Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

By Corinne

Hello, college hopefuls!

My name is Corinne, and I'm an admission counselor at a small private liberal arts school in the state of Pennsylvania. I have read over 1500 applications, interviewed hundreds of petrified juniors and seniors, attended around 100 college fairs, and dealt with families and students from all walks of life. I have heard it all, read it all, and seen it all. Nothing shocks me anymore, and few accomplishments astonish me.

Here's what I'm not here to tell you:

I won't reassure you about how special you are or promise you that by following my advice, you'll get into an Ivy League school. I will teach you the ins and outs of the complex, confusing application process—a process that's designed to be unbearably time-consuming and nauseatingly stressful (if it weren't, how would we identify the best of the best applicants?). I'll help you navigate through the next year or two or three, sending you on your way with (I hope) an acceptance letter and only a few minor injuries.

In my posts, you'll find:

  • Useful advice
  • My personal take on hot topics and stories
  • Hilarious stories (all anonymous, of course) that will make you feel a bit better about your own experiences.

I also promise to share insider secrets with you, including:

  • Ten things I really wish you wouldn't say in an interview
  • What admissions counselors do when they meet vampires on high school visits (and how they decide whether those vampires should be accepted to their college)
  • How nearly half of the nation's colleges use sites like Facebook and Twitter to determine admission decisions.

So send your questions, frustrations, worries, and concerns (believe me, no college search is complete without a few tears and screams) to, and and let's get going!

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