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Essay Topics

Essay Topics

Essay Topics

Essay Topics

In what ways were Madison's political convictions shaped by his early experience in college and in his early days as a Virginia politician?

Why can Madison be rightly called the "Father of the Constitution"?

What is the difference between Federalism, the political doctrine Madison largely invented and defended, and the positions pushed by the Federalists, Madison's political opponents?

Madison's relations with Alexander Hamilton went quickly downhill after 1790. What were the primary reasons for their political hostility toward one another?

How did Madison's marriage to Dolley Payne Todd come about and why was the marriage so successful politically as well as personally?

What office did Madison hold in Thomas Jefferson's Administration (1801–1809)? Describe his major duties in this office and give an account of at least one major event from those years associated with Madison.

Foreign affairs were always of primary concern to Madison. What was his position on America's neutrality during the Anglo-French wars of the 1890s and 1800s, and how did his views on these two nations affect his politics on trade before and during his presidency?

What was the cause of the War of 1812 and how did the war affect Madison's years as President of the United States?

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