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Do You Know Your Body Language? 2053
Do You Know Summer? 1776
High School: Just the Facts (Sort of) 3000
Brave New World 1441
Brave New World 1500

About Me

I'm a huuuuge directioner. But I'm also an AP Chem nerd, I love US History & I love visiting DC. I live in a small town in Jersey, and my favorite color is purple. I'm a swimmer and I'm pretty good if I may say so myself. I'm in choir and I love Chinese and Mexican food. Chipotle and Starbucks are my 2nd homes :] I also love the Spanish language, it's so much fun to learn. And I listen to my iPod 24/7. I am also on Exec Board for NHS! (P.S. I'm sixteen but I accidentally entered the wrong year, whoops)

Stuff I like


Chemistry, Reading, Tumblr, food, naps, listening to music, dancing, choir, and swimming


The Notebook, 27 Dresses, Hunger Games (and the list goes on)


Hunger Games, the Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter, etc.


Country, Pop, & Piano Music


I'm currently going to: JPS High School, '14
Concentration: Pass High School!?
School(s) I'd like to attend:
Princeton University for Chemistry