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Are YOU Harry Potter? The Warm-Up Round 6759
What's your ninja IQ? 853

About Me

im a complete nerd and i love reading.. sparklife is made out of awesomesauce, and im a huge procrastinator.. if you can tell by my account name, im a huge klutz and i love sirius black!!

Stuff I like


hanging out with friends, running, and reading sparklife, of course!


erm.. alot? i really like alot of romcoms and inception!


harry potter, pride and prejudice, and much, much more.


wayyy too many to put down :)


I'm currently going to: RHS, '20
School(s) I'd like to attend:
hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry for charms, transfiguration, potions, defense against the dark arts