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"well Profile images are still f*ked for me. that's sad...." More

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".... *pokes head in*..." More

from Open Thread for the Weekend of March 9!

"Sparknotes has completely made it impossible for me to use profile images. WELL SCREW YOU TOO..." More

from Open Thread for the Weekend of December 22!

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About Me

If you have become lucky enough to meet me, (and obviously the reason you're stalkin' mah profile,) you have meet an almost forgotten Dudekler. I am the ultimate Handyman, ask me to tell you some of the things ive made, and do for fun. I'm just a funny, sometimes weird, easy to make laugh, easy-going and pretty normal guy.

Stuff I like


God, Dancing, Roller Skating, Fishing, Reading, Swimming, Motorcycling, Making Maple Syrup (when its sugaring season), and oh so much more. sparknotes is in there somewhere too....


Despicable Me, UP, Hoodwinked, Alice in Wonderland, Sci-Fi, Thrillers


The Bible, Harry Potter, the Inheritance Cycle


Newsboys, Nickelback, Owl City, 3 Doors Down