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About Me

Hi there, I'm Simmy! I'm pretty much the awesomest person I know (and so modest too)! I'm just your not so average 17 year old girl living in the US of A. I'm Indian and a Sikh! I'm a nerd and proud of it! I love Harry Potter, Sherlock, Psych, Doctor Who and Percy Jackson. I love all kinds of music, including RHCP, Foster the People, Cage the Elephant, MGMT, Weezer, Young the Giant and the Foo Fighters! Some of the things I like to do best are: reading, hanging out with my amazing friends and family, doing community service, listen to good music, go shopping, writing, and meeting new people! Anyways, there's my brief life story! *virtual hugs* Hit me up if ya want!

Stuff I like


Random Stuff in general, My crush, Soccer, the 49er's, FOOTBALL!, reading, writing, drawing, cooking, dancing like an idiot when no one's watching, MUSIC!, sleeping in, learning new languages and making new friends(hint hint)


HP, Jab We Met, 3Idiots, Tangled, Rush Hour, Slumdog Millionaire


Percy Jackson, HP, Demon King, Mediator, Hunger Games, Sammy Keys, SP


RHCP,Weezer,Fray,Coldplay,Paramore,Blink 182,Rise Against,Switchfoot


School: Hogwarts (of course) , '15
Concentration: Charms and Transfiguration
School: Camp Half Blood, '15
Concentration: Swordfighting
School: Hex Hall, '15
Concentration: Spells
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Stanford for Anything!