to this understanding, are the truly precious things. Biggest regret: that I didn't choose more wisely, those with whom I would spend most of my leisurely time, friends and acquaintances who would help to shape my world view, my character; those interesting, fascinating, driven people who would help to cause life affirming, life-changing, and otherwise the experiences of which I've had both too many and too few. I would, without a doubt, choose with a sophisticated quality that I never could call to maturity until far too late to have mattered. Having known this loss, of what I never had but can picture as a photo in a scrapbook, makes me a little less of each the terms I hopefully choose to describe myself.

Stuff I like


The arts, the sciences, the senses - sensory and intellectually seeking most often. I dig live and local rock music, love reading the letters of those who've notably contributed to or sucked from the development of the world as we know it. I love reading memoirs and fiction, love the world of politics, though disenchanted enough to know. I love history, especially American history, enjoy learning from those who have lived long before I, and often use my imagination to relate to others, to wear the shoes of those I don't know or understand, or those I do.


same as books


Too many actually. I can write it another time.


same as movies