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"@gurgle-gurgle, what do you have against 1D? They have helped multiple charities and care about their fans. Also, what's wrong with @rojasgabri..." More

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"Thank you so much for writing this! I was just thinking today how I'm not good enough, which is why I don't have a boyfriend. This really helpe..." More

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"Something that stood out to me about this video was how Cam said he likes girls who will be on top of the guy (reminds me of stuff he has to do..." More

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The Christmas Quiz 207
What's Your SparkLife IQ? 7177
Do You Know Summer? 2677
What's your ninja IQ? 600
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Lord of the Flies 1500
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Lord of the Flies 1500
Lord of the Flies 1429
Lord of the Flies 1500
Lord of the Flies 1500
Lord of the Flies 1500
The Great Gatsby 1488
The Great Gatsby 1408
The Great Gatsby 1500
The Great Gatsby 1500

About Me

My name is Jennifer and I am 18. My birthday is January 24,1996.I love to write and read. I try to do every Writer War on here. Look for my post and like it and/or comment.

Stuff I like


Writing,reading,Playing with my dogs and cat,playing with my mom's daycare kids


Legally Blonde,Knocked Up,Matilda


Crime Of Fashion series,Josie Marcus:Mystery Shopper series,Promise Me


One Direction, Kelly Clarkson,Jordin Sparks, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift


I'm currently going to: Hylton High School , '14