Chronicles of a College Kid: Getting Ready to Graduate

Chronicles of a College Kid: Getting Ready to Graduate

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We never knew homeschoolers had graduation ceremonies! LOTViolists teaches us so much. —SparkNotes editors

Hello, Sparklers, and welcome to my second blog post!

Today my mom and I looked at caps and gowns for my homeschool graduation. Did you know that homeschoolers can have real graduations, and even proms? At my (real, official) graduation, tons of homeschoolers from my area will actually march to Pomp and Circumstance. We get to choose our own cap and gown colors; the one rule is that the tassels must be matching gold. (My cap and gown are black, an heirloom from my aunt.) We have the opportunity to give performances or speeches during the ceremony. But the coolest part of graduation day will probably be the part where our own parents hand us our diplomas. I think it will be a very special day.

Right now, as I sit in my (perfectly clean!) room, everything about college seems pretty imaginary. For instance, I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I was accepted to eight fantastic schools. However, the way I imagine it, I will come face to face with the reality of the situation as soon as I hear the noble, throbbing march of Pomp and Circumstance. I assume it will feel somewhat like hearing Pachelbel’s canon at your very own wedding, invoking thoughts like, “Holy purple cow with yellow spots wearing a spittoon on its head*!! My life is about to change forever!!” I also assume that I will burst into tears. Boy, am I excited.

Here’s the update on the decision situation: I didn’t get scholarship money from Juilliard. I hear they didn’t give any scholarships this year. Plus, I didn’t get in with any of my three desired teachers. Ah well, their loss! ;-) It will make my decision so much easier. As for Curtis, I am technically waitlisted. They have not reached a final decision regarding my acceptance yet.

Now for the meat of today’s blog. I’d like to give you a little information on what I’m looking forward to in college!

Dorms: I am looking forward to the dorm rooms so much. I've always had a feeling I'll get along with my roommate. I went to a music camp once where I had a roommate, and the dorm was just one big family. Plus, I can’t wait to buy all-new supplies!!!

Food: This will sound funny, but I can’t wait to choose all my meals. I love Asian food, and I will be able to have it whenever I want! It was practically the best thing about the aforementioned music camp, which had tons of different options and a self-serve ice cream bar.

Boyfriend: Hopefully, I will meet a wonderful guy at college, and he will become my first boyfriend! (I had a boyfriend for 24 hours til he changed his mind… and I had a “boyfriend” when I was little… but they don’t count!)

Friends: I loooove making friends, and look forward to this even more than having a boyfriend. Of course, I’m going to make new ones soon. I’m moving far away from all my current friends, and probably won’t know anyone at the colleges I’m leaning towards. No societal crutches available!

Courses: The courses at my current “top” school sound very challenging and interesting. I think they will prepare me for the real music world, which is a difficult one to succeed in. I can’t WAIT to be working on music and real-world arts courses all the time, constantly bettering myself. I love to improve.

Hopefully all these things will be as fantastic as I imagine. I know they will exist at every college. You don’t have to go to your top choice school, or a school like Curtis or Juilliard, in order to have the time of your life at college.

Now to wrap up this post, I will share with you an interesting discovery that I discovered when I was feeling discover-y. Late at night, as I was laying face-down in my bed in the pitch black, thinking about life in general, I suddenly got a familiar feeling in my chest.  Almost all of my friends live far away from me. Some live 45 minutes away, but some live in Cleveland, Michigan, and even Australia. When I think of them and how much I miss them, I get a slight ache in my chest. But, surprisingly, I realized that I wasn’t thinking of how much I missed a friend.  No, the object of my chest-ache was…my family. I’ve been so busy looking forward to the fun I’m going to have and the knowledge I’m going to acquire in college that I didn’t think about how much I would really miss them. Don’t get me wrong. I adore my family, and as I’ve said before, we love to be around each other. I was just so excited about what was coming next that I didn’t really think about leaving them. Now I’m just hoping that I don’t have too many homesick nights! Enjoy your family and friends, even when it’s hard. It is totally worth it. You will miss them.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Enjoy the nice spring weather, if you’ve received any yet!

*My brothers and I invented this euphemism during our long years together. It involves randomness and Looney Toons.

How is your college prep/decision-making going, Sparklers? Catch us up in the comments!

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