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About Me

I'm soccer, been around since August 24th 2010. i was elected by the lovely sparklers and manklers as Queen of Sparklife. I love complimenting splukers I am sassy, and sarcastic, so most of the time I am joking. However, you will know when I'm being serious. I love alliterations and puns. I like to run, read, write and photography. Waiting for SparkCon 2016. I want to be the person who makes the sun shine on the rainiest and darkest days .

Stuff I like


softball, soccer, track HUZZAH RUNNING! music/singing, Sparknotes, writing, puns, irony and


to many


to many too name


whatever my ears love


School: Pigfarts, '14
I'm currently going to: Loyola University Maryland, '18
Concentration: Writing