Chronicles of a College Kid: Preparing for Dorm Life

Chronicles of a College Kid: Preparing for Dorm Life

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LOTViolists, don't forget to bring slippers. —your mom Sparkitors

It's finally starting to sink in: I'm moving to a dorm.

The other day, I gave my room a DEEP cleaning. I tore apart my closet, drawers, etc. and got rid of everything I didn't want. I also noted which things I already own and I want to bring to my dorm room. Here's what I still need to buy:

  • Desk lamp (hopefully brown and pink)
  • Fridge
  • Whiteboard (mine got old and the marker is practically permanent on the board... How does that even work??)
  • Bathrobe (hopefully brown or pink)
  • Alarm clock (mine is so old the buttons don't depress unless you use the force of an elephant)
  • 1 set of sheets (So I'll have two total. UNCSA doesn't have long mattresses. Boo.)
  • Drying rack (I have lots of clothes that need to be dried—all my leggings, for instance. Leggings = love.)
  • Laundry hamper (am I the only one who really loves laundry hampers? Yes? Ok.)
  • Shower caddy (for carrying all my shower junk)
  • Hair ties (I share mine with my mom as of now.)
  • Camera (I LOVE PICTURES A;LKDSJFA;LSDKJAF;LA;. My current camera also belongs to my three brothers.)
  • Cell phone (MY FIRST, WO0T WO0T!!!)
  • Hangers (I have a teeny closet now, so the new teeny dorm closet won't be an issue. But I do need hangers.)
  • Dish/utensil set (I won't eat in the dorms too much, but I will eat some.)
  • Water bottle (One that won't leak in my bag. I have low blood pressure and water helps me not faint.)
  • Backpack/messenger bag (preferably brown and pink)
  • Post-it notes (preferably brown or pink)
  • Games (I want to bring tons of board games and be the "game girl" on campus. Wait, that sounded weird...)
  • Microwave (preferably brown and—wait, they don't color microwaves??)
  • Small mirror (for viewing the back of my head!)
  • Lanyard (so I don't lose my keys like I'm practically guaranteed to do without it)
  • Umbrella (so that... OK, do I really need to explain this??)
  • Snow boots (Preferably brown and pink!!)

In the summer (unfortunately while we're on vacation), I will receive my dorm assignment! I am ridiculously excited to find out who roommate is and to quickly become her best friend. (And to decide who will pay for the refrigerator...) Also, I can't wait to find out what dorm and floor I'll be in. I've requested an all-girls floor, (located in dorm F) which should be fun. Luckily, all the dorms are right next to each other in a sort of U shape. This means that none of the dorms is a million miles away from my boyfriend's dorm my college classes or the cafeteria.

Here's a map of the campus!  Notice that the residence halls (number 31) are right next to the dining hall and the "Pickle Jar" (3rd floor of number 9). The Pickle Jar is a snack bar dedicated to the school's mascot, the Fighting Pickle. Also nearby, in the building beyond number 31, is the police station (number 38). The final joy of joys is that the crescent-shaped building in the center, number 10, is the Music Building. I will probably spend quite a lot of my time there—and it's right near the dorms!

I simply can't wait to get to the dorm!

What's on your packing list?

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