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"A significant number of the contacts in my phone are Sparklers...." More

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"I think that person was approving of you doing something for yourself that isn't drastic...." More

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"Twenty-seven...." More

from Open Thread for April 18th

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Match the Lyric to the Musician/Band 1500
Album/Artist Matchup! 600
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Know Your 90s Music 1200
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About Me

Reality is a trick of the light.

Stuff I like


anything musical, drawing, reading, color guard, science, the OT, daydreaming, things that scare other people, philosophizing, analyzing, setting fires, destroying childhoods, long walks on the beach to dig up bodies


fantasy, horror, thriller, musicals


fairy tales, classic lit, mystery and suspense


alternative, rock, Emilie Autumn, Scandinavian death metal, classical


School: Harvard Secondary School, '13
School: Carnegie Mellon University, '18