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"That's just fabulous. All of it. Congratulations on having such great friends! (I'm always saying fluffy now.)..." More

from Auntie SparkNotes: My Skinny Friends Claim They're Fat

"I imagined all my exes running around with bees and me like, "we need to talk..."..." More

from The Best Breakup Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

"Because you're cool...." More

from The Best Breakup Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

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About Me

I'm only slightly crazy. I promise. ;D

Stuff I like


Music, reading, band, writing


Wall-E, Advent Children, Help, Hard Day's Night, Yellow Submarine


Olive's Ocean, Scrambled Eggs at Midnight


The Beatles,Coldplay,Florence + The Machine,She Wants Revenge,Oasis


School(s) I'd like to attend:
UIC for Pharmacy-type things