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About Me

About me... I live in Ireland. I am a Ravenclaw on Pottermore, which I believe fits me well. The things people most often say to me are "Your analysis is very good, but you need to be more concise," "You should talk more," "You like robots, right?" and "You remind me vaguely of a koala." My responses are typically "Can I have my essay back, then?" "Sure" (to be forgotten), "Do apples grow on trees?" and "Umm..." On average, I walk into five trees/telephone poles a year, and probably seven bike racks.

Stuff I like


I like reading, puzzles, games, science, films, the history of philosophy, and classical studies. I also knit periodically. I play several instruments such as the piano, the tin whistle, and the glockenspiel. I'm in choir as well. I occasionally put together costumes. I love science fiction and fantasy, my favourite dinosaurs are troodon and quetzalcoatlus, and I love space (both outer and personal, but mostly outer). Finally, one of my biggest hobbies is learning myths and legends from around the world, because, objectively, they are cool.