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"*sigh* That's what I get for being a day late. All of the six fingered man references have been taken...." More

from Mood Rings are Getting WAY More Specific

"My sister is also like your sister in that most people outside of our family don't see this hateful side of her...." More

from Open Letter: To My Sister

"This sounds similar to me and my sister. We aren't close either. She is very judgmental of others, especially me, and thinks she can do no wr..." More

from Open Letter: To My Sister

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TV- I love Sherlock, Psych, and Bones. Pride&Predj. = fav. movie


HP, Pride&Prejudice, Mortal Instruments, Beka Cooper, PJATO, et al


K-LOVE, Passenger, Kodaline, classical music


I'm currently going to: Home schooled, '15