Perfect—But Not Panicked Enough?

Perfect—But Not Panicked Enough?

By Tasha

Hi Tasha! I'm 14 and a freshman in high school. Lucky for me, I already know that I want to teach choral music at a high school some day, and plan to major in music education once I get to college. I will be taking plenty of AP classes, I'm enrolled in three honors courses right now, and my English courses are all part of the Individualized Honors program my school offers, putting me a year ahead of my fellow Freshmen in English and leading up to taking English 101 and 102 in my senior year. I have a "thing" in that I'm part of my school's most advanced choral group, which I plan to stick with throughout high school. I do well in all my classes and will probably continue this level of success.

However, people tell me I'm in trouble because I have no idea what college I want to attend. Is this true? Am I doomed because I spent the summer before high school relaxing instead of frantically scrambling to find the right college for me?


I think it’s great that you are enrolled in the advanced courses at your school! I don’t think you're doomed because you relaxed the summer before high school. You have plenty time to find the school right for you. The internet has made that search easier in a lot of ways. Colleges and universities are ranked in a variety of publications, and student blogs show you just what college life is like at a variety of schools. Also, many schools offer overnight stays and daily campus tours.

Another way to learn about schools is to pick up a book. In the past I have recommended Colleges That Change Lives. Looking Beyond the Ivy League has lots of good information as well.

Once you decide on the colleges you’d like to visit, it's a good idea to use a fall or spring break to check them out with your parents. You'll want to explore the campus, see what the surrounding area has to offer, go on a campus tour, and interview with an admissions officer. You will be spending four years at the school you attend, so you it's important to have an accurate idea of what you are getting into.

Good luck!


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