Chronicles of a College Kid: Senioritis Spares No One

Chronicles of a College Kid: Senioritis Spares No One

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Hey, LOTViolists, at least you're not getting straight-up F's on math finals, like we did! —SparkNotes editors

Throughout my freshman, sophomore, and junior years of high school, I believed senioritis only happened to the unmotivated kids who don't care about their lives. All the way up until last year, I frowned upon anyone who shirked the slightest bit of duty. I'd think to myself, “Self, you will never be that lazy. You are immune to senioritis, because you are such a hard-working, righteous, awesome person.”

Well, I was wrong. Believe it or not, I have senioritis. Even stuff I'm normally good about, stuff I love, suddenly seems rather pointless, a lot like a chore, and perfectly fine to do later. This past week, I've lacked motivation to practice, to do school... really to do anything except the computer. I have let myself down recently. However, I am still proud of myself for one thing: I'm starting to do something about it.

I am an extremely goal-oriented person. Without a goal, I have a hard time getting anything done. The goal can be anything from “Prepare these pieces for this concert in x days” to “You need to finish this art project today.” But now that the thick of the school year is over, and I don't have a single concert or audition looming in the near future, my motivation has disappeared along with my goals. So I decided to make myself a goal. I went through all my viola exercises and wrote down how much of each I should accomplish each day. Here's the list:

Shifting: Practice one section of shifting exercises

Scales: Practice entire scales packet, bowings, tempi, arpeggios, and all, for one scale key

Double Stops: Practice all exercises and variations in double stops book for one interval in the same key as the scales

Etudes: Practice one etude per day

Piece: Practice one piece in disgusting detail for almost the rest of the practice session

Requirements: Practice whatever you need to for the closest activity, i.e. chamber, orchestra

Then I draw a little box and a little check mark. (I LOVE checklists!) I plan not to stop these exercises until I've completed every single one. At that point, I should have some sort of motivation...I hope. But anyway, my method of inspiring myself is to kick my own—erm, butt. It forces me to work hard. Otherwise, I never would. Now I just have to work on motivating myself for things like schoolwork and computer abstinence. Hmm... *thinks of ways to kick her own—*

Are you struggling with senioritis?

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