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"i got work early tomorrow night guys, sleep welll..." More

from Open Thread for July 21!

"After this tho and other sh*tty dates I'm just kinda done for right now in the whole relationship field ya know? plus I have the solid backup ..." More

from Open Thread for July 21!

"However I'm just proud I got him to say "I dont think we should date anymore" because he was trying to beat around the bush saying it in multi..." More

from Open Thread for July 21!

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About Me

I'm just a straight-edge girl living in a drunken world. Never growing up, never giving up. Been around since August 24th 2010. I was elected by the lovely sparklers and manklers as Queen of Sparklife.

Stuff I like


softball, soccer, track HUZZAH RUNNING! music/singing, Sparknotes, writing, photography, puns, irony and Sass and sarcasm. Waiting for SparkCon 2016.


to many


to many too name


Pop Punk, rock, more or less music.... \m/


School: Pigfarts, '14
I'm currently going to: Loyola University Maryland, '18
Concentration: Writing and PR and Advertising