You're a Senior. What Should You Be Doing?

You're a Senior. What Should You Be Doing?

By Corinne

OK, you hotshot seniorsit's time to rise to the top of the school, take over the unofficially official "senior" parking spots, and experience the once-in-a-lifetime event known as your senior prom. But FIRST, how 'bout we get you into college....

1) The List

Make a list of AT LEAST ten schools you are considering.

  • one must be a PRIVATE school
  • one must be a STATE school
  • one must be within 45 minutes from home
  • one must be farther than 2 hours away from home
  • one must have fewer than 2500 students
  • one must have more than 5000
  • one must be a liberal arts school

2) Magic #7
You must visit at least seven of these schools.

  • If (errr ... when) you visit one and you do not like it, you do not fit in, or you suddenly find out they no longer have your major, take it off your list and visit another.

The rule is you must go see seven schools you will apply to in the end... as you cross schools off the list, you must add new ones until you've seen seven that you definitely want to apply to.

3) Of these seven in the running, schedule three overnights and five one-on-one interviews.

Overnights are usually offered Sundays-Thursdays (weekends are usually available for athletic recruits) and begin in late September and last through April (minus any winter/spring break vacations). I cannot overstate the value of doing an overnight at a school, which usually includes sitting in on classes, meeting dozens of students, eating the food like a normal student, and experiencing the actual dorm life and not the "showroom" one.

4) One-on-one interviews

One-one-one interviews with people like me (Admission Counselors, Representatives, Officers, Interviews, whatever they're called wherever you're looking), can boost admission chances and scholarship eligibility, and simply give you oodles of more information.

5) School is right around the corner....

Sorry to burst the lingering bubble, but yes, summer is just about over, so it's high time to start thinking about your in-school plan of action.

  • Number one on this list is Teacher Recommendations.
    • Get three of them (and one from your guidance counselor to equal four)
    • DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wait until October to ask these teachers for their letters. Come October, 100 other seniors will be asking for them too, and you don't want to end up with a generic, ten-minute, two-paragraph summary.
    • Check back for more specific information on the topic of teacher recommendations in the coming weeks.

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