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"Rather, "When did I write this?"..." More

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"Alright, since I keep getting triggered by the oddest things, *poofs from internet for night*..." More

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"Oh, would you look at that. 11:08 PM, last Sparkler standing...." More

from Open Thread for July 24!

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Do You Know Your Body Language? 2700
Match the Lyric to the Musician/Band 1500
Album/Artist Matchup! 600
Indie Rock 101 577
Know Your 90s Music 1200
What Do You Know About Facebook? 1800
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Attack of the Clones (aka HP Part 3) 7742

About Me

Trapped in the machine.

Stuff I like


the other side(s)


fantasy, horror, thriller, musicals


fairy tales, classic lit, mystery and suspense


the "scary death kind" with some Eric Whitacre thrown in


School: Harvard Secondary School, '13
School: Carnegie Mellon University, '18
Concentration: Psychology and Philosophy