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About Me

I'm an Orthodox Christian. I'm very conservative, and rabidly pro-life. I'm homeschooled. I'm a HS Junior. I build robots with an FTC team which rocks the world. I enjoy *polite* arguments about religion and politics. And yes, I am really almost as kooky as I sound in the comments. :)

Stuff I like


In no particular order... Homeschooling, FTC robotics, Physics, Math, chemistry, religion, politics, family and friends, animals (esp. dogs, cats, and horses:)) sewing, cooking, reading,literary heroes...I think I need to stop writing this and go do schoolwork. :)


Apollo13,P&P,Princess Bride,King's Speech,MontyPythonandtheHolyGra




Coldplay, Train, Matchbox 20, Taylor Swift, POTO,


I'm currently going to: Homeschooled, '13
School(s) I'd like to attend:
The Chalet School, any school taught by Anne Shirley or Gilbert Blythe for Math. Science. Literature. Staring deeply into Gilbert's eyes.