New Yorkers Trapped in Massachusetts

New Yorkers Trapped in Massachusetts

By Miss Marm

Hi. I have an issue regarding college....even though I am only 14. Its not that I'm worried about getting into college, it's just if I will be allowed to go where I want to go.

I take Honors English, Honors math, Honors french, Honors biology, and Honors history. I also take art and business. My 'thing' is dancing, I didnt dance at school, but i take classes and do performances.  I also plan on playing tennis, come spring.

The two things I want to be when i grow up haven't really changed in about 8 years. I either want to go into fashion design or psychology. Living in Massachusetts, I would need to go to a school out-of-state to attend a good design school. The problem with this is that because both of my parents work in the government (kind of), 75% of the money saved up for my college can ONLY be used in Massachusetts. I hate it here. Ever since i was a kid, I would talk about how I want to go as faraway as possible.

So what should I do? Go to a good design school out-of-state, and pay student loans for the rest of my life, or go to a not very good school here? If my mind changes and psychology comes first, UMass Amherst will be a good option, so I'm not worried about that. Help me!

Hi! Miss Marm here, barging in to give advice on a question that's dear to my heart: escaping Massachusetts and moving to New York. Here's what I'd tell you:

1. Don't stress. You're 14 years old, and you're doing all the right things. It's good that you're already thinking about college, but you don't need to panic. Keep doing what you're doing. Take honors classes, dance, play tennis, be a good kid.

2. Shoot for the stars. Don't assume that you'll have to pay full tuition at every school that accepts you. If you're a stellar candidate with great grades, lots of extracurricular involvement, and a demonstrated passion for fashion design, there's a good chance you'll be offered scholarships. I'd urge you to fill out a FAFSA, apply to your dream schools, and see what happens.

3. Demonstrate your passion for fashion design. Take extension classes at local colleges, start a blog, make the stuff you want to make, read books on designers you want to emulate, start a fashion club at your school. Educate yourself and start showing design schools how much you love your would-be major.

3. Know that you'll get to New York by hook or by crook. Here's a half-remembered saying I love: "New Yorkers are born everywhere, and eventually they move to the city." I believe that some people, like you and me, are born New Yorkers, even if we're from MA. Keep hold of your passionate desire to move here, and you'll do it.

Maybe you'll wind up going to MassArt (which is a great school, by the way) instead of Pratt. You'll probably have a great four years. Trust me: 75% of the reason you hate Massachusetts is that you hate high school. College is a whole different kettle of fish. OK, so say the worst happens and you decide to go to school in MA. What then? Tack postcards of New York to your wall. Get summer internships in Manhattan. Make contacts. Then, when you graduate, throw your futon in a UHaul, stay with friends in Williamsburg for a few nights, look for a roommate on Craigslist, and move into your new place. Eat peanut butter for a few months while you're looking for a job, maybe wait tables for a while to make ends meet. Buy a bottle of champagne when you find your first job in your field, start eating at great, cheap restaurants, and enjoy being young with your awesome friends. Go home for holidays and discover that because you no longer live there, you can find lots of things to love about Massachusetts. Be happy.

And let us know how it goes!

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