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Oppenheimer - Not a martyr

by Peter60, July 16, 2013

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I was disturbed by this edition of Spark Notes. Oppenheimer got a raw deal but he brought a lot of the problems on himself. His wife, girlfriend, brother, and many of his friends had ties to the Communist Party. He lied to investigators about his relationships. Considering that the Soviet Union had exploded an atomic bomb with help from their agents in the US like Klaus Fuchs, concerns about Oppenheimer were more than justified. Also, General Groves testified at the hearing - not a trial - that he would not approve Oppenheimer's security clearance. Also, Oppenheimer didn't make things easier for himself by publically humiliating Lewis Strauss, the AEC Chair. Try doing that to your boss and see what happens.
Oppenheimer's fundamental problem - like Galileo - was believing that his scientific expertise allowed him to overrule politicians.


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