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"good. I never want them to...." More

from Open Thread for February 11!

"does the screen zoom in on him every time he makes a pun? i think i'm in love...." More

from Open Thread for February 11!

"Sans has his dialogue typed in Comic Sans... well played Doctor..." More

from Open Thread for February 11!

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Attack of the Clones (aka HP Part 3) 8100
QUIZINATOR: Are You A Quiz Whiz? 2100

About Me

'Me' is currently a work in progress. Once I figure out what exactly constitutes as being me, I'll make sure to come back and fill out the rest of this box properly. Until then, stay tuned but don't hold your breath.

Stuff I like


I recently re-read the interests I put on here four years ago when I first made my account and I was so horrified/traumatized by some of the garbage that was on there that I'm still not emotionally ready to replace them with my current interests.


I feel obligated to put the movie that inspired my name but it sucks.


Ones that are combinations of letters of the alphabet are my favorite.


Self-proclaimed Indie trash.


School: Very Expensive University , '19
Concentration: How to Earn A Lot Of Money But Also Be Happy At The Same Time