"can i visit sumtime nxt wk 2 stay 4 a nite?"

By Corinne

"Hey! j/w if i need nemore stuff for my app.... n can i visit sumtime nxt wk 2 stay 4 a nite? I <3 this school! k, thnx, ttyl!"

Please do not write that email. Please do not be THAT student.

Let me read you the admission counselor version of your Miranda rights: Every email, phone conversation, voicemail, and sentence spoken from the moment you begin to interact with a college can and will be used in your application. Here are three easy ways to avoid making a terrible impression:

1) Introduce yourself politely. If you are approaching an institution's table at a college fair, do not walk up and say "yo, what's good?" Smile, extend a hand (if you are free of swine flu), and politely say, "Hi! My name is Sam." When a potential applicant demonstrates sincerity and maturity, we admission counselors heave sighs of relief.

2) Write to schools yourself. 80% of my emails come from parents inquiring on behalf of their son or daughter. That percentage is way too high. Make it a point to contact the school yourself. Whether you have a general question or want to schedule a visit, make it your responsibility to write the email. Doing so is a great way to convey the message, "I'm a mature and responsible applicant!"

3) Write emails in standard English. Choose a salutation ("Dear ____," "To Whom it May Concern:", or, if you know the person you are emailing, "Hello ___!"). Then, write your email in language that Mr. Webster himself would find acceptable.

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