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"So. Um. I don't know why I'm posting this. I don't think anyone would have batted an eyelash had I not. But I'm leaving. For good. I just... d..." More

from Open Thread for December 28!

"Are some people just not happy unless everyone around them is miserable?..." More

from Open Thread for December 24!

"New Alby? It's a Festivus miracle! Tears and emotions seem the most logical choice. After all, you didn't say WHICH emotions......" More

from ALBY, A Choose Your Own Adventure Story: The Royal Witch

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QUIZINATOR: Sparkler Series—Part 3, aka Doctor Who For The Win! 4741
Nerds in Pop Culture 1500
Wikipedia 600
One of These Things Doesn't Belong 1154
Do You Know Your Body Language? 2400
Texas Driver’s Test 7416
How Well Do You Know Shakespeare's Heroines 2330
Do You Know Your Aliens? 2077
Match the Lyric to the Musician/Band 2077
Grunge 101 1488

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